Borne of Caution

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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Just wow. The right mix of dialogue and layers upon interesting layers of plot. I think the best compliment is simply that I wouldn't change anything. Except Roselia. Please have someone add a Roselia to the crew. Also, would be cool to go Umbreon instead of Vaporeon, but that's it. Promise. 


I don’t really review so forgive me if it’s crap, but this story is too good to not get more attention.

Until a few days ago Pokémon stories weren’t really on my radar. After seeing this in the Best Rated list I gave it a shot for shits n giggles while not really expecting much after having dropped others on that list. After binge reading the 16 chapters that are currently up its jumped to top 3 of my personal reading list. Aside from a couple spacing errors (and maybe something else? I forgot and just kept reading) it’s great.

The story and world are being built up and feel alive without a large info dump to bring you up to speed. The characters have actual conversations and personalities rather than just lines in quotes to progress the story. It’s a fun lighthearted view into a childhood dream made manifest while keeping some heavier themes and scenes that make it more realistic in which the characters learn about themselves and grow and all that.

TLDR: Story good. Read it.


Didn't expect to like it this much

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

It's been a decade since I've played or watched anything Pokemon related, so I went into this fully expecting to quit a few chapters in. But there's something to the way this author writes his characters that really pulled me in. The dialogue in the first chapter seems a bit stilted (probably because of the need for exposition) but once Lee, the main character, is isekai'd, the author breathes life and believability into him and every character around him including the Pokemon. I melt every time the MC interacts with his Vulpix.

The worldbuilding is great too. I only half remember canon  but I'm pretty sure this fanfic goes much more in-depth regarding how the world actually works and what it means to be a trainer in a "realistic" Pokemon world. I don't want to give any spoilers but the premise really comes into its own because of the thought the author puts into the setting. In short, this series is crack to me and I will be keeping an eye on it so I can get my fix.

Explosive Rift

The characters are good, and quite realistic. For example, Professor Birch acts like a real professor, looking into potentially dangerous things for grant money.The portrayal of PTSD is extremely realistic in comparison to most published stories, though that is a depressingly low bar. Characters do not stray randomly from their core traits, and act realistically for people in their respective ages in their situations. The portrayal of the Pokémon clears several plot holes left over from the games and anime, and those that remain are often used as meta jokes and have other reasons for remaining. For example Pokémon behave like animals in most cases, with different Pokémon having different specialities. The Dex is shown to be made by humans and prone to human error, instead of all knowing like it is in the games, but still mostly accurate to the point of abilities that show prominently in the Pokédex being actual, non-move abilities. The spelling is near flawless, as is the grammar. The story isn't particularly new, but is a good take on a more realistic version of the anime's portrayal of the ruby/ sapphire/ emerald story. Fate is brought up as an actual thing with Ash being functionally immortal, and his companions only realising after their circumstances are actively pointed out.


The pokemon world you deserve

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

I didn't think I'd get in to a fanfic about pokemon, but then I remembered that pokemon was a big part of my childhood, and I've always wanted a more in depth experience of it than what the games and anime give. And this story is in the depths. Actually good characters, realistic pokemon and character interactions. I couldn't help but keep reading, and I hope you do to. 


I hated pokemon

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Hello, so here's my review of this web novel

I'd like to start with why this is a very good read

I hated pokemon, it never made sense, and frankly still doesn't. But at least this fan fiction tries to explain a lot of things and worldbuilding f-ups. And so if you could never get into pokemon, this might be a way for you to get into it.

Character score :

The characters are actually believable, they have flaws, they are independent towards the MC. And oh god if it's not great. Each character have their goals and motivation,  sometimes simple sometimes not so simple but that's great. The mc isn't the only competent character,  hell sometimes he fails sometimes a side character is the solution to a solution ect ect. They are not an extension to the MC but their own entity

The MC himself is a normal guy, I mean normal, hes not some guy that knows every single character from the game, all the exploits ect ect ect, he still knows meta knowledge like any pokemon fans does, but hes not omniscient.  He isn't some badass doomguy or secret earth assassin. No hes just a zookeeper displaced (in a unique way) in a pokemon world.

The guy has a traumatic experience , and actually has sequels,  this is not a story where the MC is tortured 60 years and walk it off. Nope he has PTSD,  but hes not the type to mop around 300 chapters either , he does heal, slowly but surely.

Hell the MC has a little physical scars from zookeeper stuff and other stuff and hes self conscious about it. 

All in all , the characters are human, in a very believable way.


Grammar , I've seen a few mistakes,  and I'm heavily dyslexic,  and english isn't my first language anymore.  But its readable , like it's a minor issue.  Very small issue. 


