How Not to Save the World

by David J Marcone

This in-process work follows the epic adventure of two wealthy friends on a quest to save the world. These two middle aged men, who might just be the wealthiest two men on the planet, are visited by aliens from another part of the galaxy. These particular aliens are very suspicious of humanity's violent ways and don't like the path we humans are on.

Under threat of "change or be destroyed" our two anti-heroes, Reg and Des, use their unlimited, unethical and heavy handed resources, the same which got them into their positions in the first place, to force the world to change for the better.

At least, that is, what their vision for a better world would be.

Reg and Des, adept at manipulation, deception and ruthlessness embark on a long and painful mission to forcefully and completely gain control of all commerce and communication on the planet. The next step, if they should ever reach it, will be to make sure no-one does anything the aliens might disapprove of.

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David J Marcone

David J Marcone

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