Borne of Caution

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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**EDIT#2** I'm pretty confused, my review seems to be hitting the wrong notes as it's gotten a lot of dislikes? I'm pretty honest in my review and I'm actually confused as to why people don't agree with it. I feel like what I said made sense but I guess not? If you think there's something wrong with my review or disagree with some points I made, maybe PM me so I can understand why people don't think the way I do? I'm literally the only review with any dislikes at all, and I have 5!


I really like the story and how the author has tried to portray the world of pokemon, trying to make things more believable and make sense. The world-building is nice, and I like how although the Main character knows about pokemon events, doesn't go out of his way to try to manipulate them in his favour. He doesn't want to mess with the 'timeline' and just wants to train his pokemon into the best they can be.

**EDIT** I'll try not to spoil much, and try to keep my review based on the early chapters. Please note that I'm bad at saying why I like things, but I tend to focus on negatives a lot. Please don't take this as me hating the story, most of it is nitpicking little things, there's a whole lot I love about the story that I just cant put into words without spoiling.

Without further ado, there is one major issue I have with this novel, and it is something that mainly affects fanfiction stories. The problem is that the author writes the story expecting us readers to have knowledge about Pokemon. What this entails is when a pokemon appears, let's say a Magikarp, the author rarely describes what the Magikarp looks like, what its traits are etc. So for people like me who only know a bit about Pokemon, it's very difficult to picture events and scenes and I have to frequently resort to googling pokemon to get an idea of what it looks like. This is actually a big problem, and it's sometimes frustrating when I have to constantly google what pokemon looks like mid-combat.  

I do really like this story quite a bit, but I really really dislike the author's choice of using present tense in their writing. I personally find it very difficult to read present tense books, as it throws me off, especially when not executed well. In this story, there are many times when the author uses the present tense when they should be using the past tense. E.G, in dialogue, characters sometimes say 'Know' instead of 'Knew'.  I think this just shows inexperience with the writing style, although it does seem to slightly improve along the way. 

I also have some problems with the author forcing plot or character interactions. One of the memorable problems I have is with the early chapters. When our MC was burned and very physically injured by a nuclear explosion, he constantly refuses to go to the hospital. Maybe it's an American thing, but when people have asked you to go to the hospital multiple times maybe you should listen instead of thinking you're absolutely fine after eating a berry. The MC also had his clothing partially destroyed, and ripped some of it off to use as a bandage for his leg. For 3 days, the MC wore the same clothes, and nobody properly questioned him and asked what happened to him, or try to fix him up. The MC, after experiencing a nuclear explosion, doesn't seek to get proper medical attention, never once mentions any potential radiation poisoning, and walks around as nothings happened besides have some PTSD.

I also have a problem with Brendan, the kid. I think he is 12 years old? He has been hugely influenced by our MC, (obviously), but the influence doesn't feel gradual. It feels like Brendan was always like this, when considering his father Birch, doesn't seem to make sense IMO. Brendan seems to swear a lot for a 12-year-old, calling Zinnia a thot. I know he doesn't mean it and all, but I feel like there should have been some hesitation in Brendan using swears like these at the beginning of their journey. Considering Birch is a professor, and has never once used any form of curses, and seems like a very nice person, I doubt Brendan was taught or allowed to say any of these things. I know this is literally nitpicking, but I guess this goes to show how much I like this novel to complain about small things like this.

Well, I've never been good at reviews. I usually just complain like above, but this novel is pretty good. I really like the world building and characters, although I really hate the present tense of the style and there are some things that I feel like the author forces, overall I would recommend this novel to anybody who has any interest in realistic pokemon fanfic. 


Why fanfiction isn't for me, but this is...

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

Spoiler free review:

I was warily of starting this story because of the fanfiction, this story turned my opinion 180┬░ on its head. I took the gamble and decided to give this a couple chapters. Unfortunately,  I am now having to wait for new chapters released due to reading them all in one sitting. This took a concept that shouldn't work in the "real world" and inexplicably made it work. It has now made the main pokemon my new favorite pokemon it has taken the companionship to a whole other level , where as I feel the games/anime didn't (dont hate on me) you'll soon understand once you read as well. While I could go on and list the various reasons I am in love with story you should just start reading it yourselves. Seriously do it. Now. Give this author the attention they deserve. The only compliant that I have is that their isn't more too read.





This will be a real short one, cuz all the people here who actually can make a review already did (and really know how to do one).
Alas, I will just try with pointing things out.

-The characters all feel real, not like I am a professional, but I can't find any flaws in them because they all have (I'll repeat) a very real feel from their personalities.
Even the Pokemon do. I can't imagine how mind boggling it is to make characters this way. 5/5 imo

-The grammar is on the better side for this website but there are sometimes flaws which can be seen, but they don't really hinder the storytelling. Sometimes you literally just overlook them as I think does the Author when proofreading.

-It may be a problem to read this for people who don't know any pokemon lore, but I don't have any problems with it even if I have to google for every Pokemon except Magikarp.

