The Perfect Run

by Void Herald

The Perfect Run is now available on Amazon Kindle

Ryan "Quicksave" Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It's a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere. 

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending... no matter how many loops it takes.

The Perfect Run updates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius

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Void Herald

Void Herald

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Quicksave ago
2: Story Branching ago
3: Men of Honor ago
4: Random Encounter ago
5: Mission Accomplished ago
6: Divergence Point ago
7: Rust Town ago
8: Past Fragment: Len ago
9: The Made Men ago
10: Heroes & Villains ago
11: Railroading ago
12: Corporate Heroes ago
13: Batman & Robin ago
14: Field Work ago
15: Good Karma ago
16: Secret Enemies ago
17: The Hidden Route ago
18: Acid Rain ago
19: The Right Road ago
20: Past Fragment: Under the Sea ago
21: The Rehearsals ago
22: Speech Checks ago
23: The Reunion ago
24: Transition ago
25: Never Enuff Dakka ago
26: FPS ago
27: Past Fragment: The Crimes of Augustus ago
28: Suicide Run ago
29: The Rampage ago
30: Bites the Dust ago
31: Knight of Faith ago
32: Change of Plans ago
33: Black Swan ago
34: Hit and Run ago
35: Pre-Party ago
36: Color Rave ago
37: The War of the Suit ago
38: The Olympians ago
39: Court of the Lightning King ago
40: Past Fragment: Mechron's Last Stand ago
41: Past Fragment: The Darkness Beyond ago
42: Progress Made ago
43: The Ghost of Drug Island ago
44: Return of the Corpo ago
45: Blood in the Water ago
46: Chekhov's Gun ago
47: While Rome Burns ago
48: Bad End ago
49: Time and Again ago
50: Past Fragment: How to Tame Your Plushie ago
51: Route Split ago
52: Chance Meetings ago
53: Fashion Disaster ago
54: A Gambling Man ago
55: The Future Past ago
56: Heartfelt Talk ago
57: The Island of Dr. Tyrano ago
58: Family Business ago
59: Corpoalition ago
60: Lucky Break ago
61: Death Warrant ago
62: Quest Complete ago
63: End of Disc One ago
64: Past Fragment: A Death in Monaco ago
65: In Mysterious Ways ago
66: The Hit ago
67: Murphy's Law ago
68: Death Stranding ago
69: Limited Time ago
70: Gotcha ago
71: A Friend in Need ago
72: Plushieland ago
73: Civil War ago
74: Running the Asylum ago
75: Foreign Policy ago
76: Brainy Work ago
77: Change ago
78: Happiness Overdose ago
79: Past Fragment: Goodbye, Monaco! ago

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Void Herald has always been my favorite author on this site, so i am giving this review to hopefully boost this fiction so more people can find him like i did.

I have like most people found his fictions through vainqueer the dragon and after tha got hooked on never die twice, so now hopefully we will have a third masterpiece coming. it is alredy looking promising for me after just a single chapter though i have always had a soft spot for time stop powers in fiction. 

I am giving this story a full score for now as i doubt his story wll under perform considering his previous works on this site, but since this story only has one chapter as i am writing this review might change this score at a later date but for now i will just sit back and relax while watching this story unfold.

Ps please excuse any typos or grammatical mistakes i have made as english is not my first language and i dont have grammarly or any other spellcheck websites to see if i have made any mistake son my phone. hopefully i will not have to change my score. 

bye for now

Space Stormy

Fun MC, good writing, great dialogue, I'm reading everything from this author and it just keeps getting better. A good example of how a time-loop hero would cope, how they wouldn't, and what they would do for fun. Excellent show don't tell, good use of flashbacks, teasing the world building without showing everything at once, but also not keeping everything confusing. A nice departure from the usual fantasy setting too, classic comic-book sci-fi. 

keep up the good work!


This fiction gives me Worm vipes in a lot of ways, but it's an interesting take on the conflict of power and consequences. In Perfect run the truth, copywright and sanity is all subjective with the right powers and it's a pleasure to read. There's a lot of familial conflict and conflict of interests as you go through. 


Among the best novels I have ever read

Reviewed at: 9: The Made Men

There isn't much to say about this novel except that it is almost perfect.

Some kind of mad scientist decided to randomly distribute around the world elixirs that could grant superpowers and, as expected, the world went crazy. We follow the story of Ryan, a sup that can manipulate time and possess a cheat skill to create checkpoints: if he dies the world goes automatically back to the last one. This skill makes him a de facto immortal being and allows him to rewind the time until he is able to achieve the "perfect run" for the current "mission". This seems like a perfect life but the reality is different, even if Ryan is able to reacquire material things lost during the previous resets, he learned this doesn't work the same way for human relationships and, after years with his powers, he reached the conclusion that is better to avoid making friends than to constantly witness them not even recognizing who he is.

