A Beginner's Guide to Otherworld Cult Management

by ALostTerrapin

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity

Adrian was a man who'd tired of everything. He tired of pleasures, and he tired of pains. Boredom drove him to study the occult, and  curiosity got him killed. 

Now that he's reincarnated, he might as well put what he learned to good use. What could go wrong?

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Invisio Grey

Psychological in the extreme

Reviewed at: Chapter 11

I am enjoying the story. I especially like how the main character reacts as the cult starts to grow.  His abilities (or lack of in some cases) as the cult leader are interesting too. It is a new and interesting way to do the LitRPG/GameLit portion.  I like it the story and recommend it!


Reincarnated out of a B-Movie to Lovecraft

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

Overall – Someone from our world is trying to figure out how to survive in a world designed by Lovecraft – and he’s doing alright. His adventures are set to continue and are expanding as the chapters go on.

Style – The style is descriptive and not as dialogue centric as other styles. That fits for a story inspired by Lovecraft. In case you’re worried, it doesn’t approach the wordiness of Lovecraft, not even close. It’s modern, yet descriptive. It gives you a view into Adrian’s head and a view into the world.

Story – The story is dark, very dark, and there is an air of mystery. Strange and gruesome things are happening on the world Adrian has been reborn into. I like dark stories, and I’m excited for this one to get more gruesome. Some of the things that have already happened have been pretty bad (I mean that in a good, horrifying way). If the author ups the ante, as I am thinking he will, we should see some real horrors. That’s what a story like this is for.

Grammar – I haven’t noticed any issues with grammar.

Character – So far, Adrian is the only character that really has a lot going on. That’s not a bad thing, and it helps that the author keeps us in the head of one character, while the world-building occurs. It keeps readers grounded. I wouldn’t really mind if none of the other characters got much development either as Adrian is interesting on his own. His backstory is something out of a B-movie (I won’t spoil it). His current life is more Lovecraftian. He’s really graduated.


It's off to a good start. It is only 3 chapters in right now but I can't wait for more chapters to explain what his system does.

It has pretty good grammar so far. I haven't spotted any mistakes but I'm not really a person who looks if there is supposed to be a comma there or not.

Overall it seems good.


  The information we're given is never so much as to end the mystique of the setting.  We neither know the thinking or personality of a lot of the more dangerous entities we're dealing with and this gives their actions more impact as you wonder why this or that was done.  

The characters displayed in a reasonable fashion and they're often shown to have minor flaws even if they're not explicitly mentioned.  The MC himself isn't anything amazing and would even be looked down upon if you were to here about him in reality but from his perspective, while he's not talented, he isn't so stupid as to frustrate the reader.  In fact he's fairly good at what he does.

The world itself is well built with the power system being intertwined into the culture, civilization, and power structure in all levels.  This makes sense and should be shown more often in these stories.

Stylistically I already said there is a veil of mystique and danger.  And well...  Yeah.  He just does a good job at that.  I suppose you can also feel the hillbilly culture of his village, the depressing gloominess of the world itself, and the faint cruelty of some of the factions.

There is nothing wrong with the grammar but it isn't something that will leave you astonished.


The Faith of the Faithless

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

Found your story today. I was expecting something much more jaded and evil than this, but was surprised to find instead of some childs evil villain fantasy, where evil is done for evils sake, a well thought out and written story abput a man discovering magic, and his own zest for life. The mc is very believable. Was a highlight of my day. There is a lot of potential here and I will be looking forward to more updates.


The MC is stranded in a different world, where he tries to survive. He has no crazy power. Actually up to this chapter, there are no flashy crazy powers in the world. There is magic, but it is more subtle and mysterious. It is more of a danger of unknown than a danger of getting a fireball in your face.

The MC has a cult and it seems that the more the cult grows, the more power he will receive.


You All Gotta Get on This

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

For those of you who've seen my past reviews, you know that I am not a fan of Isekai, reincarnation or any of the other tropes that get thrown around on this site. But every now and then, there's something that breaks the mold in a way. Something that is not only competantly written, but tells an interesting story. 

I can thankfully say, this is that something. 

Grammar - Always my shortest section. I didn't see any mistakes. Great job. 

Style - Is it odd that I can imagine someone like Vincent Price reading this? Seriously, the narration drips with this creepy atmosphere that's not quite horror. The word choice is genuinely fantastic, I can tell this author's either worked a lot with writing, or has some serious talent. The only thing I can say is give a bit more description, but I can see that's already been addressed. No infodumping, no massive, flowery prologue with tons and tons of useless words. The worldbuilding is seeping in slowly, but surely, and that's what keeps someone like me reading. 

Story - Our main character, Adrian, seemed to be a lost soul in his previous life. We don't know a ton about what Adrian was before he was reincarnated, but I'm sure that's coming soon. But that's not important! What is important is he has a massive knowledge of the occult, and is using that knowledge to manipulate the world he's been brought into and form a cult. I mean, what else are you gonna do with knowledge of demons in a medieval world? It's a bit slower paced than the normal RR fictions are, but I have zero problem with this. It's good to see some buildup before the action starts. But I have a funny feeling this isn't going to be "action" in that kinda way. Which brings me to my next point. 

Character - Adrian is our only character who's gotten some depth right now, but I love him. He's not exactly a good person, but after 3 billion virtuous and pure-of-heart heroes, it's kinda nice to see a protag who says "You know what? Screw it, I'm gonna be a cult leader". He has no superpowers, and he's mortal (as far as we know). It seems that he's not willing to resort to violence, but using his charisma and speech to get out of situations like any good cult leader would. 

Overall, this is seriously fantastic story that I'll be keeping a close eye on. Great job, author. 



Reviewed at: Chapter 12


The grammar in this story is very good. There are barely any mistakes within it.


I like the style of the writing of the novel. It is pretty standard, but the style does a good job of conveying the story of the novel. However, I did think that the usage of em dashes instead of commas was unnecessary most of the time.


I found the story to be a breath of fresh air. It has an intriguing premise that I have not seen before, and the author does well in exploring the facets of this premise. It drags a bit in the beginning, but after a few chapters, the novel starts to progress nicely and a lot of interesting information about the world the main character was reincarnated in begins to be delved into.


The characters in this novel are great. The main character is relatable and has realistic flaws and desires based on his past lifestyle and personality. The other characters are also great with them all having dispositions that are fitting for the world that they live in and the various backgrounds they come from with some, in particular, having a lot of depth to them as well.

Overall, this novel has a bunch of fascinating things in it and is really enjoyable to read.


It feels very disjointed with little to no information early on and a terrible sense of what's going on combined with the fact the author gives you no information on occult and the Mc's blase approach despite being reincarnated. Utterly terrible dribble aswell with tons of terminology that is utterly unexplained. Horrible read. 

Juan Jose Sanchez Rojas

at last . I can read a magic novel that does not have to be anime / manga / manwha etc etc with the most beautiful protagonist increasingly white and with 6 abs.
FINALLY .. I was able to find an old magic novel with rituals that can affect the MC 

the only bad thing I found is that I think there are many religions / churches
when I think that in case the churches in their territories would only allow that they would only like their own religion and would label them as heretics.

but hey, it's only part of a territory we still need to see the whole continent .. I hope you can be faithful to your own novel and don't try to add things just to make your readers happy. By the way, I demand a cult of my sex scenes without sex is nothing..xD