-I think that the battles are well done and the story itself, sucks one into it, as it has a lot to offer. Even the "Logs" chapters are nice because one can see the logs which weren't told in the story itself and see Prof. Birch's perspective on the travles of our Protag. Lee.

I am hereby ending this review, as it is still short but still more than I expected I could conjure up without making it sound like filler.

ps. If you already aren't, read this story right this instance.


Edit: Eeey, even Zethuron made a Review

Edit┬▓: I played through Pokemon Gen 3 becuase of this and am now enjoying Pokemon Y. Imma thank this author because I wouldn't have ever started playing pokemon games otherwise. (Do mind that I never had anything like a Gameboy Advanced or other stuff. Emulators for the win!)


well this is one of (if not) the best fanfiction i have read , in just one chapter ash got more character development than in a whole new season of s/s  and that by  itself speaks volumes of the author. All in all a better worldbuilding and main/side stories 


The one flaw: There arent enough chapters.

seriously though, dont look down on this because its a pokemon fanfic, It is a great story through and through so far.

Im still waiting for the day when Lee and Brock geek out together over how to feed pokemon and which foods and nutrients go best for different types of pokemon


I read this story on fanfiction. Didn't realize it was on this site. In my opinion it is hands down the best pokemon SI story. The writing is great. The main character has a really interesting perspective on raising and training pokemon due to his previous job. He also lacks the smug omnicience that a lot of bad SI characters have where they assume that their knowledge of a show or game will automatically apply to the world their in. The battles can get really intense and brutal. More like the manga than the anime. I'm interested to see where the story goes.


This isn't a fair ranking by me. But im a pokemon fan boy. And vulpix are adorable. And at the time of this review I was desperately craving a pokemon story. So its probably not 5 star. That being said, its a really well done story.

Grammar is great, I haven't noticed any errors

Characters are believable and compelling. 

Story is where it honestly falters. But not by much. A lot of pokemon fans are in their mid to late 20's. Its what we grew up with, and its now what our kids play. That being said, a lot of fans stopped paying attention to the series after gen 4. I stopped after gen 3. So when characters or pokemon are intruduced from later generations, its kind of immersion breaking if we have to look up who they are. Most of them are described pretty well, but not all.

Next, team rocket. Like wtf. One second we get a world on reality settings where injuries are very real. Next we get the death defying flight of team rocket with little to no repercussions. Now, in fairness, the rocket role was minor and felt more like a nod to the series. But it was still immersion breaking.

Lastly, the m.c. is a zookeeper and is good at handling animals, so those skills naturally transfer over. I can understand the general populace being worse at handling pokemon, but it was a tough pill for me to swallow that the worlds pokemon experts are surprised by his actions in the manectric arc. I mean, they've literally lived with pokemon for generations. Surely someone like the professor shouldn't be astounded by his actions or the results they produced.

Overall, this a good fanfiction to read. And if not for a couple small details, it would be a great stand alone story. I still think this is a must read because it does what it sets out to do, and is an excellent story for the genre.

I know I mostly went over complaints, but the interactions between the m.c. and vulpix not only hold the story up, but set it apart from most others.


Perhaps the best story on the site.

Reviewed at: Chapter 14


All right lets start with saying that I absolutely recommend you to read this.

The writing style manages to make each scene fit into the story with just the right amount of pacing to keep the action scenes tense and the leisure scenes peaceful. The story follows a classic isekaied protagonist as he deals with his death and new life in the pokemon setting. The grammar is near perfect with only a couple of errors that look like an over active spell checker. The Character is honestly quite interesting as he uses his knowledge of the video games and pokemon show along with his zoology degree to take an interesting approach to the pokemon setting. In conclusion I am looking forward to wherever the story goes as I am absolutely hooked.

uhh apparently the review needs to be 200 words long so I am just writing this sentence to fill out the word cap. I could write some more about my thoughts on the story but I honestly don't want to spoil anything. But being as vague as I can to not spoil anything the author takes the main character on the usual gym battle journey but manages to keep it interesting by taking the focus off of the usual child show antics and instead places the focus on a more realistic version of the pokemon setting.


Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when I began reading this as the stigma of fan fiction quality being subpar was at the forefront of my mind when I began. However,  Borne of Caution has blown those doubts away with its life like characters, engaging fights, and a new insight into a world I thought I knew. I am ecstatic to read more and continuously check to see when the next chapter is out. Great work! 


I think this story hits all the points a good story needs while still being fanfiction. It fleshes out the pokemon universe to give a deeper system than the games provide. This allows the author to create rules but also character developement as someone from Earth adapts and deals with these new rules. I enjoy the characters in all their flaws, the main character still has ptsd from the first chapter, and it feels believable. 

The supporting characters are interesting, and get development of their own. I enjoy his dynamic with the world of pokemon as a zoo keeper and carnivore enthusiast. I reccomend giving this story it's well deserved binge read, even if the author doesn't continue to write this is a fantastic story.