The Perfect Run

by Void Herald

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Mystery Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Genetically Engineered Loop Male Lead Strong Lead Super Heroes Time Travel

Ryan "Quicksave" Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It's a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere. 

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending... no matter how many loops it takes.

Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius

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Its Goddamn Void Herald...

Reviewed at: 9: The Made Men

As the title says, its goddamn Void Herald. I expected nothing less than for this to be another RRL classic, and I was not dissappointed. The only reason I didn't give five stars is because I personlly find the snobbiness of the MC grating at times, and because I feel the pacing is a bit slowet than in his other works; there is more filler. Not to say the filler isn't enjoyable (everything Void Herald wwrites is enjoyable), but it is filler nevertheless. 


Read this is you're tired of trash like Randidly Ghosthound, He Who Fights With Monsters, Magnus, and other uncritical self inserts. Yes, I said names. 

Avery Light

Phenomenal early chapters. Different tones of comedy from Vainqueur but it hits the spot. My brain needs nutrients of healthy stories and they're in short supply lately. And this? Is nothing else but entertainment. A top-class entertainment!

So there, I just shove a 5 star on you and you can't take it back!! And there's no return-to-sender allowed.

Good day, keep writing.

Doc Mnc

I've read all 5 of the chapters available at the time of this review and im loving it. Havent noticed any spelling/grammar errors (always a good start) and the concept of the story is a heap of fun. The MC is also a blast so far and combined with some nice action scene writing each chapters been awesome


A story that fills the void in my heart

Reviewed at: 3: Men of Honor

I've read Void Hearlds other fictions and I can safely say that this does not disappoint any of his previous work. The style is comedic and wacky but can easily get deadly serious. Which gives the author a large amount of room to expand his characters while still keeping the tone of the story the same. The Story itself is too young to accurately rate right now but so far has been a blast to read. I only took off the half star because it's a superhero story and the media has been saturated with those a lot. At the very least the source of the people's powers is all the same mostly which I am thankful for. I may change this score of Void Hearld takes the tropes of this story and flips them on their heads in all the right way but we'll have to wait an see. The Grammar is great with no instances of misspellings so far. The characters are where this story falls a little short, I think with a story like this. And if you've read his other works. Hearlds characters are a little hard to love, sure their funny. But it takes a few chapters to care what happens and a few more to love them. I think it's gotten better. Since I know what to expect with his characters I began to like Ryan quicker. I think with this story the flaws I just talked about may be changed quicker. Now that the author has experience. 

Ezio Azrael

Excellent start by an excellent author.

Reviewed at: 2: Story Branching

I've been following Void Herald's story "Vainqeur ever since it appeared a bit more than a year ago. The story has been discussed in more detail on his discord and he gave a more comprehensive summery of the story on his Patreon where her let everybody, not just his patrons, decide between this and a wuxia. I have high hopes for this story and will give a more comprehensive review later on. 


Void Herald has always been my favorite author on this site, so i am giving this review to hopefully boost this fiction so more people can find him like i did.

I have like most people found his fictions through vainqueer the dragon and after tha got hooked on never die twice, so now hopefully we will have a third masterpiece coming. it is alredy looking promising for me after just a single chapter though i have always had a soft spot for time stop powers in fiction. 

I am giving this story a full score for now as i doubt his story wll under perform considering his previous works on this site, but since this story only has one chapter as i am writing this review might change this score at a later date but for now i will just sit back and relax while watching this story unfold.

Ps please excuse any typos or grammatical mistakes i have made as english is not my first language and i dont have grammarly or any other spellcheck websites to see if i have made any mistake son my phone. hopefully i will not have to change my score. 

bye for now


The story is really amazing. It lives up to the story that predated it, Vanquier, and provides a new world to experience the comedy and story that Void Herald is known for. The style is amazing, with witty commentary and interesting descriptions given to each and every person, place, or thing that appears. I'm always hesitant to read time loop stories, as they can sometimes get really crummy and boring as the loop goes on, but Void Herald has done a good job at making sure that there are some real stake for the protagonist and set up some really good foreshadowing. The grammar is astoundingly perfect, with excellent word choice and no misspellings. The characters are amazing, with funny interactions from the main character, and threatening villains that I can really hate. 

Silver tail

A super fun loop story. Not super op but definitely op main it's not really the fights I like even if they're good.

I come for the mad MC and still feels human in a world that feel crazy but natural. I can't wait for more!!

The chapter length is good and other characters easy to remember even with loopy woopy time stuff so ya!

Elie Mitri

I'm too lazy to write a complete review but if you know void herald, you can expect an original story full of interesting characters and fun moments (you can also interchange the adjectives, still pretty descriptive of his stories). This applies to the perfect run as well.

The story has the same feel as watching deadpool. Ryan, alias quicksave, is a hero (for now at least. Even if the tag says anti-hero lead) that does his hero work nonchalantly but still thoroughly. He doesn't take things much seriously but this can be explained by his ability to create save points.


Experienced loopers time in a time loop.

Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

A sniped from chapter 2
“Twenty-five throwing knives, two revolvers, including one desert eagle, one energy pistol, one frag grenade, a switchblade, a hand buzzer, and…” The bouncer frowned, seizing a tiny metal sphere the size of a baseball. “Is that bomb?

“Yep,” Ryan answered. “Genius tech.”

“EMP? Gunpowder?”


If you liked "all you need is kill" you will you will like this.

15 chapter in it seems like the author has but thought into the madness that a person would experince when looping. There are little charakter ticks that show currently how experienced the MC is because he has safety nets for critical looper situations and nothing for the things that none loopers think are critical.

The story content in proad strokes can be described as volume dial that goes to 10 and the MC respone is allway x>10 its over the top. But when you consider the story the "over the top". Becaumse reasnoble, advantagus, practical. The world is full of mutants, but you have lived in that world longer than anyone ever will and you are bored. 

I like to analyise this story, because there has been thought but into the idea. And holly S*** the author just cave himeself a way to write "short" charakter progression. Wonder how he will handle that.

'The shown snippet had me laughing for 10 minutes.

Author, keep up the good work.