His Majesty's Immortal Academy

by Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

When you wake up in a new world, you expect a certain kind of… reception. So what happens when the perfect opportunity turns out to be the last thing you ever wanted?

The world of Ænerith is one of adventure—where anyone can cultivate to gain Skills or a Class. It’s a place where wars are waged over resource-producing Dungeons, and Monsters threaten deadly, otherworldly incursions. Grandest of all is His Majesty’s Immortal Academy: a mobile bastion and center of learning for the best aspiring Immortals of this, or any, age!

For one young girl, however, this world is far from grand. When her congenital illness leaves her without much longer to live, she goes down the only path left to her. Taking a mysterious offer, she uses a cursed Tome to reach across the Expanses—pulling on the only hope she could find.

But in the end, she failed.

Now, a poor fool finds himself in an unacceptable position. Worse still, the unlikable sod is stuck with no way out, all while something seems to be screaming in the back of his mind. If only he could hear the voice?

No, that would be ins


Wait, what was happening again?



Okay, fancy intro done! 

A quick note to everyone: I’m a new writer and quality is rough in the beginning. It’s slow, introspective, uses bright colors (first few chapters only), and is something that I’ll seriously reconsider if I come back to re-write the story later (I won’t do so while the story is in progress). The length was overly long as well, so I split the early chapters into parts. I get better about that after chapter 16. Lastly, my story does use a lot of LitRPG elements, however menus and the like don’t start actively playing a role until chapter 19.

Still, all the mistakes helped me learn so I can’t regret it!

I will warn, however, that this story contains sensitive topics such as mental illness, self-harm, loss of loved ones, and body-dysmorphia. Please avoid if these are triggering you. Also, the sexual content tag is for language used, mostly due to the crude protagonist—who starts off very unlikable (that does change during the story, and his lack of agency picks up around chapter 16).

Finally, I decided to do batch writing so my release schedule is no longer consistent (it used to be Tuesdays and Fridays). When I do have more story to post, it will likely follow the old schedule until its all out. In between drops, don't be surprised if the story falls into Hiatus. Thanks!

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Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles

Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles

Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles

Royal Writathon October 2020 winner
Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book of Bindings [Prologue] - In the Beginning (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [Prologue] - In the Beginning (Part Two) ago
Contingency Journal (Preamble) ago
Book of Bindings [1.01] - Rude Awakenings (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.01] - Rude Awakenings (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.02] - Improper Bedside Manners (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.02] - Improper Bedside Manners (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.03] - Awkward Conversations (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.03] - Awkward Conversations (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.04] - Hot Cat Buns (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.04] - Hot Cat Buns (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.05] - Dressing the Part (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.05] - Dressing the Part (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.06] - A Magic Carriage Ride (And Nothing Else) (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.06] - A Magic Carriage Ride (And Nothing Else) (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.07] - The Trial of The People v. Jordan (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.07] - The Trial of The People v. Jordan (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.07] - The Trial of The People v. Jordan (Part Three) ago
Book of Bindings [1.08] - You Reap What You Sow (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.08] - You Reap What You Sow (Part Two) ago
Contingency Journal (One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.09] - One Day (or Meal) at a Time (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.09] - One Day (or Meal) at a Time (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.10] - The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.10] - The Light at the End of the Tunnel (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.11] - The Cosmic Oasis (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.11] - The Cosmic Oasis (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.12] - Diving Into the Deep End (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.12] - Diving Into the Deep End (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.13] - Cultivation For Dummies (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.13] - Cultivation For Dummies (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.14] - A Fool's Blessing (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.14] - A Fool's Blessing (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.15] - Left Behind ago
Book of Bindings [Interlude] - Contradictions of a Harlot ago
Book of Bindings [1.16] - End of a Journey (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.16] - End of a Journey (Part Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.17] - Obligatory Hot Springs Episode ago
Book of Bindings [1.18] - Dark Pacts and Revelations (Part One) ago
Book of Bindings [1.18] - Dark Pacts and Revelations (Part Two) ago
Contingency Journal (Two) ago
Book of Bindings [1.19] - What's on the Menu? ago
Book of Bindings [1.20] - The Brightmeadow Archives ago
Book of Bindings [1.21] - The Lure of Explosions ago
Book of Bindings [1.22] - Commitments and Reflections ago
Book of Bindings [1.23] - Tea Party Battles! ago
Book of Bindings [1.24] - Twisting Fates ago
Book of Bindings [1.25] - Competency Takes Shape ago
Book of Bindings [1.26] - Pay It No Mind ago
Book of Bindings [1.27] - Getting By With a Little Help ago
Book of Bindings [1.28] - The Nightmare Begins ago
Book of Bindings [1.29] - Nightmare on Jordan Street ago
Book of Bindings [1.30] - The Slasher of Dreams ago
Book of Bindings [1.31] - The Final Hope ago

