Borne of Caution

by Fuggmann

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

An irritated Pokemon might tell you to stop what you're doing. An irritated animal will probably just attack you. Pokemon, for all their power, would be open books and a breeze to care for to any competent animal handler on Earth. After a fiery death, a professional zookeeper who never outgrew Pokemon games ends up in the world of Pokemon. The entire world is thrown onto its side.

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Simpy put? Hands down the best pokemon fanfiction that I have ever read.

What sets this story leagues apart is the direction the story has taken, rather than going extremely dark in stories of a similar nature such as Sun Soul this piece of uses and abuses the little bits of lore that are dropped in pokedex entries to show what a more fleshed out pokemon world would look like.

I would give this a 10 if I could and I can only hope that Fuggmann continues to write such amazing chapters. You have my personal thanks for providing such great reading material.


This novel is definitively one of my favorite stories I have ever read. The main character is relatable, and endearing in his strengths and weaknesses. You took a fanfiction, and instead of writing using the mc of the fiction, you created a new main that was demonstrably more 'real' that the original. You added physics to a game, and it works fantastically. I am constantly on the edge of my seat, waiting for new releases.


Shocked by how good this is

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

This story is way better than it has any right to be. I'm so happy I picked this up despite being extremely offput by it being Pokémon fan fiction. It is very much at minimum an 8/10, and it is well worth the read. Trust me, this story isn't trash like you probably think it is.


Incredible and Amazing

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

This is such a good story. It tells of a zookeeper being transferred to the pokemon universe. It's such a good story and the only downside is that it has such a slow upload. This is really good and anyone who likes pokemon should read it. It clearly has a direction and the main character isn't someone op or has insane plot armor. Lee isn't overpowered at all, he just gets a few advantages here and there which helps him propel to becoming a better trainer. If he didn't have advantages it would be slow and if he didn't have disadvantages, it would feel boring and stale. He also gets a personality and you can also see it in his companions and other people. 

You can see he has his ups and downs, both in fights and mentally. It's also nice to see there insane amounts of cheats. Having a mental connection with a Vulpix is a pretty big cheat, but it doesn't grant him the power to destroy timelines and multiverses, it just gives him an edge that isn't over the top and it still tells how he still needs to keep training his pokemon. I'm sad it takes forever for each chapter because it's such a good story just overall.



ive never read a fanfic before, but i can tell that this is one of the best. the fact that you can take only concepts and characters of one series, and make a completly new and exciting story bogles me.

the mc develops with the story, trying his gameknowledge to see if what he learnt cna be used in 'real life'. 

theres always some kind of explanation to why he finds thing others did not (as far as i saw atleast) and he always stays human, without turning into a know-it-all boring mc

i highly recommend this to people who love pokemon, and people like me, who has a tab up at all times, to search up the pokemon so you know what theyre talking about without accidentaly mixing up growlithe and groudon. 


I only ended up reading this because it showed up in the Best Rated section in spite of being a Pokemon fic. Not only are fics rare in the Best Rated section here, good Pokemon fics are rare as hen's teeth just about anywhere. I have to say, at the time of writing this review it has managed to make it into the top 5 Best Rated stories, and it definitely deserves the position.


The style is excellent, the details given make the story come alive in ways few authors can manage properly, and honestly I really like the sections from other people's POV. Seeing what others think of the MC even while maintaining a narrative focused on them is nice.

Grammar is exemplary, I have seen no issues there. Not much else to say on that end, it's the sort of thing that you only really notice if there are issues after all.

The Story itself is engaging and makes me constantly want to see the next chapter, even when it just finished punching you in the feels. Granted I don't exactly like the more PTSD styled bits (I read in part to escape my own issues, and seeing that is almost too real) but they're handled well enough and the story is good enough that they aren't putting me off.

And Characters, not many people can pull off having pokemon as full characters in their own right without just letting them talk, this story manages that and more. They manage to be just as expressive and interesting as the human characters, and in this story that's saying something.


All in all this story is among the best and I can't wait for more.


Pull at my heartstrings why don’t you

Reviewed at: Chapter 18

I love this so much. Pokémon is great, but what makes this so great is how the MC interacts with the people and Pokémon within this world. He's down to earth, a bit of a nerd, and cares. He isn't perfect or OP but has his strengths. That strength being that he develops his relationship with his Pokémon by respecting them and, in turn, earning their trust. I know it doesn't sound like a crazy superpower, and it isn't, but it's powerful in a different way. You'll see when you read it. It's marvelous, go read it, you'll love it.

Style - descriptive, paints clear pictures, love how it's imbued with distinct personality depending on the narrating voice.

Story - clear character motivations, fun world-building, and it's super interesting to see how the mechanics of gyms, labs, and being a Pokémon trainer work

Grammar - nothing that pulls you out of the story, so great

Character - our MC's character is clear and well portrayed. Each side character has their distinguishing traits, personalities, and motivations. I wish there were a little more about his travel friends, but it makes sense since he hasn't had the time to really get to know them personally.


I really hate it. Why? That's quite easy... It is just too good for me. It have too little chapters and is updated too slowly. Because of that I'm checking RoyalRoad every hour if there is new chapter of this story. I already checked 5! times if I really followed it because I was afraid that I missed a chapter... This is just pure torture for me! I need MOARRRR!!!


The most invested I've been in a story in years. I rarely write reviews but just had to just to give you a congradulations for such a well thought out fan fiction.

So many things i've never thought about just feels 'right' the way you thought it through. I really aplaud your love for pokemon.

I have a fan fic of my own for pokemon and i had been going with the vague way but dude, the detail you made just makes it impossible to continue such an unfleshed out world like that. Not to mention the brutal bone breaking injuries pokemon face. I feel like I will have a lot of fun in the future writing my own pokemon fan fic with as much game element alongside the realism that it rightfully deserves. 

Good job, really


Please Don't drop this, It's awesome.

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

I've always had an aversion to FanFics, but I decided to give this a try on a whim, and it absolutly changed my view of them.

True, alot of fanfics aren't that good, but now atleast I know that among the piles of them, there will be gems like these. Please don't drop it :)