The Devil's Foundry

The Devil's Foundry

by Argentorum

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

How I learned to stop worrying and solve my problems with demons until demons stopped solving my problems.


A snarky villain and her heroic nemesis blow themselves up and land on a fantasy world. They find themselves faced with two prospects: learn to cooperate and respect someone they've fought against for years, or be swept away by the powers that be.

Because Pride always comes before the fall.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: You Either Die a Villain, or… ago
Chapter 2: Something Fish-ed This Way Comes ago
Chapter 3: Prosperous New Relationships ago
Chapter 4: It's the Destination ago
Chapter 5: Murphy's Law ago
Chapter 6: Wash Your Back if You'll Wash Mine ago
Chapter 7: Roads Less Traveled ago
Chapter 8: What Lurks in the Shadows ago
Chapter 9: Friendly Neighborhood; Spiders, Men ago
Chapter 10: Good Help is Hard to Find ago
Chapter 11: Basic Operations ago
Chapter 12: Relly Good Deals ago
Chapter 13: Who Needs a Map ago
Chapter 14: Dress to Empress ago
Chapter 15: Rolling Stones ago
Chapter 16: Hello Neighbor! ago
Chapter 17: Quest Complete! ago
Chapter 18: An Offer You Can’t Refuse ago
Chapter 19: One Day I will Call Upon You ago
Chapter 20: Conspiracy Cute ago
Chapter 21: A Computer is Just a Rock People Tricked into Believing it Could Think ago
Chapter 22: I Dreamed a Dream ago
Chapter 23: Startup Capital ago
Chapter 24: Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum ago
Chapter 25: Making Connections ago
Chapter 26: Rel Event ago
Chapter 27: A Bird in the Hand ago
Chapter 28: Two in the Bush ago
Chapter 29: Lightning the Way ago
Chapter 30: Pieces and Places ago
Chapter 31: Hurry Up and Wait ago
Chapter 32: Set ‘Em Up ago
Chapter 33: Knock ‘Em Down ago
Chapter 34: Endgame ago
Epilogue: All According to Plan ago
Book 2 Chapter 1: Once More, With Feeling! ago
Chapter 2: Ah Yes, the Plot ago

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Vitaly S Alexius

In my personal opinion this book is a masterpiece with VAST potential for more greatness. It starts with the interactions of the "superhero universe" characters who are isekaid to a regular good old magical fantasy world with demons, monsters and magic.  The story is well written, I find no mistakes in spelling or sentences.

It's not easy to write good comedy but Argentorum not only suceeds, but also excells at it. It's rare to find a book that makes me laugh heartily in every single chapter more than once.
The two main characters - Supervillain "Empress" and Superhero "Electra" play against each other perfectly in tune, producing comedy of pure gold just with their conversations.
The narrative is solid, sprikled with quality side characters especially Filet Minion. Even though the protagonist is a supervillain, I find myself loving her actions even if she justifies them with evil, they are solidly good and rational moves filled with intelligence juxtipozed against a world filled with: ignorance, lack of science, corruption and injustice. There's a reason why this book has 3k readers in the first month of its release.
I find myself coming back to this book again and again just because it's so god damn delicious.


The author has other Fan Fiction and stories on Spacebattles, but this story is their best work in my opinion. The story, for the most part, focuses on the interesting character and the adorable Filet Minion. Which is awesome because the lightning girl is kinda annoying. Still a great story even when focused on her, though.


A heroine and a villainess get caught up in a transporter accident and isekaied into a fantasy world with and RPG system that likes making puns. The need to learn to survive in their new world using their new powers and whatever knowledge they know from the modern world. The heroine takes the route of a do-gooder. The villainess decides to jumpstart the industrial revolution.

Both MCs are pretty well-written, but the story focuses on the villainess. There’s only 16 chapters so far, but we see a fair bit of their character. The heroine who goes out and tries to help people finds out after her first shakedown that doing good is all well and good, but in a broken system (in terms of society) it really doesn’t mean much Meanwhile the villainess sets up shop in a poor part of town. She gets some underlings, and while she isn’t a stranger to violence to achieve her goals, she starts to value and take care of “her” people.

The world is decent but fairly generic. It’s a fantasy world with monsters. Kill some and get experience points. Get XP and improve stats or get abilities.

The writing style is pretty good. Kinda lightehearted, in a "doesn't really take anything seriously" way. I don’t remember coming across typos while reading.

All in all it’s a pretty fun story. I’m a fan of pragmatic MCs who know how to take stock of what’s around them, set goals that aren’t ridiculous, and use brain instead of brawn, which is where the story really shines.


Genre Hodge-Podge/Mash-Up: Supervillainy x Isekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Roads Less Traveled

Man, how delighted I am to found another gem on Royal Road. The story is funny, deep yet light, and led by a smart female protagonist with lots of witty banter. What’s not to like? Read the damn story!

Review contains a minor spoiler of the early chapters.

