A Path to Magic

by Shoelessme

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The world of science ended at the whim of a stranger. Life and death were beyond Humanity's control yet this stranger offered them a chance. Make your own way in the new world. Carve out a path to a magic that fits you. And if you pave that path far enough you can mold the growing new earth in your own image.

This is the second iteration of this story. Mostly a matter of editing, cleaning up the occasional plot hole and expanding the story to give secondary characters more depth.

I would like to offer a small apology to my previous readers. Until I read back through this story I had no idea how many editing issues I had let slip by. A strong desire to finish the story in my head unfortunately interferes with taking the time to properly edit.  

The reworked version I am attaching will hopefully greatly reduce such problems. (I am not a deity to promise true perfection!)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: An End is also a Start (2.0) ago
Chapter 1 Coping (2.0) ago
Chapter 2 Questions (2.0) ago
Chapter 3 Choices (2.0) ago
Chapter 4 Rune Chains (2.0) ago
Chapter 5 Alpha Testing (2.0) ago
Interlude Self Pity ago
Chapter 6 Devil in the details (2.0) ago
Chapter 7 Try, Try Again (2.0) ago
Chapter 8 Desensitizing (2.0) ago
Chapter 9 Reunion (2.0) ago
Chapter 10 True to Self (2.0) ago
Chapter 11 Showing off (2.0) ago
Chapter 12 Beta Testing (2.0) ago
Chapter 13 Retooling (2.0) ago
Chapter 14 Final Preparations (2.0) ago
Chapter 15 Normative Behavior (2.0) ago
Chapter 16 A Not so Final, Exam (2.0) ago
Chapter 17 The Wake Up Call (2.0) ago
Chapter 18 Predation (2.0) ago
Chapter 19 Peeping Timothy (2.0) ago
Chapter 20 Improvements (2.0) ago
Chapter 21 The First Wave (2.0) ago
Chapter 22 I Spy (2.0) ago
Interlude Class in Session ago
Chapter 23 Into the Heart (2.0) ago
Chapter 24 The Salt of the Earth (2.0) ago
Chapter 25 Timewarp (2.0) ago
Chapter 26 Bad Timing (2.0) ago
Chapter 27 After Math (2.0) ago
Chapter 28 A Bleeding Heart (2.0) ago
Chapter 29 My Kingdom for a Bath ago
Chapter 30 Cartography (2.0) ago
Interlude- Punching against the Wind ago
Chapter 31 It's Hard to be Humble (2.0) ago
Chapter 32 You Know Not What You Know (2.0) ago
Chapter 33 Neat, Plausible and Wrong (2.0) ago
Chapter 34 Bloodhaven (2.0) ago
Chapter 35 6 P’s (2.0) ago
Chapter 36 This Time without the Oops (2.0) ago
Chapter 37 A Beginning (2.0) ago
Chapter 38 Fun and Blood Games ago
Chapter 39 Don’t Poke Bears (2.0) ago
Chapter 40 To Give an Inch (2.0) ago
Chapter 41 Delusions or Aspirations? (2.0) ago
Chapter 42 The Lesser of Two Evils (2.0) ago
Chapter 43 If at First You Don’t Succeed (2.0) ago
Interlude - Christmas in the Tropics ago
Interlude - Christmas Fetch Quest (Jason) ago
Chapter 44 The Long Game (2.0) ago
Chapter 45 The Gates of Paradise Pt.1 (2.0) ago
Chapter 46 The Gates of Paradise Pt.2 (2.0) ago
Chapter 47 The Gates of Paradise Pt.3 (2.0) ago
Chapter 48 Epilogue: The Jungles Bounty (2.0) ago

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Innominate Reader

Late last night, after a long and tiring day, I stumbled across your story. I had been looking for an innocent bit of light reading - something readable, yet bland enough to settle my mind and gently ease me into the arms of Morpheus. In that regard, the top review for "A Path to Magic" was certainly encouraging - a low overall rating, prefaced with grudging kudos for grammar and style (Google Translate - 'Angry On-Line Review' to 'English' translates this to something like, "soporific, yet readable"), with no obvious red flags in the remainder (to be fair, I only skimmed that bit - whiny, boilerplate "buyer's remorse" is best ignored, by readers and authors alike). Thinking I'd made a good choice, I foolishly clicked on the Prologue....

The first few chapters seemed innocuous enough: well-written, and blessedly free of egregious grammatical errors (the so-called "reviewer" got that right, at least), novel, but not so enticing as to give cause alarm. Yet, like the proverbial frog dropped into the cauldron, who, oblivious to the slowly rising temperature, allows itself be cooked, I continued to read, oblivious to the dangerously improving quality of the storytelling, allowing myself to be hooked!

