The Perfect Run

by Void Herald

The Perfect Run is now available on Amazon Kindle

Ryan "Quicksave" Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It's a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere. 

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending... no matter how many loops it takes.

The Perfect Run updates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Quicksave ago
2: Story Branching ago
3: Men of Honor ago
4: Random Encounter ago
5: Mission Accomplished ago
6: Divergence Point ago
7: Rust Town ago
8: Past Fragment: Len ago
9: The Made Men ago
10: Heroes & Villains ago
11: Railroading ago
12: Corporate Heroes ago
13: Batman & Robin ago
14: Field Work ago
15: Good Karma ago
16: Secret Enemies ago
17: The Hidden Route ago
18: Acid Rain ago
19: The Right Road ago
20: Past Fragment: Under the Sea ago
21: The Rehearsals ago
22: Speech Checks ago
23: The Reunion ago
24: Transition ago
25: Never Enuff Dakka ago
26: FPS ago
27: Past Fragment: The Crimes of Augustus ago
28: Suicide Run ago
29: The Rampage ago
30: Bites the Dust ago
31: Knight of Faith ago
32: Change of Plans ago
33: Black Swan ago
34: Hit and Run ago
35: Pre-Party ago
36: Color Rave ago
37: The War of the Suit ago
38: The Olympians ago
39: Court of the Lightning King ago
40: Past Fragment: Mechron's Last Stand ago
41: Past Fragment: The Darkness Beyond ago
42: Progress Made ago
43: The Ghost of Drug Island ago
44: Return of the Corpo ago
45: Blood in the Water ago
46: Chekhov's Gun ago
47: While Rome Burns ago
48: Bad End ago
49: Time and Again ago
50: Past Fragment: How to Tame Your Plushie ago
51: Route Split ago
52: Chance Meetings ago
53: Fashion Disaster ago
54: A Gambling Man ago
55: The Future Past ago
56: Heartfelt Talk ago
57: The Island of Dr. Tyrano ago
58: Family Business ago
59: Corpoalition ago
60: Lucky Break ago
61: Death Warrant ago
62: Quest Complete ago
63: End of Disc One ago
64: Past Fragment: A Death in Monaco ago
65: In Mysterious Ways ago
66: The Hit ago
67: Murphy's Law ago
68: Death Stranding ago
69: Limited Time ago
70: Gotcha ago
71: A Friend in Need ago
72: Plushieland ago
73: Civil War ago
74: Running the Asylum ago
75: Foreign Policy ago
76: Brainy Work ago
77: Change ago
78: Happiness Overdose ago
79: Past Fragment: Goodbye, Monaco! ago
80: Lonely Together ago
81: Good Morning New Rome ago
82: Corporate Raid ago
83: R&D ago
84: Left Behind ago
85: The Light Beyond ago

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Crazy _AI

Wait, Let me try that again

Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

This is a story about a superhero who can travel back in time to previous save points.  The action is really well paces, and even though some of them are done twice, (hazards of time travel) the aren't boring on the second go around due to the efforts of the author.  The comedy is also pretty spot on.  I would recommend this story to anyone who likes superhero stories like Deadpool.

Doc Mnc

I've read all 5 of the chapters available at the time of this review and im loving it. Havent noticed any spelling/grammar errors (always a good start) and the concept of the story is a heap of fun. The MC is also a blast so far and combined with some nice action scene writing each chapters been awesome


Very weel written with great attention to detail

Reviewed at: 8: Past Fragment: Len

This is the good type of story where the author obviously created the world and charectors and knows them in and out. They have motivations and personalities that shine through and I love it.

Also, this is my favorite type of story a really strong power with a conflict and motivation that doesn't simply require "more power." Love it so far!


All hail Void Herald!

Reviewed at: 7: Rust Town

So far, I love it. Which is to be 100% expected as it is the great Void Herald who has brought us already incredible books so my expectations are that this will be in the trending if it isnt in the future. Now read because its Void Herald! Not much else needed :D


I'm not saying this is undoubtedly the best story I have ever read (I don't think I could choose one just like that) but I don't think I've ever been more engaged and invested in a story than that of the Perfect Run.

