The Devil's Foundry

by Argentorum

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Strong Lead Super Heroes Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

How I learned to stop worrying and solve my problems with demons until demons stopped solving my problems.


A snarky villain and her heroic nemesis blow themselves up and land on a fantasy world. They find themselves faced with two prospects: learn to cooperate and respect someone they've fought against for years, or be swept away by the powers that be.

Because Pride always comes before the fall.

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Genre Hodge-Podge/Mash-Up: Supervillainy x Isekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Roads Less Traveled

Man, how delighted I am to found another gem on Royal Road. The story is funny, deep yet light, and led by a smart female protagonist with lots of witty banter. What’s not to like? Read the damn story!

Review contains a minor spoiler of the early chapters.

Plot - Summary - Supervillain ‘Empress’ Via and Superhero ‘Electra’ Elenor have to work together after they got Isekai’d because of a mishap from their most recent fight. The premise is really interesting and I was hooked from the very first chapter! I have read isekai stories before, but never from a world where superpowers are reigning. That’s new and refreshing! From the premise alone, this story is worth reading. But there’s more.

Plot - Fast pacing - The pacing is good. It’s quite fast! Things are moving and the scenes are rolling left and right. Sometimes we’re thrown smack bang in the middle of actions. Just the way I like it!

World Building - We’ve got history - From our two main lead dialogues, we learn that they’re long time nemesis. They had their bit of history. There’s a layer of their old world we still don’t know yet. A simple quip between the dialogues here and there helps us imagine the first world. It let us feel as if we were from that world. Clever!

World Building - There’s gonna be struggle - At the nearest civilization, they get into a scuffle with the authorities. Rare classes aren’t so welcome in the new world. That means that they have to fight their way to seize power. Knowing how smart our MC is, I’m so excited and eager to find out how she is going to wreck the world! 

Character - Smartass Dumbass Dichotomy - This is where the story shines. The characters! Via is so damn smart, and Elenor, uh, well, being Elenor. But seriously, their dichotomy is one of the best banter I’ve read in a while. It reminds me of the early days of The Quest is Bullshit (it has fallen from grace in my opinion). But this one is so, so much better! We can sympathize with the characters’ circumstances, and understand and support their decisions. Their personality is solid, believable, and unique. Have I mentioned that the MC is so damn smart?! She is!

Grammar and Style - Witty Dialogues - Brilliant. Their interaction is just so *muach* brilliant! This story is exactly how I would imagine how a blonde super bimbo and petite smart villain interacts. I think the author has nailed the perfect balance for writing a witty dialogue.

Conclusion - Read the story! Especially if you’re looking for witty dialogues, a smart protagonist, into superhero genres, and, well, isekai. Read it! Now!

Final Score - 10/10. Straight recommendation to go read it right now!

Disclaimer: I may have exaggerated things in my review since I'm so happy to found another well written story, and I hope that you're willing to curb your expectation. Thank you.


Promising Genre mix, great supervillain MC!

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Hello Neighbor!

A superhero and supervillain who are each other’s nemesis get isekai’d in a Fantasy world while having yet another clash that ends up wrong with their only possibility to get back to their world being to cooperate with each other, which is not exactly an exciting prospect for the two who have been each others enemies for so long.

Empress is just a fun character and supervillain,  she is just so competent and smart, especially compared to Electra, who well.... is Electra. Empress does not refrain from doing whatever necessary to achieve her goals, even if it means working with her enemies, and the powers she has gained in this new world quite do help with that.

This story has a lot of potentional, with a premise like this, superhero & Isekai is a twist that I don’t see often, and is so greatly done here. I look forward to what Empress will do in the pursuit of her goal of having full access to technology once again, and from there even return to Earth, which of course is far off at this point!

Sort of still early in the story, so the world they are in, aint that developed yet, though there is some clear history going on here between the two which stretches quite far back, there is just so much left to uncover about that and the world they came from!

Overall grammar is great for RR standards, with only a couple typos to be found throughout the story, which usually can get glossed over without hindering the reading experience.

Story starts off very strong, with action from the very start as the duo comes rolling into another world battling eachother, and it keeps on going strong the entire time, with a quite fast pace throughout the entire story so far, also easy to follow what happens in the story.

As of now, I love the banter between the two MC’s and the witty dialogue that Empress uses, makes the read just better overall, with a nice amount of it without overdoing it. Hell, this story is just great for the dialogue overall and its many comedic scenes!

