Okay, deep breath has been taken. Break had been taken and my mind is now clear. Or how clear as it can get.

How's it going? Good? Terrible? Well here's a silly drawing of Soletus eating a bun.


Anyway, here are the plans. The Sun and Stars is taking a bit of time because, to be honest, I really wasn't writing these last few weeks. Seriously, I just needed to not be writing. I could feel the edgings of a burnout. I was getting unhappy again. And believe me, while pressing through writing works for like 90% of the time in writing. There is just the 10% that pressing on is detrimental. I was in that 10%, and I rather stop something before it gets bad, and I can't write for like months on end.

But, I do have two short stories that are basically ready for posting. They were part of a larger story that I was planning on posting, I just couldn't organize the other stories. However, to make everything makes sense in my head of a future endeavor, I kind of need a bit of foundation. So those stories are going to be added. Then we get to the Sun and Stars and then Changes will be completed. And I will be moving on to editing as well as writing a new novel. That new novel, will not be on RoyalRoad. Unless something changes about the audience of this site, I don't know if I'm willing to post it.

I'm a novelist. That is just the heart of it. Writing in a serial format, while fun, isn't what I want in the long term of things. I want to write my novel, edit my novel, and release my novel in full. I'm looking into ways to do that.

But for now, new updates start next week.

Feb 25th.



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Bio: Greetings. I am a fantasy writer who likes to experiment a little when it comes to story-telling. My stories aren't traditional high fantasy or rather, I focus heavily on character making my stories less actiony and more slice-of-lifey. I'm just sharing them on here because, well, no way this stuff will be published.

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