The Perfect Run

by Void Herald

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Ryan "Quicksave" Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It's a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere. 

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending... no matter how many loops it takes.

The Perfect Run updates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Quicksave ago
2: Story Branching ago
3: Men of Honor ago
4: Random Encounter ago
5: Mission Accomplished ago
6: Divergence Point ago
7: Rust Town ago
8: Past Fragment: Len ago
9: The Made Men ago
10: Heroes & Villains ago
11: Railroading ago
12: Corporate Heroes ago
13: Batman & Robin ago
14: Field Work ago
15: Good Karma ago
16: Secret Enemies ago
17: The Hidden Route ago
18: Acid Rain ago
19: The Right Road ago
20: Past Fragment: Under the Sea ago
21: The Rehearsals ago
22: Speech Checks ago
23: The Reunion ago
24: Transition ago
25: Never Enuff Dakka ago
26: FPS ago
27: Past Fragment: The Crimes of Augustus ago
28: Suicide Run ago
29: The Rampage ago
30: Bites the Dust ago
31: Knight of Faith ago
32: Change of Plans ago
33: Black Swan ago
34: Hit and Run ago
35: Pre-Party ago
36: Color Rave ago
37: The War of the Suit ago
38: The Olympians ago
39: Court of the Lightning King ago
40: Past Fragment: Mechron's Last Stand ago
41: Past Fragment: The Darkness Beyond ago
42: Progress Made ago
43: The Ghost of Drug Island ago
44: Return of the Corpo ago
45: Blood in the Water ago
46: Chekhov's Gun ago
47: While Rome Burns ago
48: Bad End ago
49: Time and Again ago
50: Past Fragment: How to Tame Your Plushie ago
51: Route Split ago
52: Chance Meetings ago
53: Fashion Disaster ago
54: A Gambling Man ago
55: The Future Past ago
56: Heartfelt Talk ago
57: The Island of Dr. Tyrano ago
58: Family Business ago
59: Corpoalition ago

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All hail Void Herald!

Reviewed at: 7: Rust Town

So far, I love it. Which is to be 100% expected as it is the great Void Herald who has brought us already incredible books so my expectations are that this will be in the trending if it isnt in the future. Now read because its Void Herald! Not much else needed :D


Somehow manages to combine Deadpool, cyberpunk, Fallout New Vegas, a little bit of bioshock, and the movie Palm Springs and makes it work really well. I recommend reading it if you like time loops or have an interest in any of the disparate blend of influences that makes up this story.


Its like you combine Mother of learning with Neuromancer, and then add a little Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy type of humor.       

So far the pacing is very quick and its all sunshine and potential. Hope the author can keep up the quality.        

And since the site insists i waste your time with more words this....


Quicksave is quick way to get addicted to reading!

Reviewed at: 24: Transition

This review is up to chapter 24.

I love the story overall. The way it unfolds, the way small flashbacks help build the past, how everything is brought together and how it fits so well ! It is a lot of fun to read and follow.

Style-wise, the author's work is brought with a narrator that is often assimilated with the character. It brings a lot of fun to see the thoughts of the character followed.

Character-wise, the MC is strongly likeable and very much immortal for now. That doesn't mean he has no weaknesses, which are often made known. The insane-happy-go-lucky feeling used to cover his overall apathy is very relatable and justly brought about by the author.

Grammar-wise, the work is a solid and good piece of writing. Few to no mistakes whatsoever per chapters. Pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul.


Overall, I started this story 2 days ago and now I'm all caught up. It is a fun read that nonetheless brings existencial questions on the table under the veil of snarky comments and dumb puns alike. I'd like to say it can be put as a post-apocalyptical intellectubrawl dramedy but I would be overstepping...

Anyway just go and read the heck out of it ! It's worth your time, notice, and review ! I guarrantee it !


Very addictive story. Great writing! (11/10) It's a mash up of Worm, Mother of Learning and a little bit of One Punch Man if you ask me (which you are, since you are reading my review). Personally I would prefer a bit more MoL (i.e. more leveling up and a smarter MC) and a bit less OPM (i.e.

the MC not giving an F because he is kinda immortal




Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

A time looping Main Character, in a post-apocalyptic Europe, dominated by Companies and Mafias, served by supers.

And it's just as great as you can expect. With a bonus seasoning of gaming and pop references served by the carefree MC. 

I mean how could it be any different : It's Void Herald. 


Another masterpiece from Void Herald

Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

Just like all other stories written by this wizard, The Perfect Run is definitely another masterpiece.

The save-point superpower Ryan has is not a unique idea, but the way Void tells the story around it, undeniably is. Usually, stories have the hero setting save-points multiple times during fights to overcome his enemies. In this story however, Ryan only has one and will not place a new one before he's sure he hasn't missed anything.

Many books have their character's following either the "good" or the "bad" side, but luckily for us, Ryan's ability allows us to experinece the story from many different perspectives. This heavily expands on the world and introduces many different and unique characters.

You would think having characters forget all the time whould be anoying and hinder their development. This isn't the case at all, this just allows us the readers to better understand Ryan who has to go through this every time he restarts a loop. The ability Ryan has isn't just all sunshine and rainbows, he is lonely and his ability renders social interaction worthless and thus causes him to become more lonely. Luckily, this superpower has given Ryan plenty of time to practice his jokes because THEY ARE FIRE!!!

As usual with Voids stories, the grammar is supperb, there are almost no mistake and the ones that do slip through and hurridly fixed.


A very good story so far, if you like super heroes or always replay games trying to get different endings you will like this one. Light hearted while still including a lot of gory details, the story does a good job of making you laugh and is definitely worth your time to read. If you are giving the story a chance at least read through the first 5 chapters before deciding whether to stop or binge the rest.


Just literally read this!!!

It's amazing and funny!

Well worth the rabbit hole madness that will capture your attention for the next couple of hour or minutes... depending on how far you let it take you!

The world and powers of this story are amazing and blend well with each other.

Please let the madness continue!

Thanks for the novel!!!!!



10/10 its feckin amazing honestly the comedie with the action and crazy deadpool energy is so perfectly blended together its makes an amazing story. The character is sorta like comic book deadpool with a tad bit better moral conscious. Only 8 chapter and love the main character and sooooo much plot already like damn its just feckin amazing #Cthulhuapproved