End of the Five, Twenty-three, and Twenty-nine Years Story - Wizards of the Otherworldly Court

by Azhure Raven

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Alternate titles:

- Five, Twenty-Three, Twenty-Nine Years

- 5, 23, 29

"Dad? I think I got a really bad fever, why do I still feel fine?"

"I feel cold..."

Five years ago, Owen lost his father to the unknown. But that wasn't the beginning of the story.

Maybe it began twenty-three years ago when Ronald Bell and Joshua Ruze saved the Illyer family.

Or perhaps, it all started twenty-nine years ago, when Ronald, the son of the wealthiest merchant, became a Court Wizard.

Well, it doesn't matter anymore, for the story five, twenty-three, and twenty-nine years ago shall now meet its end.

2nd book written in the Wizards of the Otherworldly series.

Read Wizards of the Otherworldly Court: Alicia first.

This story is split into two 'Collections,' Ronald's Collection and Owen's Collection, each centering around those Court Wizards.

Currently in Ronald's Collection.

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This is an original novel that I wrote and not some WN translation although it took inspirations from Japanese Light Novels.

Wizards of the Otherworldly Court is a story about the Otherworldly Court, an inter-dimensional (or world-hopping, you get the idea) organization made up of people of all ages, gender, race from many parallel or different worlds. They are granted magical powers (though they did not call it magic) and called themselves 'Court Wizards'.

They are tasked to watch over the many worlds they come across (though most primarily dealt with their homeworld) and stepping into these worlds on 'missions' to preserve the 'life' of said worlds in the shadows.

However, these missions partially or even fully oppose their nature, personal interests, and ideals. Yet, most of the Court Wizards are aware and willing to complete even the most depraved missions that would shatter their reality regardless, either growing or regressing because of it.

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Azhure Raven

Azhure Raven

Court Wizard

1st Anniversary
Word Count (12)
Group Leader (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ronald's Collection Memory 1: Meetings ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 1: The Return to Spiri Raia ago
Ronald's Collection's Chapter 2: Background Checking a Duke ago
Interlude 1: Bunch of Experiments 3 ago
Ronald's Collection Memory 2: Bonding ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 3.1: Meeting the Duke - Contact ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 3.2: Meeting the Duke - Initial ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 3.3: Meeting a Duke - Confusion ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 3.4: Meeting a Duke - Agreement ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 3 Interlude: During Breakfast and After ago
Ronald's Collection Memory 3 : For the Good of the World 1 ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 4.1: Protecting the Duke from Assassins - Thoughts ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 4.2: Protecting the Duke from Assassins - Attempt ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 4.3: Protecting the Duke from Assassins - Story ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 4.4: Protecting the Duke from ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 4.5: Protecting the Duke from Assassins - Remember ago
Ronald's Collection Memory 4.1: For the Good of the World 2 - Bad Timing ago
Ronald's Collection Memory 4.2: For the Good of the World 2 - Argue ago
Ronald's Collection Memory 4.3: For the Good of the World 2 - Aftermath ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 5.1: Protecting the Duke from Bandits - Thoughts ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 5.2: Protecting the Duke from Bandits - Assault ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 5.3: Protecting the Duke from Bandits - Shock ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 5.4: Protecting the Duke from Bandits - Awe ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 5.5: Protecting the Duke from Bandits - Formalities ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 5.6: Protecting the Duke from Bandits - Rescue Again ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 5.7: Protecting the Duke from Bandits - Hand ago
Ronald's Collection Memory 5: For the Good of the World 3 ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 6.1: With the Illyers - Part One ago
Ronald's Collection Chapter 6.2: With the Illyers - Part Two ago

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