At the fall of the middle-aged MC's words, the insect man advanced against Milka while pointing his four spears at her.

Intercepting the opponent that already appeared in front of her, Milka counterattacked with her large double-edged axe, but due to his speed, she only cut the wind.

Even at close range, he turned his body and managed to dodge the blow that could part him in half.

Thanks to his extraordinary agility, he still scraped her abdomen, where he had previously been wounded during the fight against the salamander.

Despite the cut, she didn't utter a single sound, and clenched her teeth tightly.

Due to fatigue from her previous combat, Milka's reaction speed was slower, causing her to have a difficult time. Complicating her situation even more, her opponent, besides being in good condition, was someone who specialized in agility and speed.

With each strike he made, he targeted Milka’s already exposed wounds. Although Milka's experience in combat prevented most blows from being anything serious, her wounds were slowly accumulating.

“What are we seeing here?” The MC shouted. "It's not every day we see Wild Axe being so oppressed like this."

"It seems that someone as fast as Sting is a tough opponent for her. Due to his incredible speed, she can't even use her bestial transformation, otherwise with her larger body, she will only become an easy target."

"But on the other hand, while he is the worst opponent for her, the opposite can also be said. Although Sting's shell is a natural armor, if Wild Axe hits a single attack with her axe, with the brute strength she possesses, it's death for sure."

"But since she's not in normal condition and has lost a lot of blood, it doesn't look like that's going to happen..." With a dramatic pause, he inquired, "Will today be the day of her downfall?"

As the audience screamed in fervor, a sandstorm broke out in the arena.

The one causing it was the insect man, as a characteristic of his race, he could create a sandstorm. But because the storm was thin, it did no physical damage, it only prevented the opponent from keeping its eyes open.

Since the insect man race had a tough and transparent film over their eyes, they could wander as they please through the storm.

Unlike him, Milka had no such protection on her eyes, so all she could do was keep them closed and get into a defensive position.

But as it turned out, that was all his opponent was expecting.

With his agility and his light steps, he quickly appeared behind Milka, ready to strike a fatal blow.

The target of his spears was solely Milka’s neck.

While the audience was screaming with excitement, something unexpected happened.

Just before the insect man's attack materialized, a shock-wave hurled him against the inner wall of the coliseum. Not stopping there, the shock-wave instantly dissipated the sandstorm.

"What a sensational coup by Wild Axe!" The MC shouted in elation at the confusion of the spectators. "In a split second, she skillfully used the partial bestification on her tail, and hit her opponent squarely in the abdomen."

"For those who couldn't understand how she could do that even without seeing, I will explain."

As the MC continued with his explanation, Milka went toward the insect man.

"Due to his overblown self-confidence, Sting was very careless," the MC said. "Even though Wild Axe can't see him, her race has super sharp hearing. Thanks to that, even though Sting had light steps, he was hit."

In surprise at the unexpected turn of events, the audience screamed euphorically.

Facing the insect man laid on the ground, Milka realized that despite the cracks in his shell, he was still conscious.

Raising her axe, she hit him in the stomach with the iron handle, thus putting an end to the fight.

It would be normal to kill the opponent in a fight, she herself had killed several, but whenever possible, she avoided it.

Even though she was in a place where death is commonplace, she did not succumb to savagery.

Despite the hardship she went through after she became a slave, Milka always maintained the integrity passed on to her by her parents. The hardships she has faced so far have only made her stronger both physically and mentally.

Of course, there was a reason she persisted steadfastly until now, her revenge. She hoped that one day she would be able to take revenge for what they had done to her and her family.

But this revenge was still far from being achieved, for her target was the demon lord. It was he who caused the fight between his two vassals that destroyed the village where she lived.

The reason for the battle was simple and at the same time almost unbelievable. They would use their armies to fight like chess pieces, and the winner would have the honor of marrying the lord's daughter.

"Despite the disadvantage, Wild Axe proved her strength once again and beat her opponent splendidly," the MC exclaimed.

"No, it's still not enough!"

A bald woman with blue skin shouted and looked at Milka.

"Our lord likes blood, kill your opponent."

Supporting the decision, from the blue-skinned woman, the spectators began to shout.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Being ordered by her master, Milka had no choice. Gripping the handle of her axe firmly, she prepared to deliver the final blow to the insect man who lay unconscious on the ground.

"Who are you?!"

But then, the MC's shout attracted everyone's attention.

In the direction the MC was looking, a young man with dark skin and disheveled hair was approaching. Because of his decent clothes and the exotic bird nestled on his shoulder, he seemed to be from some important family.

Looking in the direction of the demon lord, the MC seemed to question whether the young man was an acquaintance, but the lord shook his head in denial.

"You are not one of the fighters!" Shouting at the young man, the MC asked, "Who are you?"

As if he hadn't heard anything, the young man kept looking around, as if looking for something.

"Since you don't want to cooperate, we'll have to use force. Guards, get him out of here."

Despite the MC's words, no one came.

"Guards!" The MC shouted again, but the result was the same.

When Milka looked around, she noticed that the dark-skinned young man seemed to have entered through the fighters' entrance. But the door that was usually closed was open and the guards that were supposed to be protecting the entrance were on the floor.

From the amount of blood on their bodies that dripped onto the floor, they were probably already dead.

"To dare to break into the event organized by the lord and still kill the guards, you seem to have no brains."

Releasing the amplification sphere, the MC that appeared to be ordinary showed his fangs and released an ominous aura.

"Only death can pay for your boldness!"

"May that death be yours."

At the end of the young man's words, a stone spear rose from the ground.

Not expecting such an attack, the MC could not dodge it in time and was impaled to the neck, suffering an instantaneous death.

Amid the shouts of surprise from onlookers, Milka's master shouted, "What are you doing? Show your worth to the lord and kill this gu-"

Before she finished speaking, her blood spurted out as a spear of light pierced her forehead.

In the same instant, Milka could feel the contract that held her slowly changing. With the death of her master, a purple, almost red mark will form on her forehead.

This was a function of the contract to show that she was an ownerless slave, and whoever captured her could become her new owner.

Showing the cruelty of the creators of this contract, when the mark appears, her power will slowly begin to reduce because of restrictions, which will facilitate her recapture.

Although she didn't know how long it would take for the weakening of the contract to become effective, it would still be enough time for her to escape. Which would give her time to find a way to undo the contract.

But even knowing this, she did not move a muscle from her seat.

She knew that this person who came in was strong. For him to appear like this and kill people like that, he probably had some hatred against the demon lord or came to challenge him for the title of lord.

Of course, there was also the possibility that he was not as strong as the demon lord himself, but since there was the possibility of carrying out her revenge, Milka was determined to stay.

Even with her body riddled with wounds, she was ready to fight even if it cost her death.


With a loud laugh, the lord stood up and spread his black wings widely.

"You are an interesting boy, I like your courage. As the ruler of this region, I personally invite you to be my servant," he smiled smugly. "What is your name, boy?"

Ignoring his question, the young man looked at him with interest and said, "As a ruler, you must have a lot of information, don't you?"

"Of course, if that's what you need to be my servant, ask anything you want."

"My name is Sian Fontes de Castilho. Have you ever heard of anyone with a similar name?" The young man asked as he stared at him.

"I would certainly remember if I had ever heard such a long name," the lord said. "What about my proposal? I assure you, it is not a bad choice to become my servant."

Seeming to have lost all interest in the lord, he simply stretched out his hand as if he were a debt collector.

"Give me the black alloy and I will spare your life."

Showing his pointed teeth in a devilish grin, the lord growled, "I don't know if it's courage or ignorance, but since you dare to challenge me, today is the day of your death."


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