Ryan's only hope in this life of loneliness is to find the only friend he had before acquiring his powers, the only one that no matter what will always remember who he is and what they mean to eachother.

Not only the plot is very interesting but what I like the most about this novel is actually the protagonist. He isn't a bad person but, at this point, he considers very few things as taboo, like messing with children, and during his "runs" he tries to do things in the most entertaining way he can think of. For some, he could result therefore in a not so likable character but, for me, it is actually the opposite


The time traveler's quandary

Reviewed at: 59: Corpoalition

It's a Void Herald story. Everything they touch turns to gold, so read this one. You won't regret it. He proves once again that you don't need levels or blue boxes to make it big on RoyalRoad now.

Forgive me for gushing, but this story is amazing. It follows Ryan on his trip through a destroyed world as he tries to fix as much of it as he possibly can with the power of time travel. Being several hundred years old by this point in the story due to constantly going back in time, Ryan has enough skills to make Liam Neeson jealous. He is going to need every advantage he can get, however, as every other powerful person in this world can shoot fire from their eyes or build something to do the equivalent. 

The character building is dynamic and fantastic. This is shown in none more so than Ryan himself. Here's a fun thought experiment- if you could go back and fix every one of your mistakes, how many times would you try to do so? One time? Two? Fifty? Ryan has an intense sense of duty disguised as insanity which keeps him going on a mission to make the world better, because he believes that only he can do it. Despite being almost 60 chapters in, and still in the first arc, the story isn't getting stale anytime soon. Despite seeing every side character multiple times over across timelines, there is always progress and a new side of the characters to see, which says something about the quality of the writing. 

It's still the first arc in the story, and just now getting a glimpse into the grand scheme where the major players who brought the world to this point are being revealed. Every player, both minor and major, has a part to play in the story and the fact that the author manages to show how every single event is affecting these players so fluidly without major exposition is incredible. 

Oh, and the grammer is perfect. Please stop reading this and just read the story already. 


As usual, Void Herald shows us what a great story is. The MC, a time-travling super "hero," is on a quest to find his own happy ending. He's died millions of tines to do son and will die millions more. The characters all feel like they should (bad guys feel bad, good guys feel good, and all have a massive grey area showing that good and evil aren't absolute). We see a panda, a dragon-shifting woman, and a living sun, among countless other powers. The fact that this is Void's 4th(?) story shows, as the introduction to this world is extremely smooth, and the story is extremely enjoyable. If you like time-travelling, superpowers, murderous rabbit slushies, and a lonely man just trying to find someone who he can call a permanent friend, read this!

Doc Mnc

I've read all 5 of the chapters available at the time of this review and im loving it. Havent noticed any spelling/grammar errors (always a good start) and the concept of the story is a heap of fun. The MC is also a blast so far and combined with some nice action scene writing each chapters been awesome


My First Void Herald Work

Reviewed at: 2: Story Branching

I can finally say that I get why this author is rated so highly - absolutely fantastic first few chapters! I honestly didn't expect the writing to be this funny, but I'm 100% glad for it. Of course, now I'm obligated to check out his other works and potentially lose the next few days to them.


A story that fills the void in my heart

Reviewed at: 42: Progress Made

I've read Void Hearlds other fictions and I can safely say that this does not disappoint any of his previous work. The style is comedic and wacky but can easily get deadly serious. Which gives the author a large amount of room to expand his characters while still keeping the tone of the story the same. The Story itself is too young to accurately rate right now but so far has been a blast to read. I only took off the half star because it's a superhero story and the media has been saturated with those a lot. At the very least the source of the people's powers is all the same mostly which I am thankful for. I may change this score of Void Hearld takes the tropes of this story and flips them on their heads in all the right way but we'll have to wait an see. The Grammar is great with no instances of misspellings so far. The characters are where this story falls a little short, I think with a story like this. And if you've read his other works. Hearlds characters are a little hard to love, sure their funny. But it takes a few chapters to care what happens and a few more to love them. I think it's gotten better. Since I know what to expect with his characters I began to like Ryan quicker. I think with this story the flaws I just talked about may be changed quicker. Now that the author has experience. 

Avery Light

Phenomenal early chapters. Different tones of comedy from Vainqueur but it hits the spot. My brain needs nutrients of healthy stories and they're in short supply lately. And this? Is nothing else but entertainment. A top-class entertainment!

So there, I just shove a 5 star on you and you can't take it back!! And there's no return-to-sender allowed.

Good day, keep writing.