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Interesting psychological fantasy litrpg story

Reviewed at: Book of Bindings [1.31] - The Final Hope

First off, I love this story. The story dives deep into what it touches on, and puts other things, like exploring the world and mastering the litrpg elements, on a bit of a back-burner for now. It's a psychological story first, a fantasy second, an other world story second, a fantasy third, and a litrpg fourth. 

The writing styles are solid... but I have to use the word styles here because the author adjusts their style partway through, specifically the pacing. This is largeley due to reader-feedback and can be seen as a good thing, the author increases pacing to get more story done and less navel-gazing. That said, this is a psychological story, so the navel-gazing isn't misplaced. 

The grammar is flawless, and if it isn't flawless, I've forgotten any flaws I may have read. The author is clearly skilled in the language, and I wouldn't be surprised if they had written many things before, published or not. 

The story is where the largest demerit hits. The first several entries, up through chapter 6, well into chapter 7, and still present in chapter 8, reads like torture-porn. A disgusting person suffering in great depth from a situation completely out of his control. This isn't anything worse or darker than I've written in a great number of books in the past, but there was no indication that things would take an upward tragectory. Here's your indication; things will take an upward trajectory. 

Honestly, the early torment of the protagonist fits the story. It's a psychological story about identity, and the torment that the protagonist goes through is having his identity stripped away from him. Around chapter 7 he is able to assert his identity in ways that matter; by making choices, what few he has available to him, that match who he wants to be, but it's not all peaches and rainbows from there on.

The fantasy-litrpg (with the litrpg being an element of the fantasy, rather than the fantasy being the type of litrpg) is a sub-plot to the identiy-plot, at least in the first arc. The world's litrpg system are far too complicated for a power-fantasy litrpg... which is good, because that works better with rest of the story.

Characters are where this work truly shines. I didn't like the protagonist at first, but I do by now. I truly enjoy most of the other characters. They are dynamic, and have very understandable dark sides and very encouraging bright sides. The author also does a great job at threading the characters through the events, so it's not just that something happens, it's that someone experiences something happening. It's a small distinction, but it makes the story feel more real and relatable, despite being so incredibly abstract and fantastical. 

Tldr; this is a psychological story that starts dark and hopeless before we see the light of hope. The psychological emphasis is on identity and helplessness. The litrpg setting is complicated and the litrpg adventure is a sub-plot. It's brilliant and I love it. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw it on a shelf one day with a major publisher's logo on it. 

Stone Mason

His Majesty's Immortal Academy's biggest strength is the effort and time (i.e. words) devoted to (and Gentle Rose of Radiant Waffles' skill at) exploring the main character's state of mind, thoughts, and feelings. The prologue does this with a young girl in a terrible situation being driven insane in a very lovecraftian not-for-mortal-ken manner, but still manages to organically introduce many concepts of the setting we see later on. The main body of the story starts by throwing the main character into a situation that forces him to be very introspective, and through this we learn of a man who has dealt with grief poorly and hurt himself and those around him, forced now to confront his mistakes and given a second chance to do better.

This character growth is the story's main focus for the first couple arcs, and the LitRPG and lovecraftian elements play second fiddle, but in a good way. They drive the character growth and they also leave an intriguing mystery to puzzle together from hints. But, for those who are coming here for the LitRPG action and adventure, as the author has said, the LitRPG only really picks up around chapter 1.19, but I can say the adventure starts at 1.10. In the end I don't think I'd call that a bad thing.

