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Ryan "Quicksave" Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It's a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere. 

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending... no matter how many loops it takes.

The Perfect Run updates on Tuesday and Saturday. Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Quicksave ago
2: Story Branching ago
3: Men of Honor ago
4: Random Encounter ago
5: Mission Accomplished ago
6: Divergence Point ago
7: Rust Town ago
8: Past Fragment: Len ago
9: The Made Men ago
10: Heroes & Villains ago
11: Railroading ago
12: Corporate Heroes ago
13: Batman & Robin ago
14: Field Work ago
15: Good Karma ago
16: Secret Enemies ago
17: The Hidden Route ago
18: Acid Rain ago
19: The Right Road ago
20: Past Fragment: Under the Sea ago
21: The Rehearsals ago
22: Speech Checks ago
23: The Reunion ago
24: Transition ago
25: Never Enuff Dakka ago
26: FPS ago
27: Past Fragment: The Crimes of Augustus ago
28: Suicide Run ago
29: The Rampage ago
30: Bites the Dust ago
31: Knight of Faith ago
32: Change of Plans ago
33: Black Swan ago
34: Hit and Run ago
35: Pre-Party ago
36: Color Rave ago
37: The War of the Suit ago
38: The Olympians ago
39: Court of the Lightning King ago
40: Past Fragment: Mechron's Last Stand ago
41: Past Fragment: The Darkness Beyond ago
42: Progress Made ago
43: The Ghost of Drug Island ago
44: Return of the Corpo ago
45: Blood in the Water ago
46: Chekhov's Gun ago
47: While Rome Burns ago
48: Bad End ago
49: Time and Again ago
50: Past Fragment: How to Tame Your Plushie ago
51: Route Split ago
52: Chance Meetings ago
53: Fashion Disaster ago
54: A Gambling Man ago
55: The Future Past ago
56: Heartfelt Talk ago
57: The Island of Dr. Tyrano ago
58: Family Business ago
59: Corpoalition ago
60: Lucky Break ago
61: Death Warrant ago
62: Quest Complete ago
63: End of Disc One ago
64: Past Fragment: A Death in Monaco ago
65: In Mysterious Ways ago
66: The Hit ago
67: Murphy's Law ago
68: Death Stranding ago
69: Limited Time ago
70: Gotcha ago
71: A Friend in Need ago
72: Plushieland ago
73: Civil War ago
74: Running the Asylum ago
75: Foreign Policy ago
76: Brainy Work ago
77: Change ago
78: Happiness Overdose ago
79: Past Fragment: Goodbye, Monaco! ago
80: Lonely Together ago
81: Good Morning New Rome ago
82: Corporate Raid ago
83: R&D ago
84: Left Behind ago
85: The Light Beyond ago
86: The End Times ago
87: Medical Care ago
88: Atom Smasher ago
89: Past Fragment: Bloodstream's Last Stand ago
90: Past Fragment: The First Run ago
91: Bloodline Empire ago
92: Best Laid Plans ago
93: Defenders of the Realm ago
94: Cheat Code ago
95: Double Date ago
96: Beast of the East ago
97: A Breath of Fresh Air ago
98: White Night ago
99: How I Met Your Daughter ago
100: Past Fragment: No Planet for Old Men ago
101: Lover's Breath ago
102: Moving On ago
103: Drug Bust ago
104: Return of the Cashmere ago
105: Miracle Cure ago
106: Mice Trap ago
107: Black Dinner ago
108: Go Daddy Go ago
109: Carnival Town ago
110: The Truth Beneath the Ice ago
111: Past Fragment: Origins of the Species ago
112: The Thing ago
113: Final Contact ago
114: Chemical Reaction ago
115: The Clone War ago
116: Couple Therapy ago
117: Making Waves ago
118: The Last Quest ago
119: The Last Save ago
120: Speedrunners ago
121: Presidential Debate ago
122: Second Chances ago
123: The Last Break ago

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Reviewed at CH 61 - Death Warrant.

I think I might have liked this one more than "Mother Of Learning" (another time loop story). Enjoyable and entertaining MC. Consistent attempts at humor without it seeming like the the author is trying to hard to be funny. I liked several of the powers from the various characters and obviously liked the MCs. I'll be keeping an eye out for additional chapters.


Unlimited time loop bonanza seems like fun.

Reviewed at: 40: Past Fragment: Mechron's Last Stand

This story has been crafted by an experienced author, who has gifted many a great tale to RR already. Nevertheless, I judge this piece independently from the earlier ones...

...even when (and I appreciate and loathe these occurences!) there were multiple lighthearted allusions to the previous stories so far, causing me to take this series much less serious. I am looking at Nidhogg and the leaden mooooon, especially. In short, this is a story that requires readers to get multiple cultural references, among them previous published stuff by the same author, which is genious, whimsical and earning a perfectly 6-six-star story a two stars deduction. On a whim. *grins*

Still, the grammar is perfect, so five stars there.

The story setting and worldbuilding are well done, and if there are logic holes, I didn't notice them or they were explained quickly afterwards. (didn't check other reviews or comments, so far) When it comes to time-loop stories though, I liked Mother of Learning a tad more, hence a less great score for this one.

The characters fill a wide range, and the MC is particularly relatable even though he owns a lot of OP sh...tuff.