The author's style is obviously superior to most stories that I have read, involving beautiful writing along with humor, which you'd know if you read their other stories as well such as Vainquer the Dragon.

The story is one of the most compelling I've ever read - there hasn't been a boring moment so far, and the way the whole story's set up I doubt there ever will be. The power system is also extremely unique and I’ve never seen it done quite this way.

Grammar is flawless for all practical purposes.

Most characters are extremely fleshed out and the MC is literally one of the most interesting (and fun) MCs of all time.

Overall, this is most definitely one of the best, most well written, fun and yet high stakes stories I have ever read. Definitely check it out because I’m my opinion it 100% deserves all the love it’s getting on this site and honestly should get more lol.


This book is pure amazing, adrenaline junkie hero fillled masterpiece.  I love everything about it from the main character and his whack hijinks to the world that he interacts with. If you are into superheroes definitily check this stuff out and you're gonna love it I guarantee it. Five stars for everything from character to text quality. Quicksaves power isn't super unique but void manages to make it fun with every page. 


This piece of work (still in progress) is not a masterpiece in the fiction world. It is not even close but it is fun and that is all that matters. A fun story is, in my humble opinion, the best story one can create. I apllaud our writer for he is talented and I look forward to reading more. Thank you for writing one of the most enjoyable stories on this website.


Time loop super hero post apocalypse

Reviewed at: 77: Change

You know what the difference is between an asian story and a """western""" story is?

In a xianxia the main character is completely independent, overpowered and self sufficient.

Read any physically published english book and you'll find an underdog that makes David feel privileged.

Void herald? They capture the very essence of those underdog stories and still make them horribly overpowered. From the 3 books I've read he manages to make an immortal feel just as fragile as everybody else.

Oh right the story.

You know how there's deadpool the internet meme and the real deadpool? Quicksaves heavy on the real deadpool side of the scale.

The humours top notch but like all comedies it might seem pointless to the anti-me's who can't stand humour and relish drama.

Good kind of worldbuilding were its always relevant, even the bonus chapters.

It doesn't pull that dumb thing they do in bad mystery novels (harry potter) of giving you more information than the mc gets.

Void herald could, and has, made eldritch horrors sympathetic so you can imagine everyone else.

And the main moral of the story is the world would be a better place if everyone played fallout 1 and 2.


Long overdue Review for an amazing work!

Reviewed at: 77: Change

A world where Superpowers became the norm, an overpowered Protagonist with a wish of saving everyone and a  time-traveling and time-reseting ability, as well as a Doomsday-scenario around every corner?
Absolutely overused, clichéed story elements by authors who think they can rely on this formula to get succesful.

But not with Void Herald, the man, the Myth, the Legend!
Author of great works such as Magik Online, Never Die Twice, more recently added, Kairos and the glorious Vainqueur! (Vainqueur best Dragon!)

Follow Ryan Romano, a man with suicidal tendencies, a love to blow things up, badmouthing others for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper, as well as no consequences except his own sanity, which isn´t much of a loss as there´s not much of it left, as he goes on a bloody messy rampage, sometimes under the influence of drugs, because why not?

If you loved Vainqueur and it´s hilariously well written, witty, perfectly structured story and have a thing for a huge chunk of pop-culture, anime, videogame and other references, don´t go looking any further, this is the thing!

Many times it left me laughing my f*cking a$$ off as I was just enjoying Void Heralds humor and let myself get immersed in his story.

PS: It left me scared of Plushies like nothíng else...


This story is truly excellent. Best superhero fiction I've ever read. Superhero themes can easily become silly, and I tend to mostly avoid them. But that is not the case here. This is top tier writing, not just for RR but for any platform. The characterization is masterful. Even side characters that initially could be seen as jokes are given complexity and depth. I can't say enough good things about this story.  A must read.