LitRPG Apocalypse (Working Title)

by nvmunimportant

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Grimdark LitRPG Male Lead Post Apocalyptic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The world ended abruptly and without fanfare. With naught more than a few hastily arranged words cast waywardly backwards to those luckless few alive at the time of the apocalypse as warning. They read:

Gestation Phase Completed. Beginning Phase One of Integration into the Universal Whole.

James Meade was one such unlucky soul cursed to see them. One whose life, unbeknownst to him, was about to become distinctly and viscerally unpleasant in their wake.

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The story is only 5 hours old rn and I just finished reading the 2nd chapter so please, please, please read it for yourself before I start to get really nit-picky. First off, grammar is good some mistakes here and there but it's legible so idk. Second, chapters have very obscure words for different things  ( as in some words are intentionally elongated ). Finally, overall it's good but I have no idea what it might turn into but as long as the mc doesn't use a spear and he doesn't have a harem I'm good :).


Sometimes less is more...

Reviewed at: 3 - Growth

Quick summary of my thoughts so far - worth following and seeing how the story grows, looks like it might be a gem.


I like the flow and general feel of the story for these first few chapters. While it seems like it might turn into a pretty good story my sole complaint so far is that the constant and sometimes overly artistic descriptions can be hard to plow through. Personally I'd like it if it was a simpler read in general and the author saved the more intense descriptions for special moments? Like describing the goblin or the investment of ether (it worked really well in both those spots and I think those moments would really shine if they were the exception rather than the standard paragraph style). 

Now for a more general review! All things considered I'm going to give a follow and keep on reading. It seems like the author has some pretty clear ideas for the world and I look forward to seeing them! Clearly the story will at least have a distinct style to it given how it's written so far. Keep it up!