The Fat Prince Volume 2: A Hero Among Thieves

The Fat Prince Volume 2: A Hero Among Thieves

by Pianos In The Evening Sun

Prince Cyrus Coates was once living in the lap of luxury, casting pixie dust to bring him food and write letters to his beloved Princess Trinity; but now he's out on the road trying to save his true love from a mishap he made. Joined by his magician-jester companion, Archibald and Princess Trinity's diguised femaled knight, Vanessa Montero, he vanquished the wicked Everblood singer Rosemary, but new troubles have arisen in her place.

Cyrus has arrived in Thieves' Town, a district in Scum County where his royal parents have used their power to make the residents toil in mines for the prince's precious pixie dust. Unbeknowest to Cyrus, while he lounged at home, carelessly casting pixie dust for all his needs, common folk worked from dawn until dusk providing him with his luxury. Cyrus is forced to not only discover the truth about his decadent life style, but save the town of rogues from the forces of darkness that threaten to overtake the whole kingdom!

Can Cyrus right his parents' grave moral wrongs against Thieves' Town and become a hero among thieves? Or will the Everblood menace triumph? Find out in this thrilling second volume!

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Of The Exps Author

An absolute joy to read!

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

A fun sequel that focuses on the relationships between the cast, old and new! Has a very unique surprise antagonist and an eneding that really had a potent emotional punch. If you're a fan of Van in particular, then this book absolutely is a treat! Moves at a quick pace too so definitely a great read over the weekend!