Mr. Familiar

by EO Tenkey

You've all heard the story before: boy gets hit by a truck in the prime of his life. Boy is given a second chance in the world of his favorite video game. Boy meets voluptuous girl and really hits it off. Boy faithfully serves as girl's cosmetic companion animal.

…wait, what? Run that last one by me again? I'm a what now?

...Aw, flick. This isn't what I signed up for!

Hey there, E.O. Tenkey here! Thank you for checking out my second serialized work here on Royal Road (the first being My Life is not a Manga, or maybe...). We'll be playing things a bit straighter this time around (no genre swaps, I promise!), but, well...not that straight. Here's what you're getting yourself into:

• No profanity (technically)!
• A new chapter every Wednesday (I'll let you know ahead of time if I'm going to miss a week)!
• A complete story (I finish what I start)!

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EO Tenkey

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Quest 1: Mr. Familiar Meets His Maker ago
Quest 2: Mr. Familiar Claims the Breast Seat in the House ago
Quest 3: Mr. Familiar Makes Friends and Fails to Influence People ago
Quest 4: Mr. Familiar and the Joys of Self Improvement ago
Quest 5: Mr. Familiar Porks Out ago
Quest 6: Mr. Familiar is a Third Wheel ago
Quest 7: Mr. Familiar Fails His Skill Check ago
Quest 8: Mr. Familiar has a Breakthrough ago
Quest 9: Mr. Familiar Flies the Coop ago
Quest 10: Mr. Familiar is a Wallflower ago
Quest 11: Mr. Familiar Gets Squeezed ago
Quest 12: Mr. Familiar and the Benefits of Calisthenics ago
Quest 13: Mr. Familiar Yaks It Up ago
Quest 14: Mr. Familiar Places a Tall Order ago
Quest 15: Mr. Familiar Doesn't Quite Assert His Dominance ago
Quest 16: Mr. Familiar Peeks Behind the Curtain ago
Quest 17: Mr. Familiar Gets the Axe ago
Quest 18: Mr. Familiar Classes Things Up ago
Quest 19: Mr. Familiar Intervenes ago
Quest 20: Mr. Familiar Gathers His Party Before Venturing Forth ago
Quest 21: Mr. Familiar and the Power of Networking ago
Quest 22: Mr. Familiar is a Yes-Man ago
Quest 23: Mr. Familiar Cuts a Rug ago
Quest 24: Mr. Familiar Instigates ago
Quest 25: Mr. Familiar and the Power of Thrust ago
Quest 26: Mr. Familiar Skips Ahead ago
Quest 27: Mr. Familiar Storms the Castle ago
Quest 28: Mr. Familiar Gets Munched ago
Quest 29: Mr. Familiar Gorges Himself ago
Quest 30: Mr. Familiar Takes Some Names ago
Quest 31: Mr. Familiar Fights the Good Fight ago
Quest 32: Mr. Familiar Owns It ago

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I can't speak for the sort of audience that enjoys mundane happenstance, but I have a recommendation for anyone who reads stories to experience intriguing plots. Read up until you can't possibly bear it any longer, then skip to chapter 12. That's the chapter where the main character starts to be allowed to have quantifiable agency, and the chapters up until that point will serve as background on the story so far; the story's not so complicated that you'll be all that lost as to what's going on.

Past that, the premise is better thought out than you'd think going in, the characters are okay, and the chapters are short enough that the simplicity of the story doesn't start to weight on you. I'm more invested in what's going to happen next with this story than some others I read on this site with supposedly higher stakes.


So, there's only nine chapters, which isn't much to go off of, but I'm not some sort of professional reviewer anyway, so whatever. Anyway, I like the story. Our main character is, like the description states, a familiar. He's dragged around by his clueless master while he rages against the world for multiple reasons, both because of his familiar-state and his inability to tell his master how stupid everything she's doing is. It's hilarious, and I love it. There isn't really any plot, but I don't think this story is going for that sort of epic adventure anyway, so I don't mind. I'll update this when there's more chapters, but so far, I like it!


Reviewed after Chapter 21.

Being essentially a MacGuffin character should suck for the MC, but even a few bits of agency makes it quite an interesting position and thus viewpoint to read. The mix of human, machine, and 'divine' agency in the background is promising. I'm lookign forwards to reading more.