Plot - Summary - Supervillain ‘Empress’ Via and Superhero ‘Electra’ Elenor have to work together after they got Isekai’d because of a mishap from their most recent fight. The premise is really interesting and I was hooked from the very first chapter! I have read isekai stories before, but never from a world where superpowers are reigning. That’s new and refreshing! From the premise alone, this story is worth reading. But there’s more.

Plot - Fast pacing - The pacing is good. It’s quite fast! Things are moving and the scenes are rolling left and right. Sometimes we’re thrown smack bang in the middle of actions. Just the way I like it!

World Building - We’ve got history - From our two main lead dialogues, we learn that they’re long time nemesis. They had their bit of history. There’s a layer of their old world we still don’t know yet. A simple quip between the dialogues here and there helps us imagine the first world. It let us feel as if we were from that world. Clever!

World Building - There’s gonna be struggle - At the nearest civilization, they get into a scuffle with the authorities. Rare classes aren’t so welcome in the new world. That means that they have to fight their way to seize power. Knowing how smart our MC is, I’m so excited and eager to find out how she is going to wreck the world! 

Character - Smartass Dumbass Dichotomy - This is where the story shines. The characters! Via is so damn smart, and Elenor, uh, well, being Elenor. But seriously, their dichotomy is one of the best banter I’ve read in a while. It reminds me of the early days of The Quest is Bullshit (it has fallen from grace in my opinion). But this one is so, so much better! We can sympathize with the characters’ circumstances, and understand and support their decisions. Their personality is solid, believable, and unique. Have I mentioned that the MC is so damn smart?! She is!

Grammar and Style - Witty Dialogues - Brilliant. Their interaction is just so *muach* brilliant! This story is exactly how I would imagine how a blonde super bimbo and petite smart villain interacts. I think the author has nailed the perfect balance for writing a witty dialogue.

Conclusion - Read the story! Especially if you’re looking for witty dialogues, a smart protagonist, into superhero genres, and, well, isekai. Read it! Now!

Final Score - 10/10. Straight recommendation to go read it right now!

Disclaimer: I may have exaggerated things in my review since I'm so happy to found another well written story, and I hope that you're willing to curb your expectation. Thank you.


Solid Comedy, Off to a Great Start

Reviewed at: Epilogue: All According to Plan

Style: Solid, and flows well. It's hard to write actually good banter, but Devil's Foundry manages to do so a solid 8/10 times at least, which I find really impressive. Not just a constant stream of quips like you'd find in a Marvel movie, but some genuine humor, with both character-dynamic-driven and word-play-based lines sprinkled throughout. It can dip into innuendo a bit much, but generally relies on wit over shock value. Top tier for the humor alone. 

Story: The story so far focuses on the characters understanding this world, and starting to build up their own faction to challenge the corrupt powers that be. The plots are very interesting to watch unfold, though the combat is a bit bland at times, and the enemies seem a bit one-note so far.

This is only Book 1 though, so it focusing on set-up is expected. I do really wish we got more information (or maybe some POV?) from the superhero/villain world they got isekaied from. We get hints, but very little concrete information. "Cape" is a wide genre, and I think more information on their home dimension would help better inform us of what's the baseline for these characters. Still solid though!

Grammar: No complaints!

Characters: The protagonist is "Empress", a tech-based supervillainess with a chip on her shoulder from a not-yet-explained tragic backstory. She's smug and calculating by turns, but seems to have a heart of gold for "her people" underneath all that. I'm not sure how much she really counts as a villain, if only because the society she finds herself fighting against is so horrible, but she's definitely enjoyable.

One deuteragonist is her nemesis, the electro-kinetic superheroine "Electra", who's isekaied with her. Brash, and surprisingly genresavvy, she's a genuinely good person, though a bit naive. I appreciate that that the author managed to have the heroic foil be actually enjoyable. Too many stories with a "villain protagonist" go out of their way to make any heroes present into the worst possible  caricature of what a "hero" is. Electra is actually a pleasure to read, even when she's contrasting with Empress' more "rational" perspective. From the cover image and some of their banter, I had kind of just assumed she and Empress were going to be a thing, though there really isn't much indication of that so far, which is perfectly fine.

The other notable character is Rel, a poor native to the fantasy world, who gets sucked into the shenanigans of these "otherworlders". I like them (and especially Electra's genre-savvy descriptions of them). I'm unsure on any possible romance involving them though; they feel a bit overly... dependent... on the oblivious object of their affections, which is funny, but possibly a bit too subservient to be considered a healthy relationship.

Overall: A fun Book 1 that enjoys subverting the cliches of the genre. Wonderful humor, good faction-building, and I'm definitely interested in how this is going to go! A great start! Added to my RSS feed!


A Well Written and Engaging take on the Iseki Form

Reviewed at: Chapter 32: Set ‘Em Up

Two women from a modern alternate universe United States find themselves in a fantasy world where people have classes, levels and skills.

We follow Electra, the plucky heroine, as she learns that there's more to life than just black and white, good and evil. As well as her arch nemesis, and the MC of this story, Empress as she works to spark an industrial revolution and force the world to a tek level where she can build a teleporter home. And If she happens to improve the lives of everyone around her at the same time then who can blame her?

