Days passed fast and I was at an impasse, I knew I lacked something, I needed help, I went to find the only man that could help me. Ma Kensei, the Kung fu master.
-Please master you have to teach me!

-Why are you interested in Kung fu?

-I don't want to learn kung fu, I'm here for your other skill, please teach me the art of photo shooting

-That, that's a very intricate and difficult art, you have to study for years and not everyone can do it...
He begun to say lots of needless stuff, but his hand was open for offerings, as I added money into it, until he was satisfied.
"Disciple, after my lessons you will become a Master Photographer!"

Tonight Master Kensei told me to follow him for my lessons, I don't know why he wants me to go, we're tailing Masters Akisame and Sakaki, oh and Kenichi is there with them.
Master Kensei is holding a video camera, I don't know what he wants me to do, we were there as we saw One shadow Nine Fist Alexander Gaidar, a weird guy that was holding a rather presentable woman. He said that he would kill her and blah blah blah, that had nothing to do with me.

All of the battles were boring, especialy Master Kensei's video of Kenichi's fight, I was more interested in other stuff, like Gaibar's pictures, he looks rather good for a martial artist, might even become top model if he tries.
All my photos however of him looked like crap, I can't tell why, but I seem to be unable to focus on the right spot to shoot a picture, for example you have a person and the scenary, how much of the scenary must be in the picture, what should be the position of the model and from which angle to take the picture.
Oops, I think I blinded him with a flash, sorry for that, I moved him a bit to the right taking another photo.
-Fenrir! are you going to intervene?(Alexander)

-Nah, I'm just taking Pics(Yashin)

-Then here's my card
He threw something at me, if I wasn't an Immortal Bastard, this card would have probably cut right through me.
Akisame tried to save the hostage, only to be stopped, the next few scenes were rather stupid as the two went on to use Iron bars to make statues, I asked myself, Why?

Kenichi went to save the woman, If you ask me it's rather unfair, but who am I to judge. In the end the handsome guy from Yami, decided to throw the hostage into the distance, but she was saved by Kenichi, truth be told I didn't want to interfere. Mostly because I was really disappointed about how weak Yami was, if I interfered there would be no incident and everyone would be as helpless as babies.

I went up the Helicopter and sat next to the guy, he looked at me with some interest, especialy since he hadn't detected my presense in the helicopter since a moment ago.
-So what does the Mighty Fenrir want, I'm sure you didn't follow me to take more pictures

-Not really, I wish to ask about Yami, I've spoken with that wrestler guy before, but truth be told, I want to know, why is Yami so weak?


-Is it funny?

-Not, It's just that I didn't expect this question

-So what's the answer?

-There is no answer, the strength of Yami changes over time, from weak to strong, from strong to weak, the masters of Yami are not Immortals you know, finding and training a good successor is a difficult job

-So you are saying that it's just this bunch of Yami leaders whom are weak?

-Strength changes over time, now I might seem weak to you, tomorrow I'll be strong, but why do you care?

-I thought of becoming leader of Yami, but after seeing two leaders of Yami, I think I'll have to change my plans

-You do understand that to become a leader of Yami, you must kill one of the previous leaders

-It's not difficult, but what I want to know is, is it worth it?

-Not really, just go play with the other children you age

-So if I kill all Ten leaders of Yami, will It be worth it?

-That's even worse, since you will have to train 10 disciples instead of 1

-You know something, I hate you

-The feeling's mutual

-Then See you later, I left my card with the pilot
Alexander Gaibar felt the Helicopter shake, he rushed to the pilot's seat where two "dead" men were seated, one of them had a paper card inbeded into his helmet and had fainted, the other seemed to be asleep. Alexander begun to laugh as he took the card and noted the number.

The next day Kisara called me, something about a Shinpaku Alliance captains meeting. I went to see what the fuss was all about, but when I heard that some moron threatened to kill Kitten. I was enraged, the next few days I will have to make sure that nothing happens to her, by placing a good seal on her, one that will activate the moment she's in a fight, only problem is that it also activates every time she does training, but it's better than nothing.
Also every time she does training I will come and train her real hard, so that she won't be able to walk afterwards.

A day passed and today is the Sports day, as a member of the Journalist Club, I don't have to take part in the event, all I have to do is take pictures and all the pictures I take is of beautiful girls.
Bimbo girl seems to like me more now, but I think what she really likes is the flash of the camera, she doesn't even notice who's behind it.
In the end I took a photo from sky view and left, it was too boring, although many guys were asking for my photos of the "transfer beauty", as they called her.

Later I learned that Kenichi was beaten half to death, honestly I don't care what happens to Kenichi, I only care about girls, good wine and having fun. Lately however Kisara's too bussy with training, she even told me to go find some other girl to fuck, it was as blunt as it sounds.

I thought a lot, but decided to just go find some brothel or something, money wasn't the problem, but I couldn't find anyone to my tastes.
I went around town until I saw a hot chick, I approached for a flirt, but she ignored me outright, well that's life.