As for grammar? Expect levels of polish you'd expect in a published book. 


I'm not going to go into too much depth here because most of it has already been said by the one or two other negative reviews, but this novel is one that tries to do far too much far too quickly and ends up doing barely anything and much too slowly. 

While initially the lovecraftian shtick was enjoyable (and rather disturbing to work through, kudos to the author on that front), it does get toned down somewhat which was definitely necessary? I say this because while it was cool to read, its use felt overindulgent to the point of absurdity and I suspect that the author themselves noticed it when they mention at some point that only 3 days had progressed in the novel. The problem is that even though the author constantly talks about delivering after the big grind, the two goals that they dangle in front of the reader seem completely unreachable. I'm not sure just how many hundreds of chapters we will need to actually reach the epynomous academy, let along make any progress towards the MC erasing their debt. Additionally, each and every minor excursion takes up so much time the pace of the plot never gets a chance to move anywhere. This time is spent instead on the MC's history (of which too much time is spent on and the themes of which have gotten too repetivtive)  and general exposition.

I like that the MC is a generally horrible person, but you don't need to keep telling us that; you've done a good enough job of showing it to us as well. Having us live through what the MC experiences is also great, but all of these experiences are far too close to each other, leaving us with no room to breathe. I mean, this is a litRPG and we get our first proper look at the RPG system in chapter 42 (I skipped ahead a bit). Sure, bits are hinted at prior and we do get to see the displays once very early on, but chapter 42 is where the MC gets to open up their display and properly sit down and look through their infomation. That's how slow the story progresses.

I really wanted to like this story, but it feels like a marathon just to get to anything interesting and at that point, why bother? It's a bit of a shame since the author is a gifted storyteller but has simply bogged themselves down too much and hasn't gotten a proper grasp of keeping an entertaining pace yet. Perhaps this one is not it, but I would be very interested if another novel were to be released by them.


Starts off really great! A prologue that actually has a purpose beyond infodumping and expositon! The prologue actually starts off a really creative story, the likes of which I've never seen before, then it just sort of becomes some kind of (not)ecchi doujin tier shame-play gender bender... (nope, never mind. It was just a brief interlude, the story is back on track and I jumped the gun instead of reading more. My shame shall remain immortalized in, though). It's a clever take on the genres it represents, and absolutely stands out among the crowd.

You could probably describe this story as... crazy fluffy? Fluffin crazy? Definitely psychological, but without the thoughtless edge, randomness and ranDUMB that 'psychological' themes usually entail. There's a little bit of eldritch thrown in here, a bit of magic and mystery thrown in there, a dash of funsized rocket propelled girlnades and a simple garnish of in- MUFFINS! 𝙃𝙀 𝙃𝙀 𝙃𝙀

As of [1.09] It's really starting to get into its stride and challenge what it means to be in another world- no, not world, maybe mind? No, not that either... body? Reality? █████████? Yeah, that's the one! I let myself be thrown off because it wasn't what I expected, but that's the story's charm.

Don't go expecting some bland doutei power trip where the universe herself sprinkles her golden plot all over the MC as he collects more numbers for his number sheet, skills for his skill sheet- novel- ENCYCLOPEDIA and slaves for his platonic harem.


This story has SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. I honestly got so absorbed into reading it that when I got to the latest chapter I immediately had one of those "I need to get on patreon to read more" moments. This story exudes a lot of chaotic energy but the author always manages to bring it back albeit the whole "lets minimize earth shattering objects/events into a side plot setting" (Nothring I am looking at you). Compared to some of the stories we usually see pop up on Royal Road, this one is one to certainly look out for! Can't wait to see how this story progresses :)


Very disappointing book - not in skill or characters, but in overall story development. The writer seemingly can, as paradoxically as it sounds, coherently lay down her otherwise unstructured ramblings.

What I mean is, while every chapter is written well and connects logically to the next and prior ones, overall the story just goes on a like a delirium dream. The tone shifts from abject torture porn to a slapstick comedy, characters power level are all over the places.

