Borne of Caution

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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I think this story hits all the points a good story needs while still being fanfiction. It fleshes out the pokemon universe to give a deeper system than the games provide. This allows the author to create rules but also character developement as someone from Earth adapts and deals with these new rules. I enjoy the characters in all their flaws, the main character still has ptsd from the first chapter, and it feels believable. 

The supporting characters are interesting, and get development of their own. I enjoy his dynamic with the world of pokemon as a zoo keeper and carnivore enthusiast. I reccomend giving this story it's well deserved binge read, even if the author doesn't continue to write this is a fantastic story.


Simpy put? Hands down the best pokemon fanfiction that I have ever read.

What sets this story leagues apart is the direction the story has taken, rather than going extremely dark in stories of a similar nature such as Sun Soul this piece of uses and abuses the little bits of lore that are dropped in pokedex entries to show what a more fleshed out pokemon world would look like.

I would give this a 10 if I could and I can only hope that Fuggmann continues to write such amazing chapters. You have my personal thanks for providing such great reading material.


This novel is definitively one of my favorite stories I have ever read. The main character is relatable, and endearing in his strengths and weaknesses. You took a fanfiction, and instead of writing using the mc of the fiction, you created a new main that was demonstrably more 'real' that the original. You added physics to a game, and it works fantastically. I am constantly on the edge of my seat, waiting for new releases.


Shocked by how good this is

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

This story is way better than it has any right to be. I'm so happy I picked this up despite being extremely offput by it being Pokémon fan fiction. It is very much at minimum an 8/10, and it is well worth the read. Trust me, this story isn't trash like you probably think it is.


Who would've thought Pokemon fanfics can be good!

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

I decided to read this story and I'm very glad I did! I usually don't read much fanfiction, especially stream series like Pokemon but this story was way above my expectations for a fanfiction and for a Pokemon story. This story explores the world and characters much more than the games and anime and makes them feel like real people and a real world. The story expands on existing elements of the series and elaborates on the details of how the world of Pokemon could be. Another good thing is that the main character is actually a normal person, unlike many other isekais with more childish and narrow-minded main characters. The story does have a few grammar mistakes here and there that are clearly noticeable but don't negatively affect the story much. Sad that I accidentally deleted my original review of this story and lost all of my upvotes :( At least now I know not to press the delete button ever since there's no "Are you sure you want to delete this" confirmation button.


Why fanfiction isn't for me, but this is...

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Spoiler free review:

I was warily of starting this story because of the fanfiction, this story turned my opinion 180° on its head. I took the gamble and decided to give this a couple chapters. Unfortunately,  I am now having to wait for new chapters released due to reading them all in one sitting. This took a concept that shouldn't work in the "real world" and inexplicably made it work. It has now made the main pokemon my new favorite pokemon it has taken the companionship to a whole other level , where as I feel the games/anime didn't (dont hate on me) you'll soon understand once you read as well. While I could go on and list the various reasons I am in love with story you should just start reading it yourselves. Seriously do it. Now. Give this author the attention they deserve. The only compliant that I have is that their isn't more too read.





Fanfic just as good as the OG story if not better!

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Basically what it says to be, a OC insert (which may or may be not a Self Insert) in the Pokemon world, but incredibly well done for a fanfic to the point i actually loved every moment of reading it, including even the grim start and those vivid & horrifying flashbacks.

Lee has a passion for Pokemon, something he has never outgrew as he is still playing even while being an adult with heart for animals which stems from his passion for pokemon, and relates to his job as a professional zookeeper. Sadly this nice life is abruptly interrupted as nuclear disaster strikes and all he knew and cared about is wiped away in an instant, but thats not the end, as he finds himself in the Hoenn region of the pokemon world for some unknown reason, with massive scars both physically and mentally from the dramatic event that he witnessed and by no means should have survived, yet did. Thankfully for him he is not alone, for there is his trusty Vulpix from the most recent playthrough as support, preventing his total collapse.

Well, as said, the MC is mentally scarred from losing everything, and likely would have broken without Vulpix being there, thankfully he is quick to adapt to the new situation he is in, with his memories from the game and anime aiding him in this new world, with the MC making important decisions like sharing his knowledge about handling animals & his secret to one of the professors. Yet he also makes mistakes, as he is just a normal person in a world he only knew from games and anime, and just being there changes things, and then there is the topic of him being from another world, which he quite struggles with keeping it all secret, fumbling really hard at times, which is made all the harder by the presence of his companions who join him on his journey.

I feel bad for Lee though, it would take just so little for him to totally break down, he just keeps having those horrid memories about that moment, where everything burned. I hope for him that he can somehow recover and live his life in the pokemon world, as going back is no option anymore, bar an absolute miracle happening.

