Borne of Caution

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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Really like the concept! As someone who likes Pokémon but really only fully know a couple gens, I found it fun to look up different Pokémon I don't remember.

I also really liked how alive the characters are.

the battles are awesome, well written, and have a good length

Written as of chapter 15 


To be the very best, like no one ever was!

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Damn dude, you've made something pretty great.

I (like many) grew up with Pokémon. As an adult I still nerd out about it sometimes, but there has been little quality media that target the nostalgia and age of my generation. This right here is everything I wanted and more.

Style/Grammer: The writing is on point, the syntax is clear and precise lending to a nice flow. There are a few grammatical mistakes, but not enough to break immersion.

Story: The story is what I would expect from a Pokémon world with an added level of realism. Which can come off as comical at times. Plot points and characters from the anime and games are given depth and life. Only adding to the nostalgia trip.

Characters: This is where the story truly shines. The author has given so much life to the pseudo-animals and childish anime characters that we know while keeping in line with their motives and personalities. The original characters fit right in to the Pokémon world and story, even Lee for all his earthly origins. The characterss are believable, likable and most of all relatable. 

This story has made me laugh, cry, and smile on multiple occasions. Any story that lets me experience it along with the characters is a fucking masterpiece in my opinion.

In the 8+ years I've lurked on web fiction sites and forums this is the only review I've ever written, and maybe only the second comment I've ever made.

If you like Pokémon It's good, read it. If you could care less about Pokémon fuck you, but read it anyway it's an amazing story.


I've read probably over 200 books at this point, on royalroads alone. Some multi thousands of pages long. And this book is special. I don't just mean that it's good, which it is, but something about it is different. An extra tinge of something that makes the book more real.

There's some extra layer at work here. I think a big part of it is the normalcy. Lee is a person. You may think "well, yeah." but I would point to many books on here, good and bad, and the characters do not feel like real, normal people. Usually cuz they aren't. Azarnith healer, Legend of randidly ghosthound, he who fights with monsters, none of these protagonists are normal people in normal circumstances.

But that's not the case with lee. I think the little spark with this book, what really set's it apart from others, is somehow, the author pulls you into the story and then what you meet with isn't someone with a singular emotion or some powerful protagonist, it's just Lee. Just a normal man.


I know some of you lot are not 100% sold on the synopsis and have decided to visit the review section to really sell you on the fanfic. If this is the case keep reading. 

At first I was sceptical, the first chapter didn't really sell me and there were no reviews at the time I started. I honestly thought it would be a slogfest of a read, describing the battles the way the games play. HOWEVER, I was proven wrong. Every now and then you find a gem on RR, a story that is well written, well structured, easy to read and shines with the love and effort put into writing it. This is one of those gems, an instant favourite.(assuming you like Pokémon)

A moving story about a man with PTSD, his vulpix, the exploration of the Pokémon world (all regions and Pokémon included) and the friends he makes along the way (but not ash, thank fuggmann).

This story has rekindled my love for Pokémon and I now see it in a completely new way.



This book is one of the best that I've started in a really long time. It easily has one of the best first 20 chapters on RR, not even counting the fact that they're huge. It is in depth with great characters (and Pokémon). I just really wish there was more of it.

Sadly, this looks like it's gonna be one of those really good books that updates once in a blue moon. I can't see this getting a huge following compared to the heavy hitters on this site considering two things. First is it current low chapter count, which will be a turn off, and second is the low release rate. These things suck individually, but when they're put together, it's much worse.

I was able to finish this in a day, and while it was amazing for that entire day, afterwards I was filled with anguish, considering the fact that the 15 or so chapters I read were what the author did in a little over a year.

I really do love this work author, and I understand you're doing it because you want, I just can't recommend people to get committed to a book that will only have 150 chapters in 2030. If you upped the release rate, I would easily be able to recommend people this, and you would instantly see returns on that decision. It would get more popular, you would see more patrons, and leave you with a great sense of satisfaction.

Like I said earlier, I understand that you might not be in this for money or to gain a cult following. However, I don't think that ever hurt anybody.

I'm gonna be honest. This review is just a roundabout way for asking for more chapters. I really hope it works. Thank you for the amazing read regardless.


Why the hell do reviews need titles?

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

I've read or tried to read every novel listed in the first couple pages of the "Best Rated" section of this site, and so far this is my favorite. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's perfect, but I believe it is one of the best you can find on this site. The only issue I have is the relatively slow release rate, but if that is the price of this kind of quality I will gladly suffer the payment.



