The Lone Wolf's Cry

by Hargraved

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

    All this time, somewhere, the lone wolf howls for the moon, no matter how far.

Every night at the moon shines down, the wolf howls, begging for the universe to deliver his shout of love for the moon.

    Jae is a college student. His life has never been right, parent’s have died due to a fire suicide which Jae was luckily rescued from. Him living with his Grandmother while his uncle rapes him and blackmails him every time. Jae, being the push-over that he is, being the leader of his research group meaning he’s going to do all the work while still managing to handle 2 part-time jobs.

     Hyeon, a Korean prince in Joseon period. He is the hidden son of the King, he is treated well but never by his family. All his life, he only saw his father once, he was raised by maids, a lot of them, but where can he ever find love?

      What if their paths crossed? What if the universe let the wolf’s cries be heard? What if he is shown that in hat same moonlight, he will find the warmth he needed?

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