Flying from where he was standing, the demon lord shot off to confront Sian.

The lord's speed was enough for Milka to almost lose sight of him, and it seemed to be the same for Sian.

He barely dodged the lord's claws, who kept up a momentum and landed another blow, which again was dodged by a hair's breadth.

Stepping back slightly, the lord smiled fiercely, "You are better than exp-"

But before he could complete his sentence, the lord barely managed to move his head to the side in an attempt to dodge the black spear that appeared out of nowhere.

Although he avoided a fatal blow, the lord still suffered a deep cut on his cheek.

But more painful than the cut was the blow he suffered to his pride.

Being a demon lord, and moreover in a crowded coliseum with the people he rules, being the first to suffer a wound was humiliating.

Without another word, the lord launched a flurry of attacks against Sian. Even if it was always by a hair's breadth, he kept dodging.

In physical combat, the lord seemed to be on the superior side. After the first hit, Sian's spear could no longer connect a single blow. All were either deflected or blocked by the lord's claws.

Although Sian seemed to be the weaker of the two due to him dodging more than attacking, this was not the case.

As the battle escalated, he began to use spells. At that point, the lord's advantage disappeared and the fight became evenly matched.

Each of his spells was a powerful attack that destroyed everything in its path.

In the process, many curious onlookers who were watching the fight died as a result of his fierce attacks.

Because of this, onlookers fled in desperation.


With his body bathed in his own blood, the lord cursed, "You low, cowardly life form, fight honorably!"

The lord's anger was due to Sian's incessant magical attacks during the fight.

Even if the lord used his mobility to get closer, Sian always had a spell ready to receive him.

It was frightening how he could prepare chant-less spells so quickly.

As a result, the lord was forced to stay away looking for a loophole to approach.

In the only gap he could get close, it was a trap.

As the lord approached, a jab from Sian's oddly moving spear and a flurry of spells greeted him.

Even though he managed to get away with it, his body still suffered the consequences.

Coming out of his combat mode, Sian said, "I thought it was normal for demons to fight in a cowardly manner. But well, I'll do as you say. If you want to have a fist fight, let's have one."

Under the lord's watchful eye, Sian turned the tip of his spear downward and drove it into the ground.


Or at least it was supposed to be that way.

When Milka looked at the lord, the one who uttered the cry of pain, the point of the spear that should have been stuck in the ground had pierced his chest through his back.

"Considering that you avoided a killing blow, it looks like I need to train more."

With these words, Sian advanced toward the lord.

""My lord!""

Some minions shouted as they advanced toward the two.

Seeing that her turn had come, Milka stood between the lord's reinforcement and Sian. With a fierce look in her eyes, she clenched to her axe and preparing for what could be her last battle, she used her bestial form.

Although she was strong, even under normal conditions, she could not fight the lord's followers, and with her wounds in that state, it was even worse.

As a result, a few seconds of fighting brought her to a state of near-death, but that was enough for Sian, he finished off the lord and killed all the attackers, without exception.

In the end, in the arena only Milka, Sian and the bird that stayed on his shoulder throughout the fight remained.

"What a deception," Sian grumbled as he picked up the black alloy that was on the red pillow, "Besides being impure it's just a little piece."

Despite his complaints, he still kept it.

Making his way to the exit, Sian come to Milka who had already returned to her normal form. Due to the combat, she could barely keep her knees on the ground even though she was leaning on her axe.

Although Sian was in front of her, due to her dizziness caused by blood loss, she could barely see his face.

It was a matter of seconds before her heavy eyes closed and by the condition of his body, when that happened, it would be forever.

At that moment, Sian put his hand on her forehead, and in the same instant, she felt her slave contract dissipate.

But not only that, she felt her body warm up and her vision return to normal. Standing in front of her, Sian maintained an indifferent look from beginning to end as he healed her wounds.

Going beyond what she expected, even her old scars disappeared.

When he finished, Sian turned his back to her and said, "From the moment I was born until now, I have learned one thing, the strong rule and the weak obey. If you don't want to have your life controlled by others, get strong and tear your miserable fate with your hands."