Author clearly knows what they are doing so far with this story, and I hope that they can keep it going strong for a long time.

So if you ask yourself to read it after finding this story, my question as of now would be yes, it is worth the read! So get reading if this kind of premise is of interest for you.



For a moment passing chapter 3, I thought for a moment that the main character coming from a super power world, dropping into a fantasy world would become a total mess.

Sometimes authors like to combine two really big things that end up being either really descriptive filler garbage or the plot does not move forward at all.

Right now, I am enjoying how the main character is acting as of, her motives and the way she communicates in gaining minions. It is quite early to know eighty percent on what the character really is, but she seems straightforward and knows when to take her loses with a steady head.

Albeit I am surprised that with the main character arriving in a new world managed to to get a class that remains unrelated to her vague described super power, however this will be interesting to uncover as the plot begins.


I always have a weakness for smartass characters with the competence to back it up, and Empress seems to be filling that role quite nicely. Electra works well as a her foil, and I foresee Electra getting used a lot to serve as the "heroic" perspective to Empress' more pragmatic "villainous" outlook.
With only one chapter out, there's obviously not much data available to use to form a proper opinion, but the story looks to be off to an interesting start.


The writing spelling and grammar and overall Style of the story is very promising and I'm excited to see more of it though I do wish for a better explanation as to why they got the classes they got cuz that's what stands now if you rather forced. I'm excited to see where and how this story plays out and to learn more about the world and characters in it.

So far the character interactions have been a pleasure to read and I hope that it keeps this quality and only improved as we go forward


A nice, genre-aware, anti-hero comedy. It isn't slapstick, and it doesn't seem to be just slice of life. 

Has the potential for some real empire-building, hopefully even some entertaining story development. All in all: light sci-fi mixed with fantasy; superheroes & isekai.

Quite charming, though personally I like Empress far more than Electra.

Quilliam Shatspeare

God. This ignorance. I don't know how anyone finds quality on this site.

These reviewers (which is a title they truly do not deserve) deliberately over-bloat their favorite fictions; if not, these people are plain pig-headed--and that may just be the greater sin because this story is in no way, shape, or form, a 5-star work. No. Just no. You don't help the author by gaslighting subpar work just because it entertained you. You kill them with kindness by raising expectations.

All this talk of "witty banter" is well and good; The Devil's Foundry certainly has its moments. But when every line is a jab at comedy, you're going to miss often, and too often for my taste - especially considering this looks like it will span hundreds of pages (Which is a sin, in and of itself, when the quality reads like it was written for Writathon).

That brings me to my next point: the penmanship is childish.

Paragraphs make-up a single sentence, sentences are mostly dialogue, and attempts at exposition either fall flat or are bound up in so many contradicting tenses that they trip in narration. (I guess I get why the author sticks so closely to conversation. You don't need to describe lively depictions when you bog the story with 'banter').

I get the appeal. The Devil's Foundry does well in associating itself with elements many people enjoy. It's got superheroes, comedy, and that magical isekai branding. But it's nothing new.

This is a mess of concepts tangoing with lackadaisical effort. Its stellar ratings are a pall on objectivity.


I like the story and I feel like it's really interesting (even though we only read the prologue). I'm specially curious about which way you are going to go with the litrpg elements.

Having said that I don't think that your story will work here on royalroadl.

On spacebattle we don't care because we read one chapter and then forget about it until we get another notification but here if you want to get into any of the rankings (popular this week, best rated, trending, etc) you need to be constant and (relatively) fast with your uploads (as in 2 each week or more). One chapter in 2-3 weeks is just not going to cut it xD

Of course if you don't care about that and you're fine with having a low level of audience here then don't mind me hahaha


Oh noe, stranded on another world with Squishy tentacle aliens. I deeply enjoy the aggravated supergenius character of Empress? even if she only gets named once in the chapter in a throwaway line by Electra. I also like the dynamic between the two and hope to see it develop further in future chapters. Right now this story is starting off on a very strong note and I hope to see it make use of these disparate elements to tell an engaging story.


I enjoy the narration with it's clever quips about Electra's name and the overall banter. The SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation, And Grammar) is overall very good. It's interesting the villain isn't interested in murdering her foes, just simply incapicitating them. It looks very promising and I look forward to more chapters in the future.