The Fat Prince: The Saga Begins

The Fat Prince: The Saga Begins

by Pianos In The Evening Sun

Prince Cyrus is the greedy, spoiled and selfish twelve-year-old heir to the Coates royal family. Cyrus doesn't need to lift a finger; magic does all his bidding. With a magic spell, he can do everything from floating food up to his room to penning beautiful sonnets to send to Princess Trinity Toccatta, his one and only desire.

But one day, Cyrus makes a dire mistake that puts his beloved Princess Trinity in the hands of the nefarious Everblood vampires. Cyrus, along with Archibald the Majester, his magician-jester mentor, and Sir Henry, a noble knight hiding a shocking secret, must leave his cozy castle and venture on a quest to save his heart's desire or risk losing her forever.

Join Cyrus as he blunders his way through the kingdom of Aristillus and learns that even a sheltered, self-centered noble can become a great hero when pushed to the limit!

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Of The Exps Author

An absolute joy to read!

Reviewed at: Chapter 16

Fat Prince is fun story of magic, knights and royalty! The characters are vibrant and complex, the descriptions give each area life and creativity oozes from every chapter! The protagonist starts out so selfish but we see him grow every chapter in such believable fun ways! It's a really great way to spend an afternoon and leaves you wanting more!