100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill!

100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill!

by DragomirCM

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

An ominous message puts everyone on Earth into a state of panic, and not long afterwards millions are kidnapped from their homes by a God-like entity. After being gifted with powers and abilities beyond their wildest dreams, they were left to fend for themselves in a strange and dangerous new world.
Unlike the others, Alkelios Yatagai is one of the few who find themselves alone and separated from everyone else. With only a ridiculous amount of Luck and a unique skill to help him survive, he travels through a land teeming with dangerous monsters and... dragons.

Volume 1 can be bought on Amazon: Dragons can be cute too!

Volume 2 coming soon...

Warning: Tagged 15+ for Gore and Violence.

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Table of Contents
78 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Ominous Message! ago
Chapter 2: Kidnapped ago
Chapter 3: Failure as a gamer ago
Chapter 4: Seryanna ago
Chapter 5: Too weak, for now? ago
Chapter 6: The Bloody Mushrooms ago
Chapter 7: Friendship ago
Chapter 8: The cat's out of the bag! ago
Chapter 9: Of levels and overpowered skills ago
Chapter 10: Be careful what you wish for! ago
Chapter 11: My struggle with the Khosinni ago
Chapter 12: When in doubt, blame the Luck! ago
Chapter 13: A midnight surprise ago
Chapter 14: I believe I can fly~! ago
Chapter 15: Unforeseen danger ago
Chapter 16: Brekkar's secret ago
Chapter 17: Through sword and blood ago
Chapter 18: A battle of luck ago
Chapter 19: A battle of fire and ice ago
Chapter 20: Friends ago
Chapter 21: Conclusion ago
Chapter 22: Night Breeze Potion of One Million Deaths ago
Chapter 23: The readhead's escape ago
Side Story (1): The journey of a random hero ago
Chapter 24: Catching up with Seryanna ago
Chapter 25: A kiss under the rain ago
Chapter 26: Pertiko and the Paladins ago
Chapter 27: An unexpected turn of events ago
Chapter 28: Trapped ago
Chapter 29: The final countdown ago
Chapter 30: A battle between two heroes ago
Chapter 31: The impossible promise ago
Chapter 32: The journey to Marook ago
Chapter 33: Marook ago
Chapter 34: The first quest ago
Chapter 35: Can I sacrifice...? ago
Chapter 36: Dragon Flu ago
Chapter 37: The cure to Dragon Flu ago
Chapter 38: Heat ago
Chapter 39: On our way to Drakaria ago
Chapter 40: Drakaria ago
Chapter 41: The letter that sealed their fate ago
Chapter 42: A friend's advice ago
Chapter 43: Rumors in the wind ago
Chapter 44: Draconian Politics ago
Chapter 45: Official Duel ago
Chapter 46: History and shame ago
Chapter 47: Friendly talk ago
Chapter 48: Self-destruction ago
Chapter 49: A good beating ago
Chapter 50: Proof of my resolve ago
Chapter 51: Awakening ago
Side Story (2): Iolaus' resolve ago
Side Story (3): The memories of an old general ago
Chapter 52: Nine months and an egg ago
Chapter 53: The return of the Human Hero ago
Chapter 54: Let the games begin! ago
Chapter 55: Nine months ago ago
Chapter 56: Insanity at the court ago
Chapter 57: Duel ago
Chapter 58: Draejan's escape ago
Chapter 59: An audience with the Queen ago
Chapter 60: A day like no other ago
Chapter 61: The wind of change ago
Chapter 62: Exhibition Fight ago
Chapter 63: Assassination attempt ago
Chapter 64: Accidents happen ago
Chapter 65: War Meeting ago
Chapter 66: A Hero's Skills ago
Chapter 67: The sound of the horn ago
Chapter 68: Legendary! ago
Chapter 69: Their battles ago
Chapter 70: Against Draejan ago
Chapter 71: The reason behind everything ago
Chapter 72: Final round. Fight! ago
Chapter 73: The God-like's Truth ago
Side Story (4): The Knight Master's sins ago
Side Story (5) The Drunk Ghost ago

