A week passed by.


It had already been 1 month since Mo Bei reincarnated into this world.


Once again in the academy, allowance of 3 stones were given to every academy student and as usual, Fang Yuan was standing at the gate of the academy to extort it from others.


The only difference this time was that the Academy elder was watching the situation intently.


"Fang Yuan, once wasn't enough for you, you still want to rob away our primeval stones again?!" The students were shocked and angry as Fang Yuan blocked them at the gates once more.


Fang Yuan stood in the middle of the entrance, his hands behind his back, his expression cold and tone flat. "A piece of primeval stone per person and you'll be spared of physical pain."


Mo Bei stood at the back and watched the events in interest. Mo Bei in the novel would have already rushed forward to beat up Fang Yuan. However, he had no such impulse. It wasn't that he was afraid that he could not beat Fang Yuan. He had already used White Boar Gu to it's full and gained the strength of a boar. He was just reluctant to reveal this to Fang Yuan or anyone else. Also, gaining Fang Yuan's wary at this point would not be helpful for him. Though, he didn't realize that Fang Yuan, being an 500 year old monster had already started being cautious of him.


After everyone else was lying on the ground in pain or had fainted, Mo Bei went forward with steady steps and took out a piece of primeval stone from his pocket and passed it on to Fang Yuan.


"Mo Bei, wait." A dreadful voice came from behind him.


'Here it comes' Mo Bei held his breath and turned around


"What is it, Fellow classmate Fang Yuan? Do you want to go back on your words?"


Mo Bei knew that Academy elder was watching so Fang Yuan wouldn't do anything excessive.


'Too calm. It's like he expected this. What is it that he's hiding? ' Fang Yuan thought. He realized that Mo Bei was not at all brutish like his appearance and actually was a rational person. This was one of the top qualities for survival in this world.


"You are a coward, a shame on the name of Mo Family. Why would you run away without a fight?" Fang Yuan tried to agitate Mo Bei to attack him. The family reputation was very important for the righteous path in this world. He wanted Mo Bei to bring out his trump card. A trump card which is known to someone else stops being a trump card since that someone can take advantage of it and Fang Yuan was a Grandmaster of such plots. Most of the enemies he defeated in his past life were without even facing them directly.


'Shameless as ever. I never expected to see Fang Yuan use this in real life, nonetheless on me. However, I am not the real Mo Bei and have nothing to do with Mo Family's reputation. This won't work on me.'


"Fang Yuan, a piece of primeval stone is a petty amount for me. I know my shortcomings well. I have recognized your talents and know that beating you shall not be possible. Rather, I have an offer for you. If you want more cultivation resources and want to improve your cultivation faster, meet me at the Mo Family manner tomorrow after academy lectures." Saying so, Mo Bei took his leave.


Both Fang Yuan and academy elder who was observing the situation were surprised and confused at the same time.


In this world, every person who can survive and become stronger knows that fighting and killing were only a means of achieving their goals. They knew that Mo Bei was capable of giving Fang Yuan a good fight but there was nothing for him to be gained through it. Instead, he went ahead and formed a relationship with this C grade talent by giving him a generous offer. Mo Bei did not have much to lose from it except few primeval stones. But if he could rope Fang Yuan to his faction and Fang Yuan becomes a Rank 2, then he Mo family's battle strength would rise. These were the thoughts of academy elder.


At the same time, Fang Yuan thought, 'Interesting. I am excited to see whether what he has to offer can catch my eye. Having Mo faction behind me won't be bad for the short term.'




"Today is an interesting day." Mo Bei thought as his feeling a sense of adrenaline flow out just from his conversation with Fang Yuan.


Today night, he was going to the Flower Wine Monk's inheritance to proceed further by pushing the boulder forward using the strength of a boar.


He went back home for preparations first.


In the family garden, he was practicing with the wooden puppet, activating both Moonlight Gu and Little light Gu at the same time. He found it difficult to manage both at the same time. However, the experience was similar to playing games on computer using both mouse and keyboard at the same time. He was a pro player of Counter Strike Go and PUBG.


Little Light Gu's function was to increase the moonblade size to twice the original. Mo Bei was having fun using it and aimed from different angles. Playing with moonblades was essentially like playing game to him and one of the aspects he loved a lot except the moonblade were very dangerous and could hurt even himself if he shoot it wrong. However, he was not worried.

(AN : Even I want to play with moonblades!! xDDD)


Suddenly, he heard a laughing voice. "Little brother, you have grown up a lot. I am so happy to see you practising so diligently."


Mo Bei had totally forgotten about his sister. She was not that important a character in the novel. She was a Rank 2 middle stage Gu master and very rash with handling matters. She even went to confront Fang Yuan for beating up Mo Bei in the original novel.


"Big sister Mo Yan, you're back!" Mo Bei called out.


Mo Bei looked at her appearance. She was much more beautiful than shown is the manhwa and described in the novel. He was mesmerized for a bit by her appearance. On earth, such beauties would mostly be seen on television and fashion shows.


Mo Yan came forward and hugged her younger brother. She loved her younger brother a lot and cared about him greatly. She had been out on a mission and missed her younger brother's awakening ceremony.


Mo Bei's mind instantly went blank. He had no prior experience with girls his age on Earth and also he didn't have a sister. Suddenly being hugged by this beauty left him speechless. He immediately blushed and push himself out of his sister's tight hug.


"Why is your face so red? Are you hurt somewhere? " Mo Yan immediately noticed the red blush on Mo Bei's face.


"N-No sister. I-It's just that I- I am tired due to today's training." Mo Bei immediately spoke out while stuttering. He agreed with Fang Yuan's ideology that women are a waste of time and resources and would only bring upon trouble in the path to one's cultivation. The same is applicable for women finding love from male partners. However, the current Mo Bei was too inexperienced. He felt that he would make a fool out of himself if he stayed here a bit longer.


'It's just a pity that she too would end up dead along with rest of this clan's members', Thinking so, he directly headed to his room.


"Sister, I will rest for now. Let's have a chat tomorrow. "




Meanwhile Mo Yan was thinking, 'Mo Bei is acting a bit weird. Did anything happen at the academy? Let me ask grandpa'

A note from Darshan Parekh

Long chapter. I have covered some of the areas that I want to use in the future. Yes, Mo Yan will have her uses despite many of the RI fans not liking her. Regarding my previous chapters comment, I will only kill MC if it will be relevant for the plot. I am aiming to reach a particular ending and like Fang Yuan, I don't care about the means although the journey is important.

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