Borne of Caution

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

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An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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I have read the version on ffn that is far ahead and this story is great. Expect more logic and more intensity than most pokemon fanfictions, expect good writing, and expect it to take a while for updates.


All in all I would totally recommend reading this story if you are interested in another perspective of pokemon in the the pokemon world. It is your standard SI/OC insert into a world you THOUGHT that you knew so well.



Best Pokémon fanfic you will ever read

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

Seriously I've never been so invested in a Pokémon fanfic I've never even read one I thought was particularly creative or good and then this beautiful gem just drops into my lap, I normally would be less than impressed by a fanfic with the original cast in it because it's rare that a fan can adequately write the personality of the original characters but it's done excellently especially since Lee is smart enough to steer clear of Ash for the sale of his health, all in all if my gushing praise hasn't convinced you to try this creative and original Pokémon isekai nothing I say will 


Such an amazing read! This was my first time reading a fanfiction, and I was blown away by how well it's written and how much I enjoy reading it. I was only three chapters in, but those three chapters are already long enough to trigger me writing this review. Read the story!

This review is spoiler-free! (outside of the blurb)

Plot Summary - Lee Henson is a zookeeper that is Isekai'd to Pokemon Emerald world. Without spoiling things, how he got there is done in a way that is uncommon for the trope. I'd like to warn you that it might be gorish and traumatizing. Even then it's still worth to read!

Grammar and Style - It's well written. I enjoy reading it more than I expected! There are some typos here and there but it's not that noticeable. Chapters are long and leave a satisfying feeling when I read it to the end. Sometimes it feels like reading a wish-fulfillment story, but also somewhat realistic. In short, I like it very much.

Characters - The first chapter introduced us to our protagonist, Lee Henson. I get the feeling that the author is experienced in showing instead of telling. From the first chapter alone, we get a glimpse and so much characteristics out of Lee. The fellow zookeepers are just a supporting cast, but their introductions are done really well. Even in the Pokemon world, no character behaves in a shallow way like they sometimes do in the games. They seem to have a fluid thinking, intrinsic motivation, logic and reason behind their actions. Oh, and someone pointed out that the Pokemons are really well done. I agree!

World Building - The setting opens up in the real world and then shifts to the Pokemon world. The story definitely relies on our knowledge of Pokemon world, and that's okay! There are mysteries surrounding the Poke-world and I hope that the author tries to clear the mysteries as we go on continuing Lee's adventures!

Conclusion - This is a very easy review to write, unlike some of the other stories I've tried to review. I definitely recommend checking this out, especially if you like Pokemon and a smart believable zookeeper as a protagonist! Read the story!

Final Score - 10/10. For a fanfiction? Really good.


This went beyond my expectations.

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

***general content warning. This book does contain violence with pokemon against pokemon, and thusly justifies the gore tag. While being significantly less gory than most books on this site, it is violence that injures commonly known as cute pokemon in the manner of broken bones and/or cuts and bleeding. (realistic pokemon is not necessarily for the faint of heart) ***

The author does discuss how pokemon are significantly stronger and more durable than humans but still, it can be unsettling sometimes, and the author even goes over the MC having issues with that.


Generally, I am skeptical of any isekai, especially one going into an existing universe. Most of the time, you will see the author of said fanfic make their character a mary sue and then introduce them to all the familiar characters and make them love the mc.  I have yet to see anything of the sort. Do we meet characters we already know? Yes. does it become a circle of self-aggrandizement for the mc? So far, no.  Also, the MC does have some seemingly one in a million encounters but, those are few and far between. 

The only issue I could raise is that MC does have some awareness of events that are to happen, seeing as the story using the Anime's timeline/records as cannon.

So far, the writing is fantastic. Athough the story is a little slow going,

as of chapter 18 (titled chapter 14), there is only one gym successfully completed

meaning there might not be pokemon battles every chapter. But, ooh boy, when they do get going they are good. 
I personally noticed no grammar issues throughout the story, although if you are not knowledgeable about pokemon or items/moves you will find yourself on bulbapedia quite frequently. (At least I did)

If you are a fan of pokemon, and you would enjoy seeing a more realistic world of it I cannot recommend this highly enough. 


I'll keep this short and simple.

I never thought I'd enjoy reading a Pokémon Isekai at the age of 30.

However here I am writing this review.

This is an inspired piece of work that has a genuine spark of creativity.

I may not be a true critic... but I am true reader. So what I'm about to say stems from that honest desire to share something good that you have found with others.

This story is worth reading. 

This story will most likely make you pick up a Pokémon game and binge the hell out of it.


