History's Strongest Disciple Fanfiction

by Creator48

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

I love the Manga and Anime so much that I wanted to put a bit of myself inside it, It might come as a stupid power fiction, but I did my best to make it at least a bit amusing and a bit more believable. The plot will go sidelines with the occurrences from the original story and do my best to not side track the story, but I have to warn that at some point the story goes highwire.

This is the Story of Yashin, whom transfers schools at the same point as Miu, ending in the same school as Kenichi and ending falling in love with a certain someone. There's not much going on, but I think the start is rather good.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
01 Shirahama Kid ago
02 Snakes and Dragons ago
03 Blooming Flowers ago
04 Defense comes First ago
05 Final Lesson ago
06 Ryozanpaku ago
07 Remember the Forgotten ago
08 Fenrir ago
09 Daughter in Law ago
10 The Path Chooses You ago
11 Nine Fists of Ragnarok ago
12 Repairing what Isn't Broken ago
13 Big Bad Wolf ago
14 New Dawn ago
15 Blurring the Clear Sky ago
16 Calm before the Storm ago
17 Duel Under the Rainy Sky ago
18 Undying Monsters ago
19 Ghosts and Goblins ago
20 You're not invited ago
21 Tournament part 1 ago
22 Tournament part 2 ago
23 Aftermath ago
24 Broken Promises ago
25 Familiar Places ago
26 Day the World stood Still ago
27 The Cheater ago
28 Catfight ago
29 The Wedding ago
30 New Era ago
31 Tiangu Island ago
32 Rivals Needed ago
33 Too Many Rivalries ago
34 Impregnable Wall, Unreachable Heights ago
35 Countdown Begins ago
36 Three... ago
37 Two... ago
38 One... ago
39 Zero Time Duel ago
40 Back in Time ago
41 Saving the World ago
42 Back to School ago
43 Yami ago
44 Getting a Harem ago
45 Spirit of Martial Arts ago
46 Counter-Attack ago
47 Twisted Catnapped ago
48 Cats and Dogs ago
49 Equals ago
50 Void Demon ago
51 Lonely Journey ago
52 Return ago
53 Hell of a Party ago
54 Summer Vacations ago
55 Climbing the Mountain ago
56 Cave of Enlightment ago
57 Galactic Sect ago
58 Earth to Jenazad ago
59 Demanding Explainations ago
60 Great Divide ago
61 Floating Island ago
62 First Battle ago
63 Cause for War ago
64 Final Defeat(The End) ago

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The author has a strange writing style, not bad, just odd. Definitely a fanfic that respects the source material in which the Mc plays in the main world off to the side of the established canon and intersects with the main story in a kind of zigzag parallel. Worth a read if you liked Strongest Disciple or not.