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Moderately enjoyable if you like genere

Not if you like advanced and well thought out settings.
Story is running on simple set of cliches, overpowered protagonist and world as generic as it gets, with bunch of funny names mixed in so you can't say it doesn't have anything original.
Obviously luck cheat which is constand deus ex machina mechanic running in background and you got easy power walk to watch.
Might be liked if you like harems, dense OP protags who act like idiots more often than not and don't like having intuiges to follow.
Can't believe I wasted day on reading this before I decided that I've seen enough to drop it and leave opinion.


At first I liked the story and the consept of a very lucky MC but the furthr into the story i come i found that the MC is just a spineles coward who is'nt able to make any choices and has some twisted morals and i couldn't handle it anymore and stopped at chapter 36


Good story but MC turns into a whipping boy

 Good light power fantasy, light as in a nice ride and nothing to take too seriously. until he gets the girl he was after and turns into a punching bag, and yes I know its a "training montage" thing, but that was funny a total of once when it was done in the 2000s and now its just abuse, abuse that she and the other girl seem all to happy to do, not only that but she uses it as punishment if he doesn't act the way she wants him to... this story probably doesn't deserve half star but I'm tired of wimpy protagonist. 


The wanna be dragons hurt

I liked the premise. I wanted to like the story.

But I just can't.

I can handle most of it, but it's the characters - especially the "dragoness," Seryanna, that I cannot stand.

She's supposedly a creature of another species, and yet she looks entirely human, acts entirely human (I mean behaviour, not her strength), and worst of all, is stereotypical to a painful degree. I managed to endure, since I enjoyed the premise so much, but on meeting her sister, any ability to tolerate the brazenly cringeworthy "dragons" was shattered.

The MC isn't amazing, either, but it's the over the top standard anime characters with no depth that kill this story.

If you want human characters, make human characters. It's fine. Disgracing the name of "dragons" by having stereotypical human anime girls who can transform just hurts.


Great potential but deeply flawed

I have never seen a story with such obvious plot armor, 100 luck is all well & good but allowing your character to activate it at will like a skill is just ~_~ meh. 


I am not sure I like the main characther that much. Sure, you kinda had to make him dumb, lest he actually uses that 100 luck in a way that would make him a god in five seconds. Nobody would enjoy that. But, the other abilities also had some nice stuff to them, which is nice.

Style is okay enough. There might be some issues here and there but its okay enough. Grammar is fine though


completely implausibly juvenile MC.

Reviewed at: Chapter 49: A good beating

The character is completely irresponsible. It is illogical. It is an insult to readers to be expected to believe that anybody would act this way.

Also, the story suffers from excessive descriptions of internal thoughts. completely unnecessary amount of those internal thoughts.

The side characters/companions aren't horribly ridiculous.

MC's main skill is pretty broken. There's no real challenge if he took his life seriously, which he doesn't.

I got to chapter 49 before I gave up the ghost.

Sidney Garfield Lucas

Great idea but terribly implemented when 35 chapters in the mc has...

Reviewed at: Chapter 41: The letter that sealed their fate

 I wish I could rate it higher but it feels like an ntr novel with a protagonist so cowardly that he beats up one guy for shallow love and then he cowards out every time there's a mention of his love for a dragon girl


Setting has merrit, but quality declines sharply

Reviewed at: Chapter 46: History and shame

Allways hungry for Dragon stories, sadly i had to end reading it prematurely. While the setup was interesting, and the start good to read, at some point (no spoilers) the MC becomes an absolute douch and angst poster child, so devoid of logic and reason any amount of suspension of disbelieve about his idiocy is shattered....


the story was pretty dang good till around chapter 38 id say a solid 4 but after that in a few short chapters it went from 4 to 3 to needing a rewrite.