This book, if it continues at the same quality it is at, or gets better, is gonna be at the top of RR. Reading this book is like i'm taking nostalgia, now I take that nostalgia, condense it into a liquid, then I take that liquid and put it into a syringe known as Royal Road, and then I OD on it. It is amazing, reading this book is taking me back to when I first watched pokemon Indigo on my Grammys old CRTV, that feeling of wonder and awe filling you. But now as an adult that occurrence is much much harder to find, and this book does it really well. The author does a really great job of balancing the gentle magic of a different world with magical creatures that we brutally battle against each other for entertainment, with a little bit of down to earth gritty realism of what would happen if you were in our MCs shoes. The PTSD of essentially dying from a nuclear blast, and having the memories of that, and of the consequences of the actions he would take in this world. With some nice little number/exploitation of game mechanics, things that you never really get in the animation/manga, bringing just a touch more of that realism. Make no mistake, this isn't a kids book, there is swearing, death, blood, and more but even through all that, I feel like a kid again when I read this. I think one of the biggest reasons why this book strikes such chord for me is that the author does something really well, the bond between a trainer and his pokemon, because that is the real magic of the pokemon universe is it not? You, and your pokemon, having each other's back no matter what the world throws at you. That bond that I think deep down everyone secretly wants, no secrets no judgment, just pure trust in each other, and growing through the struggle of battle. That, and the bond between and man/woman and his magical battling pocket monster is what makes the pokemon universe and this book truly magical, and this author has so far done that really well, and I really really hope he continues to keep that quality and improve on it and keep adding more depth, because by no means is this a perfect book, it still has a long way to go, but I think it could be a really great one. If you are considering reading this book, I would definitly recommend it, whats the worst that could happen, you don't like it and have now wasted a little bit of time? Or you could have just found your diamond in the rough that one book that you are always on the hunt for to snag your attention and draw you in like a magical Mary Poppins painting, and takes you on a wild ride.


This is a Fanfiction done correctly

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

The setup has a bit to be desired but the fact that it is just a segue into the actual story warrants it a pass as it is only relevenant in the first chapter. 

The biggest advantage this story has? The MC feels like an actual in-depth adult. As most stories, the MC has an "advantage" for understanding animal behaviour which by RR standards is hardly an advantage at all compared to what other authors tend to write. The approach in both the understanding and the actual pokeverse feels respectful in which it doesn't pull you out of the setting. 


This biggest issue? Release updates. That is the only reason this story would have a low star rating. Just not enough chapters. RR appears to be the third platform this story is updated on so having the author keep us up to date on the next release is unlikely. If the author decides to put more time into the story and make consistent updates, it'll hit "popular this week" with ease. 


Worst case, this becomes inspiration for someone else to take this approach and write a full story. The quality is that good. 


A fantastic fan fiction

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

I've read a few fanfictions before, and while interesting, they've never held my interest for long. However. this story is better than every fanfiction that I have read and one of the better stories on Royal Road. The world is well built and, so far, stays true to the pokemon series. The characters are unique and the interactions between Trainer and Pokemon are extremely well done. If it were legal to publish and sell fanfiction, this is one story that I would definitely pay to read. The only downside is that there aren't enough chapters! Keep up the good work author; I look forward to reading this story for a very long time.


And Another One Had Fallen =D

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

I don't know a lot of details about Pokemon, Hell, I have never play any games beside PokemonGo when it was absolute garbage with a bunch of spoofer cheaters. I think you know where I am going with this starting sentence, and you are right to ask me about what the point is of this whole spiel. This is just me pointing about my lacking knowlege and understanding of the joys that people derive from Pokemon games like Red, Yellow, etc.. This story gave me a whole new perspective about Pokemon, and I think I might just go and download some of the old game and play through them. The way that this story is written and introduced can still use some work in my oppinion, but it is still a great read for some one who is as lost about Pokemon as I am. 

The story plot is still pretty bare, but I think it will be flesh out around ch50 if not higher. It is slow and fast pace at certain moments, but I enjoy the part where Lee is exploring and doing non-meta ability that don't exist in their world or the game. Like bro, that is legit fucking epic, just the thought of teaching certain pokemons some concepts and train them to develope an ability that is not in their instinct is what hooked me and drew me into the story. My only wish now is that Evolution can be change, and that is based on what your pokemon have learn. Like new forms, abilities, and the fact that the whole pokemon world is about to be flipp on their head because of new methods for training, dieting, socialization, etc... I wanna see Vulpine evolve past ninetails or into a whole new type because of reinforcing certain aspects or amplifying certain attributes. Overall the story is lit, and if I can enjoy it to this extent, then what are you waiting around reading reviews, go read the story and experience it for yourself!! =D

Shiny RainbowUmbreon

This is almost disturbingly well written, so much so that it has honestly killed me desire to keep reading a few other pokemon fanfic I was reading it's bar is just that much higher. I really hope the author writes this story to completion because this is just amazing and I would love to see where this goes.