The Perfect Run

by Void Herald

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Mystery Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Genetically Engineered Loop Male Lead Strong Lead Super Heroes Time Travel

Ryan "Quicksave" Romano is an eccentric adventurer with a strange power: he can create a save-point in time and redo his life whenever he dies. Arriving in New Rome, the glitzy capital of sin of a rebuilding Europe, he finds the city torn between mega-corporations, sponsored heroes, superpowered criminals, and true monsters. It's a time of chaos, where potions can grant the power to rule the world and dangers lurk everywhere. 

Ryan only sees different routes; and from Hero to Villain, he has to try them all. Only then will he achieve his perfect ending... no matter how many loops it takes.

Cover by Vitaly S. Alexius

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Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

A time looping Main Character, in a post-apocalyptic Europe, dominated by Companies and Mafias, served by supers.

And it's just as great as you can expect. With a bonus seasoning of gaming and pop references served by the carefree MC. 

I mean how could it be any different : It's Void Herald. 

Crazy _AI

Wait, Let me try that again

Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

This is a story about a superhero who can travel back in time to previous save points.  The action is really well paces, and even though some of them are done twice, (hazards of time travel) the aren't boring on the second go around due to the efforts of the author.  The comedy is also pretty spot on.  I would recommend this story to anyone who likes superhero stories like Deadpool.


Original and entertaining

Reviewed at: 21: The Rehearsals

Its a great read, i recommend it to anyone who likes 'superheros' stories. :D

first time writing a review i wanted to keep it short but need to be 50 words long rip so im just writing this to add to the word count lol lmao XD great story hope to read more of ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt



like most things that void herald wright this is great, to summarise without getting into spoilers i'd say that it has buildup and there isnt and endless progression it has an end in mind and that elevates his writing becuase its no meandering inexaustible plotlines that burn out its selfcontained and that's what make his storys great becuase they are planned as storys 

Ezio Azrael

Excellent start by an excellent author.

Reviewed at: 2: Story Branching

I've been following Void Herald's story "Vainqeur ever since it appeared a bit more than a year ago. The story has been discussed in more detail on his discord and he gave a more comprehensive summery of the story on his Patreon where her let everybody, not just his patrons, decide between this and a wuxia. I have high hopes for this story and will give a more comprehensive review later on. 


Void Herald has always been my favorite author on this site, so i am giving this review to hopefully boost this fiction so more people can find him like i did.

I have like most people found his fictions through vainqueer the dragon and after tha got hooked on never die twice, so now hopefully we will have a third masterpiece coming. it is alredy looking promising for me after just a single chapter though i have always had a soft spot for time stop powers in fiction. 

I am giving this story a full score for now as i doubt his story wll under perform considering his previous works on this site, but since this story only has one chapter as i am writing this review might change this score at a later date but for now i will just sit back and relax while watching this story unfold.

Ps please excuse any typos or grammatical mistakes i have made as english is not my first language and i dont have grammarly or any other spellcheck websites to see if i have made any mistake son my phone. hopefully i will not have to change my score. 

bye for now


Insane MC & interesting story

Reviewed at: 18: Acid Rain

The story is interesting and is able to provide enough information to understand the plot, while still providing a sense of intriguing mystery about the story and the larger-than-life characters that seem to populate it. The worldbuilding is similarly revealed in a more natural manner, without feeling like a boring infodump. 

The MC has a crazy personality that may take some getting used to, but is quite entertaining if you just roll with it. It also makes more sense when you learn more about his powers, its implications and his backstory. The other characters are not common stereotypes and the author is able to make them seem like real people, rather than puppets that revolve around the MC and driving the plot forward. I especially like how the author is able to provide snippets of information about certain characters in an organic way that gives me enough information to be intrigued about them, without having to read an essay on them (e.g. Augustus).


The style and grammar are decent. There are some spelling errors, but most of them seem to have been found and mentioned in the comments and corrected by the author. Being willing to read and act on these comments meant I gave the book an extra star on the style score. 

