My Fantasy

by Dimos

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The Story of a Peasant Boy named Edgar who despite all the hardships and tradegies that he had to go through still manage to rise to become the Hero of his own story.  

(So im not really sure where this is going but who cares its just for fun and do give me some feedback so I can fix my errors which I know I have plenty of)

(Im gonna check all the Content Warnings in case I decide to explore some dark thoughts)

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This is a good start, story's so far about a revenge.
The system for magic and powers are great but the info dump can actually be tiring to read through most of it. 

However, the introduction of the Beast horde is fun as it can be and knowing that Edgar may possibly take the role of a renegade or something else entirely is good. 

Only issues in this story are the info dumping that is quite a lot to take in.
A bit of grammar here and there.
There are stuff that needs to be fixed, as in the changing view points can be very confusing at first. 
There is some air of mystery in the story regarding the 

Treasures of the Elves.


Can't wait to follow through with this story.