The next morning we had an unexpected visitor.

Early in the morning, while Kisara was still sleeping, the elder came to visit me. He looked different, I could feel a deep sadness in his eyes as he looked at me as if he was sorry for something.

I of course had no reason to be hostile against him, although he royaly fucked me over in the future, those events haven't happened yet and maybe won't happen at all, depending on my actions.

-I wish to invite you to come live with us at Ryozanpaku

-Oh, really?

-I know that it might sound crazy, but I know that you're a good kid, and ahem, I'm sure you won't harm anyone without a good enough reason

-So you won't be handing me to the Secret services because I'm too dangerous for society?

-Of course not, ahem, I think I'm getting too old

-I have a question elder, what would you do if someone really dangerous for the world was in front of you, someone that didn't know when to stop getting stronger

-So, that's how it is...'you bastard!'
The Elder whispered the cuss and his glance turned into a glare of death, as he told his last words out of his teeth, full of anger.

-Should I kill the threat to the world or should I wait for history to repeat itself? What would elder have done in my place?

The elder's anger subsided as he sighed heavily, it was evident to me that the elder had also returned from the future like myself, otherwise there's no reason for him to be hostile to myself and knowing my nickname from the future further deepened this realization.

-So Old Goat also returned, well that makes things easier, you have two choices, either you give up on coultivation, or I kill you

-You and what army, I might have returned to the past, but you need at least a month until you recover!

-Is that so, then go on ahead, kill me and go live your life inside a cave or on the moon, because without my seals that's all you'll be able to do

-You cheeky little bastard, you think I don't dare, I've already killed you once

-Yes right after you murdered your whole family, massacred the whole town and destroyed half of the country, do you want to repeat it?

-Ahem, just stay silent and accept your death

-Or maybe you should stay put and accept yours

-Idiot you will wake them up!
I threw two talismans on the people and then threw a handful at the elder, whom was surprised that I could even move, since he knew I couldn't even lift a finger around this time period last timeline. Non the less the elder caught all 8 of the talismans as if they were a bunch of papers.
I shouted and the elder fell to his knees as all his strength was being sapped away.
"Do you know why you have never seen this move of mine, it's because I have never had a reason to use this talisman, in the past, future whatever I lived by my promise to Kisara trying my best to be a good guy, now you can have my bed"
I withdrew my talismans while absorbing tons of life force, causing the elder to become powerless, I lay him on my bed and strapped a few suppression talismans on myself, so that my perception and speed were in check.
Next I called the Ryozanpaku dojo to inform them that the elder had an accident and is now at the hospital, I don't care if they believed me or not.
I withdrew the sleeping seals from Kisara and Kano, the only thing that was left was to wait until they wake up.
Not even 10 minutes later and really early in the morning, the whole Ryozanpaku dojo had assembled inside the room, waking both Kano and Kisara up.

Everyone was shocked to see the elder sleeping there, Akisame took his pulse and determined that the elder had overworked himself, but it was nothing a night's rest couldn't solve.
Everyone was relieved, but Akisame and Kensei looked conserned, they simply couldn't believe that the elder could have passed out, after all they knew his sleeping habits and he already was well rested when he left this morning.

They asked me what had happened and I explained that the elder sat on top of some paper talismans and then fainted. Kisara and Kano believed it, after all they had seen the curse that one of these talismans could cause, if he sat on a bunch of them, then the old man was really lucky he's not dead.

Masters Akisame and Kensei looked at the talismans on the table, but couldn't find anything special about them, most of them were fakes made by Kisara anyways, only two had a use and those two were just sleep inducing talismans.
The two masters couldn't tell the difference, because as Kisara had stated, my talismans looked more fake than hers.

-So how do they work?(Akisame)

-You just take it and stump it on someone's body(Kisara)

She also did a live demonstration as she put one of my talisman's on Miu's head, whom fell asleep imediately, while standing, it was strange as she looked like those chinese vampires with the talisman covering her face.
Akisame and Kensei tried to do the same with Kisara's talismans, but nothing seemed to work. Until Kisara took the remaining talisman and put it on Master Kensei's back, causing him to fall down to the floor. If you asked her why she didn't use her own talismans, but used mine instead, she would tell you that she didn't want them to be destroyed afterwards.