By the tenth chapter, I had descended into a manic, fugue state. Oblivious to the world around me, hours flew by, punctuated by the periodic, gleeful clicking of shiny blue "Next Chapter" buttons, each more enticing, more alluring, than the last. When I finally emerged from this shameful bout of gluttonous indulgence, my finger rhythmically and mindlessly tapping at the now-greyed-out "Next Chapter" button, the sun had risen.

Where. Was. The. Warning. Label?!? Sleep deprivation, sir, is no laughing matter! Like a cigarette soaked in heroin and laced with methamphetamines, "A Path to Magic" is dangerously and insidiously addictive! I'm strongly considering reporting you to the FDA and the ATF.


In all seriousness, that was one hell of a good story. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'll be looking forward to the next book - but I"m on to you now. I"ll be taking a page out of Timothy's book, improving my Will by tempering my *yawn* gluttonous impulses...


Of what I've read, this story... I don't think it has potential. I hate to say such a thing, but the only thing that I thought was decent was the grammar and style.

Over the first chapters there is only one real character with only basic characterization, nothing particularly great.

The story lacks any tension so far. It is implied that humanity will be fighting for there lives later, but untill then there are no consequences.

Lastly, I dislike how magic is being treated in this story. The story itself is focused completely on magic, so this is a problem.

My dislike boils down to the fact that there are no rules other than arbitrary self imposed ones and arbitrary author imposed ones. Science is removed from the world so people won't limit their magic, but if there are actual universal laws how can they be identified without science? If there are no univeral laws then the only rules are self imposed, so if someone thinks there magic should work then will it? If magic can be anything and no natural laws matter, then does anything matter? The only constant seems to be that magic is fueled by willpower. As it is, I can only see problems trying to use such an ambiguous system. Why can't I make a magic that directly enhances my willpower and allows me to remove anything I wish from existence? Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but there needs to be actual rules and limits as to what can and can't be done.

Alright, rant over. My opinion is this: I don't like this story so far and I think its going to have major issues going forward. 


This story had a slow start in the beginning but once it started it snow balled into an interesting read about magic and man.

I personally enjoyed the concepts that the author visited in his brand of magic. It makes me interested to read more into the other types of magic. 

I am looking forward to the next update.

Keep it up Runed Author!


This tale shows promise of being a fresh take on being inserted with magic.

For a short reveiw I will say that it is starting to pick up speed but it is a bit slower for the first 10 - 15 chapters. After it gets over the explaination what is happening and who the character is it does a decent job of explaining magic though it can go into the weeds a little bit.

The magic as the name implies is the big focus and I like how this novel lets the reader learn with the main character. It has shown a wide variety in types so far and hope it continues to do so.

As for the only reason that this isnt a 5 out of 5 In most sections i will list below.

Style: It has an enjoyable style and the words flow together well. The beginning chapter world building tidbits are common and is a good easy way to slip in information. It is just one I dont prefer as it takes some of the feeling that you are learning with the character.

Story Score: The story overall as an outside perspective is good. Powerful people experiment to making new types of magic as older ways stagnate. It is simple and understandable but there has been no definitive direction past survival. This may be intentional and as this may be still early in the story.

I am not saying the story is bad but it seems to still be setting up for the past 30 chapters.

Grammar: Its easy to read and if something was incorrect I didnt find it.

Character score: Timothy is the main character he is likable enough and makes mostly realistic decisions. The first 15 chapters is set to create Timothy and does a decent job of keeping it consistant throughout. It brings in his family as supporting characters and gives each a few defining traits but still the focus is Timothy/ Magic The interactions are good for the most part and none of the dialogue between characters seems forced.

This is probably a temporary 4 of 5 as the support casts nature is filled out with further interactions.

John Fellows

It's a good story, with varied magic, interesting people and a good structure. I'm not sure where it's going to go but I'll follow it to find out.

I think I understand why it's averaging four stars, but I don't think it will be for long. It's a solid 4.5.


I like the story so far and will be giving it a follow. I think the story could hit a few road bumps in the future with such an open ended magic system but i also really like how open it is. Not much to say about the main character so far. The style is great and I think it will be one of its greatest strengths on RR.

Brightest void

Promising as in the title. Has decent stakes, and actions have consequences. The magic system focuses on paying the price so Deus ex machinas aren't much of a concern to me and I trust the characters cheating the system won't be prevalent and will have consequences.

As for the characters and writing while not the best at first it has been steadily improving. To me it is a story wIth good potential for growth and I don't see it stagnating anytime soon


Read it, it starts out intrigueing and improves  along the way. Writing is top notch with almost nothing that breaks immersion or feels off. This is one story that keeps on giving:). World is complex and people are very well given form . No perfect supermen but human beings getting to grips with the new world and their place within. 


The stuff this man is writing is such a cool idea and the way he does it is amazing, I can not recommend it enough it is just that good. I don’t know what it reminds me of but it is pure happiness.

the grammar, flow and feel of the novel works well and he handles time skips in a way that keeps the story interesting with a balanced power growth, implementing new stuff and keeping it understandable.