As I left the small ‘island’ I’ve read up on some of the history of this world, it seems like the typical fantasy world but it has recently came into the gunpowder and guns era, but it seems like sword fighting is still going strong as magical shields can protect them from a few shots. The world is split into numerous continents with a large unclaimed one in the center. Seemingly because the density of monsters in and around it is super high.


It’s been around 3 days now, time to mass spin


[Spend 3 Daily spin tokens? Yes / No]




[Congratulations, you have gotten: 500XP, 5TP, Flare gun (5MP to use)!]


Whoa, flare gun?


Considering flare guns could be used to set ships on fire, I essentially have a screaming fireball launcher, quite scary~


In the middle of that very night I get a notification.


[Alert, Ships spotted on the horizon!]


I almost choked on my own saliva from the sudden message, only to realise I don't have saliva, I'm a ship now.


I try to squint and see, but it's too far away.


Purchase telescopic sight






I moved my point of view to the top of the mast then I squinted to see, my field of vision narrowed and the horizon was zoomed in upon, there were 4 sail-driven ships heading to my direction.


It has to be a coincidence, but unless they had some sort of magic to see me from over the horizon, I have no idea how they found me.


Upon further examination, they have some people in cages on one of the ships. The crew were not wearing any particular clothing thus I came to the conclusion.




As I steamed towards them I had a few Plans in mind, the one I decided on was to use my steam power to get into positions a normal wind driven ship would be disadvantaged at, then to sink the 3 ships with no prisoners.


A few moments later it seems they noticed me and prepared the weapons. Ohoho~ it’s useless little mortals.


A few minutes before the encounter


[Save the captured merchants, reward: 7500XP 10TP]


Whoa quests? I didn’t think they were a thing since they were not a menu option.


Either way, it should be a piece of ca-




A fireball flew right past my port, splashing into the water behind me




The water at the splash evaporated


Shit, forgot magic was a thing


*fwoom fwoom*


2 more were fired at me, it seems at long range they spin out of control. Their accurate firing range is roughly 750 meters, and their maximum range is roughly 1500 meters, at around 1600 meters they dissipate.


Too bad for you, I have rifled cannons


I turn my broadside, aim my guns and then,




I fired off some explosive shells, one of the ships was unlucky to take 4 direct hits and had the upper half of the ship turned to nothing but splinters and blood puddles.

Many of the splinters and fragments splashed the ship to its side and injured or killed many of the deck crew.


[Ship destroyed + 45 human ‘pirates’ killed, 5500XP 1TP earned]


Whoa, lots of XP from that salvo alone.


Realising i'm not a pushover, the remaining 3 turned to their starboard and started firing at me, 3 of their shots hit me, 1 jamming one of my 68 pounders, which was mainly being saved for close quarters, another 2 hit me but the damage was superficial as I don't have any crew that would be injured.


The main threat to me would be fire, or an ammo barrel being hit but they are all inside the Citadel’s armour, which is invincible at this range.


Several salvos exchanged later with none of the initial luck, a fireball struck me side, I winced in fear but it seemed it was already dissipating at this distance, leaving nothing but a mild burn mark.


The Flashes of gunfire and spells continued throughout the night.


Eventually a second explosive shell salvo landed on the ship with the Mage, it went up into a huge ball of fire and smoke, slightly damaging the ship in front of it.


[Ship destroyed + 35 human ‘Pirates’ killed + 1 human ‘Arch mage’ killed, 6500XP 2TP earned]


Seems the human mage gave quite a lot, wait there was a whole 10 less on that ship? Oooh it was splashed by the initial salvo fragments, there were already corpses on that ship so that seems why.


Seems I can move into a safer distance now, no need to worry about going up like a candle.


Seems they are panicking about me getting closer, yes yes tremble in fear~


If you are going to cause pain and suffering to innocent people who work hard for a living, don’t come explaining when the goddess of retribution, karma, strikes you!




Firing the deck guns towards them, I hit their mast, the explosion and debris killed some of their crew while further fueling their fear.


[Killed 4 human ‘pirates’, 400XP earned]


Eventually I closed up behind them, then decided to pull the killer move and raked their ship, sending solid shots down the rear and mincing up the crew in the center, then through the initial holes of the rear I sent some explosive shells down the middle of the ship, exploding it from the inside.




[Ship Destroyed + 35 Human ‘Pirates killed, 4500XP 1TP earned]


As I sailed past the shipwreck I felt a sudden shiver down my spine, as I turned around to the other side I saw a huge magical circle, out of it, a huge Icicle shot out and I mean huge, that thing is at least 20 meters in diameter, It pierced my deck and citadel, exploding the gunpowder barrels, with this I blacked out.


[Critical damage received, You have been sunk, forcing anchorkin back to human form, if you sink in the next 48 Hours you will die permanently]


About the author


Bio: Newbie who writes stuff down when I actually muster the motivation, Anchorkin had just over 10 chapters when I decided it was just going to collect dust in the documents, if it gets some viewers I will try to write up more.

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