Of course anyone with a brain could figure out that the two talismans she had used looked identical and unlike the fake ones.
-So how do you undo this?(Akisame)

-Just tear the talisman or set it on fire, either one will do(Yashin)

-So where did you guys get those talismans?(Akisame)

-We made them ourselves(Kisara)
Everyone looked at us with some skepticism, to begin with they still didn't fully believe that the talismans worked and hearing that the talismans were made by children, that sounded even more prepostrous, it would be easier to believe if she told we bought them from some taoist monk or cursed temple, but making them, come on now, whom were we kidding?

"Anyways we're leaving"
I said while pressing Kisara towards me, making Kenichi and Miu show different emotions. One was happy for us, the other one was was shy and embarassed.

Walking down the stairs, the doctor in charge of me begun to complain that I couldn't leave the hospital without being discharged. I gave him the middle finger and took Kisara and left. I was sick and tired of this law abiding crap, I spent 100 years living like a lawless bandit, there was no way that I would revert back to normal in a single day.
If they wanted to blame someone, they could blame the Elder for being too stuborn, truthfully I simply wished to end him here and now, but I will wait, or rather he will have to wait, because in the frozen world I could coultivate really fast and repeating what I did before will be a piece of cake, I'll reach Core formation in no time at all, then I will take care of the elder once and for all.

It was 4 hours later that the elder woke up, he looked around him, he was lying at home, next to him lay Kenichi full of bandages, which had to be changed, but everyone was too busy to care for him.
The elder could only sigh, because he knew full well that he had lost, there was no way that the kid/bastard would let him be, as for turning him to the side of good, that was impossible, the only answer was submitting, but would Hayato Furinji ever do so, never in his life.
All that was left was to coultivate and become stronger, but doing so would mean the repeat of a tragedy, was that bastard right, which of the two was the cause of the tragedy, was it the instigator or the actor? Whom was to blame?

Unlike however what he wished, for some reason, he was unable to coultivate, every time he tried to close his mind and meditate, the image of himself killing everyone flooded his mind, unknown to himself he now had a Heart Devil deeply rooted in his heart.
He decided to go look after his favourite bonsai tree, maybe he needed some time to calm down and find his inner peace before he could coultivate anew.

As for me, I just activated Dou and Sei Roar together and entered the frozen world, what followed was a high speed coultivation that the old me would have envied, in a single year in frozen time I had already entered the mid of foundation establishment, I could try and go for Core formation, but I decided against it until I saw that the old man wasn't coultivating at all, or rather he was coultivating, but not himself, but a huge tree.
Seeing that I saw no reason to end him, but if he starts, there will be no mercy, that was my bottom line, him coultivating was no different than artificialy creating a volcano or having a nuke walk around a crowded street.

"This game needs to have two players for me to enjoy it, unless Old Goat begins to coultivate I won't kill you, this is my promise to you"
The old man heard my voice in his ear, the next moment mostly out of surprise he cut a whole branch off, ruining the perfect and sublime balance of his bonsai.
He didn't doubt my words however, he knew full well that once I felt his coultivation rising, he would be dead. Now his options had decreased, non the less he went on to fix the bonsai, he could not put the branch back on the tree, but he could plant it into the ground and grow a second tree, a young and powerful tree that will in time rise gloriously and overcome the old one.

That hope was Kenichi, in the past/future whatever, Kenichi never achieved great heights, but at that time there was no reason for him to do so, after all Coultivators were like walking nukes, if they didn't know what they were doing and the Elder didn't trust Kenichi with that sort of power.
Now the elder had a plan, he would inform Kenichi about what to do when he reaches that level, what to ask from the Admin and how to defeat Yashin, the elder smiled as he was excited to see this new future.


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