The Perfect Run

by Void Herald

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Mystery Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Genetically Engineered Loop Male Lead Strong Lead Super Heroes Time Travel

Ryan "Quicksave" Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It's a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere. 

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending... no matter how many loops it takes.

Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius

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Great story, quirky vibes, good grammar, interesting characters. Once again, the author has created a great work with an interesting world. Only regret is that there isn't more, because the storyline is pretty gripping already. Rest assured that he isn't being stupid with making the character overpowered as often happens in Groundhog Day fictions, as it's well balanced.

Uuuud Gvaga

Boom shakalaka

time chronomancing crazies shenaniganery  

Came here for a good time not a long time 

But temporal powers make a long time actually into a short good time

fun story great pacing world building and characterization as expected from the author of vainqueur 

Strong recommendation to enjoy this story!


Perfect run of a simp

Reviewed at: 18: Acid Rain

Spoilers ahead:


You have an mc who has strong powers and his objective is to find his best friend girly, that doesn't want to see him. I only see simp with powers, super simp. It's boring, dull etc doesn't introduce new or interesting concepts and the characters are bland. For all the fanboys who drool over this story If you report my review i will just keep posting it again and again so have fun ;)



Reader 24

I found the first chapter annoying to read due to the poor writing. A quick proofread would fix some of the obvious issues. 

Story is a bit rough but interesting. 

Maybe the quality increases as the story progresses, but I think i'll pass. Not worth my time, when the author isn't putting enough deligence into his craft.