The Retired S-Rank Adventurer

by WolfeLocke

They called him Sven the Shatterfist. 
One of a handful of still-living adventurers to reach the top rank in the guild. The S-Rank.
But for Sven, after returning from abroad, life isn't what it used to be and adventuring isn't much better.
It's kind of a drag.
The obvious next step? Retire and drink with magic girls.

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Alex Pauloff

Start was interesting but...

Reviewed at: The Archer

Maybe I am just too old for such "wise and old adventurers" as Sven: author is trying to show him as an experienced person but he behaves foolishly even for a common old man not considering his supposed to be war experience. I just cannot relate to such character.


P.s. Reviews should be longer so I can say that longer reviews are not always good as you can just write anything to make review longer. What is the sense? Nobody knows. But reviews should be longer: that is what we are told from the start. It is hard for us to understand but admins are sure: reviews should be longer as length what she's reviews better and longer. 



So far so good. It's still early in the story but the character is starting to develop well. Usually a slice of life as a sting lead and supporting characters to help carry a story due to lacking action. so far he is going very well with creating a good lead. I can only hope that things continue to go well and that his supporting characters in the future are as well developed. 


Reviewed at Chapter Three.

It's early days yet in the story, but it appears this is going to be a slice of life story set an a cultivation/wuxia style setting.

The grammar is fantastic, not only for Royal Road (a bar which is far too low), but for professionally published works as well.  Be it skill, practice or Grammarly (or a combination of all three), there were no jarring moments where you needed to reread a sentence to understand what had happened.

The MC is presented as a world-weary adventurer, which is done well enough that the author might very well be middle-aged or older themselves.  The character has seen it all but just doesn't have the energy to do anything but go through the motions.

The author has started to explain the main character's background using flashbacks, and has done so fairly well - this is a literary device that I am just terrible at using myself, so I applaud a well-executed application of it.

I feel like the author is still finding/working on their style, but I am confident that they'll arrive in good order based on the story so far.

Overall, an excellent start, and although cultivation/wuxia isn't my favorite, I'll still be coming back for more.


For full disclosure this was done as part of a review swap. Reviewed after chapter three. 

The style and grammar are near perfect. Outside of a few run on sentences I have no complaints. All it needs is a copy edit to be publishable. 

Story wise my biggest complaint is the pace of the story is too fast. I'd like to see some of the challenges Sven is facing in both the present day and the flashbacks. The snippets of flashbacks are good enough that they make me want to know more. And Sven needs to face more challenges in the present day for the story to remain interesting. 


The characters in the flashbacks are colourful enough that I want to know more about them. And i want to see real adventures from those time periods. I don't want them to only be plot devices to fuel Sven's motivation to retire from adventuring. Obviously a balance does need to be struck or else the present day story would slow to a crawl. But I think the author could easily meet the challenge. 



Overall I have to say it is a very impressive start to a story. And I definitely want to read more.




David Talon

Let me start out by saying that this isn't the type of story I normally enjoy, having cut my teeth on Robert E. Howard, Tolkien, and the rest of the old masters. However, the opening chapter charmed me from the start, with the playful 'Old warrior herding cats... ah, newbies', through the dungeon. I also liked it that the narrative then slowed down, giving me a chance to get to know Sven better, and understanding why he did what he did.

There is an earlier review that stated the opposite, that there should've been more action. Not a fault on either part, only as Tolkien once wrote: 'You can never please all people on all points'.

The grammer was excellent, with only a couple mistakes I caught, and the story held my interest throughout. I was only disappointed that there were no more chapters!

Quibbles? Only a couple. My first is the same quibble I have with all stories of this type: where do the respawning dungeons come from and how do they fit into the world? I won't belabor the point, as there has to be a suspension of disbelief and the story is only 3 chapters long. Second quibble is in letting your mind wander while fighting. As a fighter in the Society for Creative Anachronism, I learned quickly that even someone not as experienced as you are can clean your clock if you don't pay attention (learned it the hard way, oh yeah...)

So, all in all, an enjoyable read I hope will continue.

Danyel N

Up to this point it is an OK read and I do like the way the character it's developing .i only hope that you're gonna continue like this and don't forget the way you wanted the story to go in the beginning, because a lot of stories start OK but they end awfully annoying so good luck and I'm waiting for more chapters 


This is a fun story about an ex-adventurer trying to decide what to do with his life after getting tired of beating up the same monsters day in and day out. It is very well written, the prose quality and characterizations are solid, and the ending is done nicely. A lovely little diversion which I enjoyed reading.