The characters are all well written and have their own personalities and conflicts, even supposed one note characters, like the pair of thugs Empress recruits early on, hae their own thoughts and motivations that drive their characters and descisions forwards.

The world itself still feels very 'generic fantasy' though there isn't anything wrong with that. Even if the worldbuilding isn't super deep it's more than enough to support the plot and make the characters living there feel beleivable.

There are darker elements in the plot, espeacially when it comes to the hints that we see of Empress' past, but the overall story has a mixed tone. It's both heavy and lighthearted when it needs to be. whenever Electra and Empress engage with one another they always tend to bounce off each other's personalities really well. When Empress interacts with her workers it leaves a smile on my face. And these all serve to help balance out the darker portions of the story in a very well written way.

The Devils Foundary is definitly a story I would recomend reading. 


I'm actually really enjoying this story. So much so that when I saw there weren't many reviews, I made an account to let y'all know that it's definitely worth a read. Give the first 3 chapters a shot, and if you're still not interested, at the very least you've confirmed it. All you stand to lose is a little time, while potentially gaining an amazing story! 

Flying F-Salmon Extraordinaire

Dis good. Not really the biggest fan of superhero stories, but hey. This one is a cool mashup. Give it a read. It keeps the same feeling up until now that it has from the beginning, even if it is a bit slow paced at times. 

My final verdict after a pretty much nonexistant review: good casual read, would casual again.




It's not evil if you do it right

Reviewed at: Chapter 25: Making Connections

World domination: a simple, humble goal, but a noble one nonetheless. Honestly, how can anyone expect to survive without their noble empress to guide them? It's unthinkable. Now, if only those pesky heroes and adventurers could get out of the way, it would be even better. Oh well, I suppose you can't make an omelette without using a demon to breed a new strain of chickens to create an industry for omelettes so that someone else can bring you eggs. 

This is the story of two women: the megalomaniac villain Via and the overly-idealistic Elenor. This is the story of their growth in a fantasy world where they are seen as portents of disaster incarnate. To be perfectly fair, they live up to the reputation. The world is a bit behind in technology, but they're about to get a shocking boost with these two around.

The story is largely based around the characters, so it's only fair to judge it based on them. Via is the boss that everyone dreams of having. She's tough but fair, and she doesn't stand for anyone bullying her minions, no matter what. She's the kind of person to start an entire industrial revolution just to make sure her minions eat well and they love her for it. It's almost enough to make you forget that she's a true villain who wants to take over the world, and has killed many heroes in her way to that goal. With the way this world works, though, her control might be long overdue. Adventurers are corrupt, the government is heavy-handed, and the monsters are a very present danger to the people who have no chance against them.

This brings us to Elenor. She is the archetypical hero- kind, just, a bit naive, pretty, and the very model of the company she is set to represent. Unfortunately, she's in way over her head in this world, which punishes all the ideals she stands for. Even with a class to improve her electrokinesis powers, she is powerless before the almighty system set up by corrupt people who control adventurers and heroes like her. with this in mind, she might just have to do the one thing she never thought she could- team up with a villain. 

Overall, the perspectives of both characters are incredibly dynamic and an absolute joy to read. I look forward to seeing how these two take on each new tier of this world as they shatter the system which the powerful in this world have built up. It's kingdom and hero building time. 


Promising Genre mix, great supervillain MC!

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: Hello Neighbor!

A superhero and supervillain who are each other’s nemesis get isekai’d in a Fantasy world while having yet another clash that ends up wrong with their only possibility to get back to their world being to cooperate with each other, which is not exactly an exciting prospect for the two who have been each others enemies for so long.

Empress is just a fun character and supervillain,  she is just so competent and smart, especially compared to Electra, who well.... is Electra. Empress does not refrain from doing whatever necessary to achieve her goals, even if it means working with her enemies, and the powers she has gained in this new world quite do help with that.

This story has a lot of potentional, with a premise like this, superhero & Isekai is a twist that I don’t see often, and is so greatly done here. I look forward to what Empress will do in the pursuit of her goal of having full access to technology once again, and from there even return to Earth, which of course is far off at this point!

Sort of still early in the story, so the world they are in, aint that developed yet, though there is some clear history going on here between the two which stretches quite far back, there is just so much left to uncover about that and the world they came from!

Overall grammar is great for RR standards, with only a couple typos to be found throughout the story, which usually can get glossed over without hindering the reading experience.

Story starts off very strong, with action from the very start as the duo comes rolling into another world battling eachother, and it keeps on going strong the entire time, with a quite fast pace throughout the entire story so far, also easy to follow what happens in the story.

As of now, I love the banter between the two MC’s and the witty dialogue that Empress uses, makes the read just better overall, with a nice amount of it without overdoing it. Hell, this story is just great for the dialogue overall and its many comedic scenes!

Author clearly knows what they are doing so far with this story, and I hope that they can keep it going strong for a long time.

So if you ask yourself to read it after finding this story, my question as of now would be yes, it is worth the read! So get reading if this kind of premise is of interest for you.