Last, but not least, updates are regular and the author has finished multiple stories, rather than left them hanging.


It is still relatively new, so I will update this review as more chapters come in. Though it only has a few chapters written so far, it is a great story for anyone wanting to start a new story by an author who has a track record of completing books that he writes.


Somehow manages to combine Deadpool, cyberpunk, Fallout New Vegas, a little bit of bioshock, and the movie Palm Springs and makes it work really well. I recommend reading it if you like time loops or have an interest in any of the disparate blend of influences that makes up this story.


Retry until perfection. An Excellent story!

Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

Just worth the read honestly, blew through this story fairly fast, and loved about everything of it, it is just so entertaining, the unusual premise helped a lot also, not often that you see a superhero ‘timeloop’ story, let alone this well written, by an already established author to boot!  And then there is the MC, what an amazingly well written character he is!

I just love the MC Ryan and how he is written, he has just a such carefree attitude developed from his many reloads. He just fully embraced the absurdity and yet remains sane, even if it does not seem like it at first sight. He just keeps advertising what he can do, that killing him is futile, and keeps making those jokes and references, all just part of the greater personalia the MC has built.

The MC’s power is just insanely strong, as one would expect from a power that allows you to set a save point AND also use time stop, though with clear limits, and he uses it to maximum efficiency to achieve the best possible result for him and those he cares about. But even with such a power, he still has to be careful because he is not truly invincible, he may be able to ‘reload’ his way out of any bodily harm, but cannot do the same for his mental wellbeing.

In my opinion, Void Herald has done a good job with the setting this story takes place in, even more so since its rather wildly different from his other stories, which were all LitRPG’s. While this does take place in a dystopian Italy where you can get superpowers from using one of the rare Elixir’s or their more common knock-offs which grant lesser powers.


Grammar is great in my opinion, some typos and inconsistencies do pop up, but not frequent enough to be of any hindrance to the reading experience.

This story reads amazingly well and is paced without even letting up, it just keeps going without slowing down and drags the reader just in the story from the very start. I really like the way information is delivered in this story, more than enough information to let readers become familiar with the characters and the setting, while at the same time also keeping up a sense of mystery, without even infodumping anything! There’s also just the right kind of humour and comedy as one would expect from Void Herald.


Looking forward to what this story will become, I personally have high expectations due to the author's previous works, and the rather phenomal start this story has so far. The author is also very capable of writing quite different types stories and succeeded at it all, like demonstrated with this story.

Anyone interested in reading a good story with an interesting premise executed very well and fun MC, I recommend you this one. Oh also the author is one of the most reliable on this site, having completed multiple books already and in my opinion, this one is shaping up to be his best work so far. And if you loved his other stories, then of course you should start reading this one right now.



Another masterpiece from Void Herald

Reviewed at: 15: Good Karma

Just like all other stories written by this wizard, The Perfect Run is definitely another masterpiece.

The save-point superpower Ryan has is not a unique idea, but the way Void tells the story around it, undeniably is. Usually, stories have the hero setting save-points multiple times during fights to overcome his enemies. In this story however, Ryan only has one and will not place a new one before he's sure he hasn't missed anything.

Many books have their character's following either the "good" or the "bad" side, but luckily for us, Ryan's ability allows us to experinece the story from many different perspectives. This heavily expands on the world and introduces many different and unique characters.

You would think having characters forget all the time whould be anoying and hinder their development. This isn't the case at all, this just allows us the readers to better understand Ryan who has to go through this every time he restarts a loop. The ability Ryan has isn't just all sunshine and rainbows, he is lonely and his ability renders social interaction worthless and thus causes him to become more lonely. Luckily, this superpower has given Ryan plenty of time to practice his jokes because THEY ARE FIRE!!!

As usual with Voids stories, the grammar is supperb, there are almost no mistake and the ones that do slip through and hurridly fixed.