The month passed as slow as a year, since I coultivated every night, while checking on the Elder's progress at the same time, in the frozen world I had spent years already and my coultivation was about to enter the Core formation stage, meaning that I was getting closer to my desired goal.
Of course the reason it was taking me so long was because I was coultivating half-heartedly, there was no reason to rush things and the elder couldn't escape even if he wanted to.
I had already put a seal that would break the moment he would start to coultivate, it would also cause him to become a shining beacon in my eyes.

The problem however wasn't that stuborn Old Goat, it was Kisara, whom was reformed as a model citizen because of the Shinpaku Alliance.
Niijima was happy to see that everyone was fine and Kano was accepted into Ryozanpaku as an external disciple. Sinse however he has no papers, he can't go to our school and if caught be the police he will no doubt be deported.

Kisara and I had our own little problem, this problem is stamina, she's out of breath before I have even begun. I don't say she's bad, for a puny young mortal she's good, but when compared with an immortal that has lived hundreds of years, she isn't enough anymore to satisfy me. Maybe I should get some other girls to make the numbers, well I can wait, after my big plan comes into truition. After all Sex isn't everything in life, but this life will be better than last one and if some other Elder appears, I want to see how he will fare when I return back in time to deal with them.

My parents had a talk with the principal and we had come to a mutual undertanding, I would have to repeat first grade, but if I wanted I could try skipping a year or two in order to be with my fiancee Kisara, after all the teachers had been informed about our relationship, as for my supposed deaths, they were just sweeped under the rag by the government, whom silenced all rumors and speculations about me. The reason they did so was because they had gone and had a talk with the elder once, in order to negotiate, only to learn that the elder himself was powerless against me, he told them that unless they wanted to die, they should leave me alone, or better try to bribe me or something, knowing me well he knew that would probably work better than they expect.

Today was the first day of school and as always I came to school a bit early, to my surprise there were some first years that wanted to beat up Kenichi, how interesting. I was rather excited only for Niijima to come and ruin the fun, the bullies knelt asking him to fogive them after learning his hidden identity as the assault captain of the Shinpaku alliance. Although I thought the principal was against him being in a gang, but that was so long ago, I don't know.

The angry bullies came towards me, saying something about not liking my face, everyone around, Kenichi included froze, they knew I was a tad dangerous, but didn't know how much, so I gave them a little demonstration.
I flicked my fingers and the two bullies found themselves in only their underwears, running away half naked with all the girls calling them perverts on their way to the gym's dressing rooms.
Kenichi and the others however sighed in relief, they knew full well that those two had escaped with their liveds and limbs attached.

The opening ceremony was rather interesting, I wasn't there for the last one, but in this one we had some weird transfer students.
Especialy the girl whom stole the principal's microphone was really gutsy, I like her, she said she's called Rachel Stanley, a pity that she's a second year student, but that never stoped me before.
She has a well formed body and nice breasts, her face is also good, but her intelligence seems to be lacking a little, well we can't have it all, can we.
The other three are a Russian guy, a tattoo guy and that Bimbo's brother, I don't really care about them. Niijima and the others identified all four of them as members of Yomi, but if they don't come to find trouble with me I won't bother them. Although I wouldn't mind eating the little bimbo.

After the opening everyone was dismissed to go home, the tattoo guy approached Kenichi, telling him that the four of them can take on the entire school in one and a half hours. I begun to laugh so hard that I unintentionaly drew their attention, until then nobody seemed to care whether I existed or not. Unfortunately for me, I also stole Bimbo's crowd and she approached me asking if I had a girlfriend, only to be intercepted by Kisara, starting a catfight, drawing everyone's attention from me once more.

The tattoo guy however ignored me and continued threatening Kenichi, telling him that he's not ready to face him yet, my god this is more entertaining than the last 100 years of my previous life.

I could smell Kenichi's fear from miles away, he will probably rush back to his masters for help any minute now.
I went to follow the four Idiots from Yomi, although in truth I only wanted to know Bimbo's phone number. Tattoo and Russian guys seemed pissed with me following them and they attacked, I ignored them and approached Bimbo, her brother tried to grab me, I just side stepped and the Bimbo jumped on top of me, her thighs touched the sides of my head and my face sensed something really soft. Now I really want to make this girl mine.
The others were shocked seeing that Rachel couldn't throw me, she changed it into a head throw, trying to make me kiss the pavement.

-I like you girl, can I have your phone number?

-I don't date two-timers

-Well if you change your mind, this is my number

Before leaving I gave a punch in the stomach to all three of the guys there, causing them to bend as if they were bowing to me.

-Who was that?(Tirawit)

-He be the China Heaven Eats Dog(Boris)

-I think I saw him during the tournament, but he didn't seem that strong, he only fought once and even then he wasn't as fabulous as us(Rachel)

-Who cares if he's fabulous or not, he just beat us without even trying(Tirawit)


-Do you want his number, I know I don't(Rachel)

-Recruit Dog or Kill?(Boris)

-We will ask the Leader, we'll also give him the phone and tell him it's someone that wants to challenge him(Tirawit)

Tirawit the tattoo guy then took out a Phone and dialed, calling their boss, whom laughed at the challenge thing and told them to not rush it and enjoy their time at school, while acting as they see fit. Although he did write down the number just in case he got bored and wanted to beat someone up.

At the Ryozanpaku Dojo, Kenichi, Miu and Kano were having a training drill, but the more Kano lived with them, the more he felt like the third wheel in an already existing couple.

This new school year, the biggest problem was which club to enter, I didn't really care, but I had a fun Idea, I decided to join the Journalist Club, which Niijima is part of. It sounds quite lame if you think about it, but with my abilities I can find scoops quite easily, beginning with small things like a kitten needing adoption to heavy stuff like people being bullied and fights. The first news article was about the exchange students, Describing their days and their likes and dislikes, making them really popular with everyone, not that they were unpopular before.

The scoop of today was a photo of the new girl Kissing Kenichi's cheek. the next was Tirawit making friends with some rather scary looking people, most of them deliquents. Boris cleaning windows and becoming his classes representative.


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