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Every Path be it Warrior, Magician, Templar, and Assassin always start with four stages which are Apprentice, Adept, Expert , and Master but after that is when those walking the path experience a qualitative change with Warriors becoming Knights, Magicians becoming Mages, Templars becoming Executors and Assassins becoming Cloaks.

The Path of a Warrior was split into two Stages, the Warrior Stage and the Knight Stage and one must first traverse the warriors Path in order to become a true Knight. In the Warrior Stage you cultivate your inner energy and strenghten all the bones, veins, flesh, and Organs in ones body giving users amazing strength, speed and stamina in battles. The Stages start from Apprentice Warrior, Adept Warrior, Expert Warrior, and Master Warrior in order. Once you comeplete the Warrior Stage then can you enter the Knights Stage where you start cultivating the Energy in ones body outwards giving you Superhuman capabilities and control over different attributes.

Each Person is born with an innate Attribute that can only be seen when one reaches the Titled Knight Realm or is tested by an Attribute Stone. Attribute Stones are able to show the innate Attributes an individual has while they are still at the Warrior stage. Nobles and Organizations use this stone has a measurement of ones potential by recruiting all those who show rare attributes. Attributes vary from person to person with some even having Unique attributes like Light or even a combinaion of attributes that lead to something new like blizzard. There are also some people that are born without any attributes and are looked down upon as waste.

"Dammit this man is at least a Adept Warrior or even a Expert Warrior from the Aura hes giving off" Edgar thought.

Not knowing that the man before him was much worse than any warrior for he had already reached the stage of Knights, the Titled Knight Realm. The Starting realm of all warriors that manage to reach the Knight Stage and now this man wanted their lives.

"Watch and Learn Kid, The Desparity between us" Joseph Said mockingly as he unleashed a knight Technique.


Joseph vanished in the blink of an eye and almost out of instinct Edgar quickly swirved his head back towards the fleeing Maynard, spotting Joseph right at his back.

"NARD!!! WATCH OUT!!!" Edgar Screamed Frantically.

"Too Late" Joseph retorted. The Powerful aura could be seen covering his hand as he slashed towards maynards back as if he was wielding a sword.


Blood splattered as Maynards body tumbled to the ground with haste landing hard on the concrete ground and coming to a full stop. Joseph stood over him as he bled out from the deep wounds.

"arhg.......arhg" Maynard groaned in Pain.

"You See! This is what happens to people who break the Law of my city!" Joseph said coldly as he stepped on Maynards head and applied some force.

"AHHHHHH" Maynard screamed in agony.

"MAYNARD!!" Edgar Exclaimed as he ran towards the fallen Maynard.

"Men! Restrain him" Ordered Joseph.

"Yes Commander" the guards complied.

The Guard, who were mostly Adept Warriors quickly disabled the Mad Edgar and locked him down on the ground. In a fit of fury Edgar tossed and turned cursing at the guards.

"You Piece of shits!! GET OFF!!!" Edgar Yelled Furiously.

Joseph watched in delight as Edgar went mad with fury. Chuckling to himself he crouched down and grabbed Maynards head, lifting him up into the air.

"Whats your name Kid" Joseph asked with a cold smile.

Maynard bleeding out and in so much pain only managed to squeeze out two words.

"F......uu....kk...Y....ooouuuu [SPIT!]" Maynard Cursed as he spat in Josephs Face.

"I see. Then have it your way" Joseph Said he wiped the blood off his face and revealing an annoyed face.

Seeing the change on Josephs expression Edgar panicked and yelled.

" PLEASE LET HIM GO!!" Edgar Begged covered in tears struggling to get free from the guards.

The Powerful Aura once again covered Josephs hands as he leaned in to whisper into Maynards ears.

"See you in hell then kid" Joseph whispered as he struck Maynards chest with his hand and clawed his way to his heart, firmly grabbing hold of it. Joseph then turned towards Edgar as he ripped Maynards Heart out of his body and with it his organ and blood came flooding out. He then brought the heart to his face where he proceeded to crushing it in his hands with some of them splattering onto his face and hard. Having completely crushed Maynards heart joseph proceeded to throw the lifeless corpse on to the pavement as he made his way Edgar.

"This is the consequences of your actions kid, remember that" Joseph said coldly looking down on the crying boy with a face covered in blood.

Edgar stared in shock and horror at what just transpired in front of his eyes. Tears began falling down uncontrollably as he moaned and groaned on the ground. His choppy breathing and watery eyes remained for quite some time as he layed on the hard cold pavement unmoving even when the guards released their hold on him. Finally noticing the guards had let him go Edgar crawled towards Maynards corpse as he cried with his snot gently sliding down his mouth.

"P..Pl...Please don't leave me too, Nard" Edgar cried as a tears began flowing down his face again.

"Take him to the hold and toss this kids body into the sewers" Joseph Ordered as he left towards his office.

"Yes Sir" the Guards replied.

As the guards dragged Edgar away toward the hold no light could be seen in his eyes as his spirit was comepletly broken.

The hold refered to the prison in the City of Ars which housed all the criminals and peasants of the city. The prison had three floors descending into the ground with the First Floor being for those with minor offenses like being poor. While the second Floor housed the thiefs and scammers. The Third floor held the worst the city had to offer, the Killers, rapist, and traitors of the Kingdom. Edgar was taken to a cell on the second floor, but it might as well been the third, for it was in terrible condition with the smell of feces and urine dominating the atmosphere of the cell. There were even skeletons of former prisoners still in the cell decayed over the long course of its time in there. Edgar huddled into a corner as he cried over the lost of his last friend from his childhood.

"DAMNIT! DAMIT! DAMIT! DAMNIT!" Edgar cried as he scratched and clawed at his own hair and face.

"WHY?!! WHY?!! WHY?!! WHY COULDNT IT BE ME?!!" Edgar Exclaimed in agony.

As Edgar was in deep mourning a shadow from the cell across from his looked over and spoke.

"Hey Kid, Can you keep your crying down a notch?" the shadow asked Annoyingly.

But only the silent cries of Edgar answered him. Sighing the man leaned against the bars as he started talking to the young man.

"Something Terrible mustive happened to you huh?" the shadow asked.

The only answer he got was still silent cryings and was the only reply the shadow got back no matter what he said.

"I'll tell you what kid, if you stop crying I'll take you with me when I break out of here alright" the man said nonchalantly.

Suprisingly the crying kid flinched and shot up with bloodshot eyes filled with Anger.

A note from Dimos

R.I.P Maynard

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