Given this is a fanfiction set in the same timeline as the pokemon games and anime,  that also means characters from there appear in the story. And it can be a hard thing to manage to keep their personalities faithful, even with all their exaggerations, which the author manages rather flawlessy here while making the characters behave realistically yet faithfully to themselves, no easy feat at all!

Best written however are the Pokemon, and most especially Lee's. They just feel like actual characters instead of being just two dimensionally like the games tend to portray them (no fault to the games though, hard to do it well), i just love how the author has portrayed Vulpix here, without her, Lee would be just done for, she is such an emotional support for him, preventing him from emotionally falling apart due to his trauma, she just carries so much weight on her. Then there are his other Pokemon which he has acquired, though revealing them would be quite the spoiler so ill leave it at that, just sufficient to say that they are quite interesting, with one of them being rather stubborn and disrespectful, and the other well.... decidated to battle and growing stronger.


Well the setting, for a fanfic it is actually very well done and faithful to the original Pokemon setting even if there were some small changes like blending the game and anime plots together, which makes things rather interesting. And unlike the games & anime the regions arent that isolated with pokemon from newer regions even appearing in the story. Having the anime being part of the story also means  Ash & co are having their trek through the many regions of the Pokemon world, which runs concurrent with the MC in this case, even having some encounters with the MC. I love all the additional realism & depth that the author has added to the pokemon world, which is quite lacking in that because the games are first and foremost just a game, not an actual story sadly.  Expect quite a lot of adventuring in this story, as the band makes its way through the world, in a way a parallel to Ash & Co. And since its a pokemon story, the battles such as gym battles, trainings and even tournaments cant be missing from it at all, its what made the franchise great in the first place!  Oh also at times the weird Pokemon logic is being used, which the MC comments on, anyone familiar with the Pokemon games & anime should recognize those moments quite fast. Interesting is to see just how much it all changes just by Lee being there having his own adventure in the pokemon world, since already a couple significant changes have happened in the story. And it looks like Lee is going to play a role in the main story, despite him trying to avoid continuity issues by staying out of it all. And then there is him knowing those 'secret' mechanics and other knowledge from the games, which arent common knowledge, to the point of even being considered legends, but they do apply, with the MC being quick to notice oddities like that and deciding to take advantage of it, which can be a major plot point for this story as he has the potentional to change so much with all that knowledge.

A minor complaint with this story would be that it requires quite some editing, there are major typos throughout the story, such as names being all misspelled or sentences sounding very weird. Bar that though this story is very readable grammar wise, just needs that edit to smoothen all those typos out.

Writing is just so much better than those fanfics that can be commonly found, its better to compare it to some of the better written webfiction on this site and elsewhere, and belongs to the peak of fanfiction. Its quite clear that the author is either a skilled writer, is talented or both, since because of how smooth this story reads (bar the grammar), like without a hitch even, it drew me into it incredibly quick, from the very start even! Each chapter is a blast to read, as long as they may be, even the action scenes are just great, and then there are those moments where the scars show up.... the feels, i did not expect to feel this much emotion from a pokemon fanfiction.

Releases tend to be infrequent,  but on the other side chapters are seriously long, which more than makes up for it. Though i already carve more!

Basically full five marks for this story bar grammar.

Even if you do not like fanfiction at all or have not read any before this, like me, i would still recommend you this story, even more so if you are in any way a fan of pokemon, whether currently or from childhood, It is worth the read many times over if you are familiar with Pokemon.


Please Don't drop this, It's awesome.

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

I've always had an aversion to FanFics, but I decided to give this a try on a whim, and it absolutly changed my view of them.

True, alot of fanfics aren't that good, but now atleast I know that among the piles of them, there will be gems like these. Please don't drop it :) 


One of the better Fanfics

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Usually I don't read fanfictions on this site, but this one piqued my interest, and boy am I glad that it did. This story is well written with a good premise. The story has a good bit of combat, but it isn't the main focus like so many other stories. Rather, it is more about how Lee lives his life, which just so happens to include Pokemon battles.

The characters are all well written and thought out with their own nuances. I've been enjoying watching their relationships grow, and I can't wait for a certain addition to warm up to everyone else.

Overall I recommend this if you have any interest in Pokemon!


Did not think I was going to like a Pokemon fanfic

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

So I was bored and I had clicked this story a few times, because I forgot the synopsis a few times, before I said fuck it I will give it a few chapters to see how it goes. 

I finished all the way up to current and was thinking I hope it does not take a month for the next chapter.

Yes ash is in the story, no he is not the focus at all. Story is better than actual pokemon.