After Sian left, since Milka had no one she knew and with the fact that she was delighted with how manly Sian was during the fight, she followed him and asked him to train her.

As a result, she was mercilessly beaten and thrown into a bush on the road. But because of her sturdy body, she recovered and followed him again.

As a result, she was mercilessly beaten while being attacked with verbal abuse and thrown into a bush on the road. Because of her firm mindset, she knew that nothing came easy and followed him again.

As a result, the same process was repeated a few times, but thanks to this, she developed a method to avoid the beatings.

It was a simple tactic, whenever he hit her, she would ask to be hit harder while showing an expectant face. Since Sian wanted to hurt her to keep her away, he was at a loss.

In the end, overcome by fatigue, Sian accepted her as his disciple and Milka also developed a masochistic personality.

Since Sian didn't trust people, he would only accept Milka on one condition, she had to become his slave.

By way of curiosity, Milka found out from Teshar that Sian did not kill her when she followed him because of his pride. Should he kill her, it would make the fact that he brought her back from death's door a vain act.

But as a woman, Milka had a different opinion. Even when she was being beaten, she could clearly feel his gaze on her huge cleavage.

Of course, only after some time with him did she find that as long as he was not affronted, the probability of him killing someone was low.

After this event, they went through many things together as they traveled the Demonic Continent and trained.


"Master was so cool that day, I fell in love immediately."

With a flushed face, Milka tilted her head and rested her cheek on her hand palm.

"That should be just the opposite, no?" Illianna retorted.

"Master just doesn't know how to express himself properly. Although he is strict during training, he always heals my bruises and fractures when we are done."

In her time with Sian, Milka realized that the way he acted was just a shell he kept on, so she wanted to help him get rid of it. Her goal was to make him a less cold person who could live quietly with other people.

From the moment he returned to the mansion, she and the others immediately noticed that he was different. He was less distant than he had been before.

"I am happy that master's wife is managing to fill the void he had, I really feel grateful."

Contrary to his words, Milka had a fierce face, ready to engage in combat.

"Still, I'm not leaving master only for her. She may even have an amazing ass, but my breasts won't lose!"

"They are kissing," Illianna said.

"We can't fall behind! Let's go!"

Before Illianna could say anything, Milka dragged her by the arm to where Sian was.

Facing Ophilia, she said, "Let us do the same."

"What are you two doing?" Sian asked.

"We're jealous, we want our share of lap pillow!"

"I don't sympathize her thoughts," contradicting Milka's words, Illianna denied. "I'm just an innocent passerby who was dragged along."

"The answer is no," Sian said.

"Don't be petty, master."

"No, it's no."

"Eh~~ don't be petty, master, it's just a little bit," She insisted.

Receiving a penetrating look from Sian, she added.

"All right, I accept to split, half each, how about it?"

Like Ophilia, Milka sat with her back against the tree and placed half of Sian's head on her thigh.

"Get out of here, you stupid cow."

As if she had received words of affection, she smiled sweetly, "I love you too, master."

Ignoring Sian's penetrating gaze, Milka brought her face closer to his while pouting. But before her complete approach, he pinched her lips, making a duck peck with them.

Seeming to be amused by the interaction of the two, Ophilia said, "You two get along very well."

"Of course I do," Milka stated as she escaped Sian's grip. "To me, master is the most important person in that world."

In her words, Sian sighed, "I hope I don't regret this."

Looking deep into Milka's eyes, he said "I like you too."

"Master~~~" With happiness exuding through her pores, Milka hugged Sian's head as she wrapped him between her giant breasts.

"That deserves a celebration!" She said. "While master was away, I asked Beth to make several costumes I saw in the sacred treasure. The four of us can go back to the room and celebrate while we inaugurate them!"

"No, leave me out of it," Illianna gave an immediate response.

Before a response could come from Sian, Emily arrived, calling them to dinner and thus, their discussion came to an end.

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