Not much more to say, everyone enjoy this story please.


Love the characters as everyone isn't one dimensional but have their own histories. We follow an insane mc which we learn more about him as well as the city he enters in the time loop. The magical powers are fun as it follows a set rule and isn't overpowered with one character. The villains also aren't just pathetic but actually smart in attacking the mc.


You join a man as he tries to achieve his many goals, as he meets great characters and friends and enemies. He tries to use his power to achieve the perfect run, but you can see the effect that time travel has had on him, and it is done in a completely believable and relatable way, this is no power trip fantasy, he works for what he has achieved, and you join him as he learns and you can feel yourself coming to the conclusions just as he does. He explores the world and himself
the character building is phenomenal, all the side characters are fleshed out and great, the villains feel vilianous without taking cheep cop outs, the people he meets are thourougly in the grey, they all have their flaws and come ups, none are one sided. The powers that he has are not just some character sheet percentages, they are special, and he has to figure them out the hard way. All round, this is the best book I've read in a long time, and I am truely looking forward to the ending. 



I love this story, lured me with the time travelish aspect. Fell in love with the characters, i enjoy every single one. They are all written so well. They are real. 

Don't MISS OUT! give it a try please!

The MC is by far one of the most enjoyably written characters ive read about in a long time.  The story, personally, is very unique as well. 


One of the best stories on the genre of going back

Reviewed at: 1: Quicksave

Great story.
Despite returning to the same starting point many times, the story never becomes mundane or repetitive.
The characters are well built and it is impossible to understand them from a single loop, they are very well characterized, they are human just like us, so they don't just have a standard characterization, they often change thoughts.
The only two negative notes are the beginning and the flashbacks.
Beginning: The first chapters are unfortunately disappointing, we see a protagonist looking for his friend and he keeps asking the same questions and I don't like him very much, but then everything improves and doesn't take too many chapters.
Flashback: They are very interesting but they are poorly structured. They are inserted in the wrong places, they break the story when they shouldn't and even in the middle of the loops. For those who don't have a very good memory on dates (like me, I remember names, places etc, but I suck with dates), they don't even understand when a flashback starts.

Other than that, the story takes place in Italy, and I can't help but appreciate that, as it isn't used often.
That said, I absolutely recommend the opera, as it is even better than many famous titles.



Ill be brief here, the story is fabulous and is very captivating,

I had my hesitance at first because of superheroes and all being a bit lame but this wiped me off the floor.

The plot pulls and PULLS, if you dont like the writing youll still love the plot.


Ranks top 2 for me (i'm sure you all know what top 1 is).


Author is a genius at comedic sci-fi and fantasy.  Great worldbuilding, memorable MC, ok is supporting cast. 


Not as good as V&V from VtD - which shows the benefits having a straight man to blend with the comedic and disruptive MC.   Solid effort for any book - 5 stars on RR standards.


Retry until perfection. An Excellent story!

Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

Just worth the read honestly, blew through this story fairly fast, and loved about everything of it, it is just so entertaining, the unusual premise helped a lot also, not often that you see a superhero ‘timeloop’ story, let alone this well written, by an already established author to boot!  And then there is the MC, what an amazingly well written character he is!

I just love the MC Ryan and how he is written, he has just a such carefree attitude developed from his many reloads. He just fully embraced the absurdity and yet remains sane, even if it does not seem like it at first sight. He just keeps advertising what he can do, that killing him is futile, and keeps making those jokes and references, all just part of the greater personalia the MC has built.

The MC’s power is just insanely strong, as one would expect from a power that allows you to set a save point AND also use time stop, though with clear limits, and he uses it to maximum efficiency to achieve the best possible result for him and those he cares about. But even with such a power, he still has to be careful because he is not truly invincible, he may be able to ‘reload’ his way out of any bodily harm, but cannot do the same for his mental wellbeing.

In my opinion, Void Herald has done a good job with the setting this story takes place in, even more so since its rather wildly different from his other stories, which were all LitRPG’s. While this does take place in a dystopian Italy where you can get superpowers from using one of the rare Elixir’s or their more common knock-offs which grant lesser powers.


Grammar is great in my opinion, some typos and inconsistencies do pop up, but not frequent enough to be of any hindrance to the reading experience.

This story reads amazingly well and is paced without even letting up, it just keeps going without slowing down and drags the reader just in the story from the very start. I really like the way information is delivered in this story, more than enough information to let readers become familiar with the characters and the setting, while at the same time also keeping up a sense of mystery, without even infodumping anything! There’s also just the right kind of humour and comedy as one would expect from Void Herald.


Looking forward to what this story will become, I personally have high expectations due to the author's previous works, and the rather phenomal start this story has so far. The author is also very capable of writing quite different types stories and succeeded at it all, like demonstrated with this story.

Anyone interested in reading a good story with an interesting premise executed very well and fun MC, I recommend you this one. Oh also the author is one of the most reliable on this site, having completed multiple books already and in my opinion, this one is shaping up to be his best work so far. And if you loved his other stories, then of course you should start reading this one right now.


Uuuud Gvaga

Boom shakalaka

time chronomancing crazies shenaniganery  

Came here for a good time not a long time 

But temporal powers make a long time actually into a short good time

fun story great pacing world building and characterization as expected from the author of vainqueur 

Strong recommendation to enjoy this story!