I went around until I stumbled upon Kenichi and Master Shigure, whom seemed all beaten up, I don't know why and don't really care. But she's a beautiful woman, should I ask her? Nah, she's probably exhausted after some fight or something.

The next day I was in a really foul mood, everyone in school was chearful, only my classroom had a cloud of death around it, the teacher and students couldn't even talk through the whole lesson until the class ended and I left.
At the sport field, the bimbo was playing basket, the enemy team was losing, I sneaked and borrowed a uniform from the opposing team, there was still half an hour left on the clock, she tried to show off, a bit too much, I stole the ball dribbled and threw a 3-point. High fived the guys whom didn't even know me and we continued playing. Our school almost lost the match because of me, but I let Bimbo score the last deciding point, for which she was really happy, becoming the hero of the basketball team.
The opposing school begun to argue that she was a girl, but then they discovered another problem the guy whom played for their team had mysteriously disappeared, some people said that they knew me.

The Journalist Club had some article about me, something about school's traitor and its Hero or something, with a rather good picture of both of us in a face off.

Next day was boring as hell, thinking that second grade had gone to the beach today which would be followed by mountain trecking made me feel really envious, It made me want to kill someone. Class today was just as silent, the teacher and students were all whispering, as if I would kill them if I heard a sound.

The Journalist Club had some article about this, they said that our classroom was cursed, well it's not too far from the truth, we're cursed with a boring teacher and students, there's nobody interesting among the first years, other than the two bullies, whom seem to have joined the Karate club.

Suddenly I smiled, the classroom froze, it was a smile out of excitement, I had found something interesting. I asked the teacher for a leave, he shakingly gave me permission, as I left the classroom became normal, the teacher and students as if they had gained some sort of revelation decided to take a break from class, the teacher went to see the school principal about this matter, if this went on he would be unable to finish the required material until the end of the semester.

I went to see how the camping trip of the second grade students was going, it seemed rather disappointing, some soldiers ambushing people here and there, only to get beaten up again and again. I will say it again Yami is really weak.
Something good however came out of this, because Kisara wasn't part of this event, she got a bit frustrated and we had some fun, otherwise, there was nothing for me.

Today someone from Shinpaku alliance came to my class, to take some girl named Chikage, whom the other students called a genius, but I see nothing special about her. Although I have seen her glancing at me with curiosity from time to time, she even followed me a few times, only to lose me as I traveled too fast for any mortal to follow.

I followed them only to see Niijima making fun of this shorty and Kenichi playing the defender of the weak and helpless, after defeating Boris he seems to have become a bit overconfident.
The little twerp's name was Chikage and the first thing she did after leaving Niijima and the others was to call her master. Oblivious that I was right next to her. She then got angry or something and tried to silence me, it was really funny, seeing her try to land a hit on me, she went faster and stronger, activated some weird boost in speed, but ultimately couldn't even touch me.
-Are we finished yet?

-Who are you? How are you so strong?

-I'm your classmate, I'm not strong, you are weak!

-It doesn't make sense, I'm strong, you are only stronger because you're older than me

-My gosh, what unbelievable intelligence, why don't you go cry to your weakling of a Master, telling them that you lost

-My Master is the strongest!

-Then why don't you call her over?
I don't know if the twerp was stupid, but she did just that, she called her teacher and said that she fought against a super strong classmate, also that he called her weak.

Before long A sport car arrived, inside was what one could describe as a super Milf, she was wearing a weird shrine maiden looking outfit.
-Get inside, I want to see how strong you really are for myself

-Well, I'm more interested, but if you want to fuck, that's another matter

-Little boy, if you're as strong as your mouth, it's not out of the question

I entered the car and little twerp also followed inside, the problem was that there were only two seats and the twerp had to sit on Super Milf's legs or mine. It was strange, because the Milf told her to sit on my legs.
I'm telling myself that I'm not a pedo, but little me is still getting excited as two soft cheeks rub onto it at every turn.
"We're here"
We arrived at an empty area with nothing but an abandoned temple in the distance.
-Now fight me and prove to me that you are strong

-Do I get to fuck you after the fight?

-If you desire so

-Then it's settled
I wouldn't even call what happened a fight, it was more like condescending rape of sorts. I simply ripped her clothes apart and did my job, until she fainted.
Problem was that I had no idea where she lived, thus I was forced to bring her to a hotel suite, they are empty most of the time, little twerp I took as well. Little twerp looked shocked as she found herself in a luxurious hotel room.
-What is it now?

-Is master still alive?

-Why do you want me to kill her?

-No, that

-When she wakes up tell her that she's a good woman, as far as martial arts go, pretty decent for a mortal, but weak

-Master isn't weak, It's you who's too strong!

-So what?

-The weak have to submit to the strong


-I'm now your woman!
I wanted to throw up blood after hearing that comment, but fuck it, she's still a female and from tomorrow, she will be one of my women even this however still wasn't enough to satisfy my immortal desires.

I stayed with them until Super Milf woke up, she looked at me in a rather strange expression, then sighed and told me to get her something to eat, I asked what she wanted and thus begun a rather long conversation into the darkness.


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