Long chapters, no fluff, excellent pacing. The long chapters are the only reason I can survive on the meager release rate. There are no massive info dumps to disrupt the story, things are either shown as Lee observes the world around him or learned as Lee learns them. At no point did I lose interest in the story or have to start skimming because I was bored. The occasional interludes offer PoV shifts that provide context and/or flesh out the world.


I pretty much never read fanfic because very rarely can a fan of an author write better than the author themselves. In this case there's not even a question -- Pokemon is pretty terrible as a story IMO, the games are awesome because of the gameplay. Fuggman takes a game story that no one at Nintendo ever took seriously and makes it into a fully realized world. We haven't gotten to see too much of it yet, but he seems to have fully converted the game-logic into an actual working world that I am incredibly excited to explore alongside our MC, Lee.


Characters are fully realized people with personalities and goals. Note that this includes every Pokemon in addition to the humans. No one acts idiotic or changes their behavior without reason, with the possible exception of 

Team Rocket. We only see them once so far, and they act EXACTLY as they do in the show. They also have a blast off sequence, which seems to break the realness of the world --  waiting to see if either 
A. They died from it -- hilarious.
B. There is some explanation in the future to why they would survive it.
If they did survive without explanation it won't ruin the story for me, but I will feel disappointed.

MC neither gushes over Ash nor joins him on his journey. He treats him as a good kid who is somewhat annoying, same as I would.


Excellent writing overall. I seem to recall several instances of incorrect usage of "it's" (THIS IS NOT A POSSESIVE, THIS IS "IT IS"), but I am an actual grammar nazi so take that as you will.


Pokemon for us 'older' folks

Reviewed at: Interlude 3

Pokemon first came out when I was a child, but I didn't play it.  By the time I decided to give it a chance, I was old enough to find the cartoons incredibly irritating and the game dialog too childish to capture my interest.

I really missed out. :(

This 'adult' verson is very well done and has thouroghly captured my interest.
1. The pokemon aren't constantly repeating the same word over and over
2. The characters are believable and dynamic while still holding true to their source material.
3. Locations from the game and the movies are brought to life.
4. It doesn't back away from real problems like burns and broken bones.
5. It does a fantastic job of scratching that isekai itch that us RR readers have.
6. Other real background issues are very well done, making this world feel very real.

The isekai issue is actually handled in a slightly unusual fashion.  Instead of a 'insert yourself here' character with generic knowledge, we are given a zookeeper with a deep understanding of animals.  And on top of this, we have a bit of time travel, as the main character (from the year 2020?) arrives in this world at the begining of Ash's first adventure.  The author is doing a fantastic job of handling what proper animal care and future knowledge can do to a world.


Like others reviews said, this is not a great fanfiction. It's an absurdly good story set in the Pokemon universe.

Great main character, someone we can relate in the situation hes in. A normal, funcitonal person, set in a very dangerous enviroment, beeing realistic about the dangers hes facing, but not dropping the excitement this new world can and will bring. So far, side characters are fine, and what you would expect. 

The pokemons thou, they are great CHARACTERS, which is amazing. Not some brain dead murder machines, but characters that have a story progression, even with their limited vocabulary. Props to the author on that note. 

Wolrd setting is intersting so far, but nothing too fleshed out. Its more to up to the reader to have some prior knowledge of pokemon franchise world

Grammar and structure is good, no major/visible mistakes, and a good and solid style, at least in my perspective as non english speaker.

Looking foward to read more and how the story will progress.


Hits the pokemon feel, not cringe, and new

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

What the titel says,

It is good as a pokemon fanfic, it got the "feel" right (especially the pokemon/trainer relationship, but it really is the entire world)

The world is beleiveable, consistent and appears logical (internaly), idk the word don't get the "this shouldn't work in this world"

It avoids ALL of the cringe that i honestly feared. 

It is also...more...than "just a well written pokemon fanfic" or maybe not, but i find the story roundet, it is not as swallow aa one might fear. 

Ugh.. words..if you like pokemon, just read this, and if you don't like this, it's Worth the read



First seeing this story at the top of ongoing, I was a bit put off by the fact it was fan fiction.  After reading this, however, I can very happily say I was completely wrong in my first impressions of this book.  Not only is this one of the best-written stories I've read on this website, but it manages to implement characters from Pokemon itself while both keeping them mostly in line with their original characters, but also fleshing them out interestingly.