As I woke up I was in a cage and I was in my human form.


[Status weakened, current strength: F-]


As I look around I see a lot of people in cages, along with pirates guarding them.


“So you are the brat who sank 3 of my ships!?” (Pirate captain)


“Mhm” (Me)


“Well It seems that the rest of your crewmates sank with the ship, heh, they managed to escape a grizzly end, but you are in for something worse than death” (Pirate captain)


The rest of their crew laughed while wiping drool, jokes on them though, with the experience I have earned, they are screwed.


Open tech tree


[Opening tech tree, you have 19400 unallocated XP]


Holy shit that's a lot


Go to skills tree


[No new skills available]

[Current available skills:]

[Crew: 10,000XP]

[Damage control: 2000XP]

[Doppelganger: 15,000XP]

[Shipyard: 30,000XP]

[Lucky armour: 5000XP]


Purchase Doppelganger


[Would you like t-]




[-15,000XP, Doppelganger Skill acquired]


What ships can I purchase with the remaining XP


As I scroll through the list of ships, 2 catch my eye


[Hms Monarch, Devastation class]


I can only afford the monarch but the devastation class looks more like a battleship (pre dreadnought)


Purchase HMS Monarch yes


[HMS Monarch purchased]




Oh so saying yes right after instantly confirms, nice


[Would you like to set your ship to HMS Monarch? Yes / No]




After confirming that, I use doppelganger to summon the Monarch to the front of the ship


Suddenly a huge Metal Ship appeared in front of the wooden ship, the bow crashing onto the side and shattering.




The wooden ship stopped with a great force, throwing multiple people around, using pristine self control I was able to literally teleport myself to the ship, but using it that way has a huge 6 Hour cooldown.


As the pirates were getting up from the confusion, I aimed the 2 turrets at the ship these turrets have 2 12 inch muzzle loaded smoothbore cannons, but at this range, I can use them to forcefully delete pirates from this realm.


“Lest you want to kiss a cannonball, I suggest you bring your ass out mister captain and the second I see an icicle, I’m blasting your ship to the next life” (Me)


“Lady, I have no idea what you think you are doing, if you so much as-” (Pirate Captain)


*KOOM*, sparing no time, I killed him


[1 Human ‘Pirate lord’ Killed, 1500XP 3TP Earned]


The other pirates were terrified


“Now, be good pirates and let the merchants out, and climb your ass in their cages, or do you want to become human paste like that captain?” I say to them, with a menacing smile


Luckily my threat worked, since I wouldn't be able to shoot them all and muzzle loaded cannons take a while to reload, if they all rushed me, it would be game over.


After several minutes, eventually the merchants were all freed and the pirates were all caged in return.


[30 Human ‘pirates’ captured, 1500XP received, additional 1500XP upon arrest]


[Mission ‘Save the captured merchants’ completed, reward: 7500XP 10TP]


So even if I don’t directly capture them, I get rewarded for making them do so, nice.


“We thank you dearly for saving us” (Merchant 1)


“She is the goddess of the seas, who else could have summoned a warship from the depths!?” (merchant 2)


[Reputation with merchants guild ‘primrose’: +100]


[Current relationship with ‘Primrose’: Revered]


“Aha, thanks, I’m Kind of lost though, it would be great if you could lead me back to the city” (Me)


“No worries, it's the least we could do for our saviour, please, when we get back, allow us to properly reward you” (Merchant leader)


One of them seemed much more refined than the others, the hell, did the pirates lock him up in a beauty salon?! He totally stands out from the rest with his perfect combed hair, sharp jawline, clean face, decent build and posh clothing. He could be a model in my old world, hell, he might even be the god damn main protagonist of the world.


Trying to hide my flustered face, I managed to reply.


“Ah, o-ok”


Thus began my not so lonely journey to civilization.


Few hours later after sunrise, I had a pop up


[You have 1 daily spin]




A button appeared in front of me and I clicked it, luckily I was on my ship, I don’t know if others can see it.


[Congratulations, you have gotten: More efficient steam engines]


Wait what, I can get technology through this? Oh crap I forgot I need to research stuff too!


And as though god himself tried to remind me through this, I researched the following:


More accurate cannons

Stronger wood

Better metal refining


This cost me 9000XP but I also gained 30TP in the process, what an eventful week.


About the author


Bio: Newbie who writes stuff down when I actually muster the motivation, Anchorkin had just over 10 chapters when I decided it was just going to collect dust in the documents, if it gets some viewers I will try to write up more.

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