There's no structure, its more like every week the author would watch a new anime and gets inspired, making his next few chapters in the mood of what she herself finds interesting at that moment.

It starts as a pretty intriguing lovecraftian prologue, which was great, even if a bit stretched, then continues into uncomfortable psychological introspective isekai - acquired taste to many, and alright, some depth and exposition is required, which normally should be also a prologue, but I thought to myself: "Well, its gonna be not so much goblin slaying, but a character building redemption story, I can enjoy that too".

And then the book made a 180 turn, stabbed me in the back, and became a fucking Rick-and-Morty cartoon - the whole grandpa trip nonsense. WHAT? I abandoned the ship at that point.


Very good, but takes time to ramp up to speed

Reviewed at: Book of Bindings [1.31] - The Final Hope

To the author:

I would personally recommend/request that you not rewrite the book (for now). I've seen far too many authors fall to endless rewrites, and very few successes. 

As I understand it, this is usually because treading over the same territory you've gone through before can be discouraging, and inspire a feeling of being stuck in place, not progressing the story.

However, if that is the path you choose to walk, I encourage you to pursue that wholeheartedly and prove me wrong!

P.s. my PM's are open if you would like to have a discussion about anything I say here(or happen to need a beta *wink wink*), since there's no respond to review feature. I would love to hear from you!

I really enjoy this work, just binged everything up to present. It takes a while to really ramp up, but I think it's very much worth the read. System is fascinating, and all of that build up pays off when in arcs 2-3. 

This book has an interesting, well thought out world and system, as well as strong characterization. I love the introspection. I don't think anyone could rightfully accuse it of having a world or characters that seem flat or two dimensional. The main goal of getting to the academy is far away, but that's okay because there are important, impactful character driven goals between now and then. 

This book has been a wild ride, would highly recommend! Thanks author!


Endlessly verbose and utterly incapable of getting to any sort of point. there's not actually a story here that i can find, and while the grammar is great and the words themselves are not difficult to read and follow nothing actually bothers to make sense at all.

i hesitate to call it a "gimmick" piece, becuase the author obviously put an extreme amount of effort into making it confusing, and you don't put that kind of effort into something you don't care about. the writing is extremely well polished, all of the confusion aside, but it is confusion for the sake of confusing, as if the simple state of being confusing had some sort of merit to things by itself.

the obvious goal is to be properly eldritch, edgy, and profoundly insane, but it fails at all three by being predictably so. it's about as subtle as a sledgehammer with how hard it tries to be mysterious, and the end result is merely a depression inducing headache from trying to slog through all of it to pick out the vague hints of a plot that was partially birthed into existence and then promptly got lost trying to find itself.

it may actually get better in later chapters, if you can actually stand to read that far. maybe the three or four people who manage that can give a better analysis.


There's a few stories out there which are simply way above the level expected from a web novel. This is one of them.

The story is compelling, and the main character is believable. It also has that little touch that just draws you in. The first few chapters are depicting a particular state of mind, and the description are so well done, you might just start feeling the same way as the main character.

I would have so much more to say, but it would be spoiling it. The world so far looks amazing and fleshed out, worth the read.


Disclaimer: The at this time only two negative reviews are exaggerating completely. This story in no way merits the ridiculously low scores they have given.

If you want to enjoy this fiction you have to bring time and patience, as the author relishes in the exploration of the main character's inner world in great detail. I can enjoy that to a certain extent, but it can feel draining after a while and I found myself skimming paragraphs until the action picked up again. 

I think most chapters could be trimmed by at least 1000 words to make it less exhausting to read while still retaining the story's general feel (which I enjoy) and the bullet time seems, to me at least, to be only there so that the author can get a few paragraphs of philosophizing in between the action. Unlike other reviewers I have no problem with the colored text though and think it makes for a creative addition that takes full advantage of the digital medium the story is written in. It also helps that its prevalence shrinks massively after the first few chapters.

In regards to grammar and overall direction of the story I have no complaints. The MC is just a tad too over the top for me and feels at times more like a parody / exaggerated archetype. But that could also be because I don't know any people like that IRL.