Story :

Well it's a pokemon story, its mostly character driven, the main plot so far isn't that original , but here's the thing , the way it all comes together,  how the characters and worldbuilding drives and explain the plot is actually very good and creative. So yeah going around collecting pokemon and doing competitions isn't the greatest plot  but it's a pokemon story, mate. And its entertaining,  very much so , and that's why we read right. So great job.


Style is where I have a problem.  I found it a chore to read the first few chapters , not because it bad, they are great. But because I had to get used to the present tense In the story.  I'm used to past tense stories.  So I was kinda confused and I did kill my enthusiasm at first (the other reviews promised me the best) , but once you get used to the present tense its actually very pleasant and the other review were right . It's great. Now I dont know why it was so hard to get into at first because on a second read of the first few chapters I enjoyed the very much.

A good point however is how the style makes for very,  and I mean excellent fight sequences. 




Tldr , great character driven pokemon story that fixes pokemon with great worldbuilding and entertains you all the way.


This made me feel so nostalgic

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Well for starters I am no great fan of pokemon. Have watched the first 1-2 seasons like many kids of late 90's did but never watched again. 

Played some of the beginning Nintendo games like firered/emerald but no more. 

But man reading this story brought it all back. Plus as someone rightly said in one of the reviews, this is pokemon but with something more. Such great characterization, good background story, a respectful way of dealing with Lee's trauma, the distinct personalities of all the pokemons. This is really something amazing. Also loved what the author did with Vulpix abilities. What a way to make one of the original cute pokemons into a potential legendary. This was such an amazing read I just keep sighing in admiration, again and again. Vulpix really became my favourite pokemon now. Also just bought and installed various nds simulators and stormsilver roms to enjoy the games again. This story really brought all the nostalgic memories back. 

Easily one of the best I have read on Royalroad. Totally worth 5 stars! 

Andross Guile

This is a great fan fic of a franchise that every kid in the 90s was immersed in and it is still going strong today. I stopped keeping up with Pokémon by gen 4, but I still remember playing the original Gold on my Gameboy Colour once I could read. This story evokes that nostalgia.

The style flows well, there are no major flaws and I'm satisfied with it.

The syntax is excellent. I cannot remember a single error.

The characters are comically 2D sometimes and I am not bothered by it, because I can tell that the author intended it to be so. The MC is 3D though. He isekaid through a nuke. Anybody would be suffer from PTSD.

As to the story. Shhhh, spoilers.

Continue on and don't let anybody rush you. I love the massive chapters.

The reviews over here. I need to fill up 200 words for an advanced review. Friggin' red ape in webnovel website. Who knew?

For some reason I need 200 words for an advanced review. I like 'em short and sweet. Screw you admin. Hmm, not 200 yet, eh? Come on, should I get creative with my insults? I keep 'em short because no one likes a massive review unless it's a well thought out analysis. Now get offa my back! 

There once was an admin, he had a lovely hairpin, I took it out of his hand, and slammed his face into the sand.



Relapsed... again :)

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

*Sticks his head out of the closet he's digging in.*

A review? Oh, sure. It's really good. One of the gnarliest isekai starts and... hang on.

*Digs around in the closet some more before returning*

I don't know a lot of the Pokemon cause I'm older but the emotions and the battles are real and enthralling enough to make me... oh, there it is.

*Pulls something rectangular from the depths of the closet or perhaps his past*

Review? Oh, umm... Lemme just pick my starter...

some total kretin


Reviewed at: Interlude 3

TL;DR: Hindsight is 20/20 and the start of this fiction was really nice through my rose-tinted glasses! I really liked it, but. The scales fell from my eyes and I realized the pacing is bad and the MC is a really bad example of Mary-Sue.

That said, I can confidently say I mostly enjoyed reading it and the use of emotion to tear jerk you into liking it is crude, but also surprisingly effective. It's the guilty pleasure of reading material, where nothing can be considered good, but combines into a likeable whole.

The style is amateurish at best. Third-person present tense as far as the eye can see. I don't remember any glaring grammatical errors, but I don't much pay attention to that unless it's really really bad.

Once the plot got established the faults are pretty obvious. There is a devil in everything and the more I look at it the more I can't unsee it.

The power-ups are just stupidly over-powered. The MC is going for "I'm mature and sensible", but devolves into the power of friendship induced plot armor at the first hint of trouble and then he is suddenly the EMO kid.

And also "Mary-Sue? Who's that? Never heard of her!". The MC is so badly Mary-Sueing everything it's starting to stink. He's out Ash-Ketchumed the Ash Ketchum for god's sake!

At this point, the world is bending over itself in describing how amazingly great he is and how misunderstood and caring and how he is an all-around great guy who shits soft-serve ice-cream.

In the end I enjoyed reading this to about chapter fifteen - where the tinted glasses broke - and the momentum is still pushing me forward, while the enthusiasm slowly wanes.