The monkeys saw their chance and attacked me at once; I knew there was no way I could fend them all off even with <Lightning step> active, so I returned my axes to my storage ring and took a stem out. Now, with my hands free, I focused my full attention on dodging their attacks. I spun left, ducked down, bobbed right, I did everything in my power to catch a slight break, that’s all I needed.

With every second or third consecutive evaded attack, I had a brief moment to take a bite of the stem. After a while, I had finally eaten the entirety of it.

[Name: 10 Year Agura flower

Boost: +3 Agility for 10 minutes.]

Once the bonus was in, I could separate myself from their onslaught of attacks so I opened my [Inventory] and from it, I took out a red healing potion meant for those between level 20 to 40. I quickly consumed its contents in three large gulps as all the cuts on my body repaired itself.

As a result, I felt light as a feather; no fatigue or blood loss slowing me down anymore. The healing potion did its job, a bit too well though. Since the agura flower acted like a drug, the healing potion cleansed it from my body as if it was a poison ending the boost right there. However, it didn’t matter anymore; I was refreshed and ready to end things, so I switched from defence to offense.

I reactivated <Lightning step> and with a flash of light I was right in front of them. I decided I’d take them on one for one for brief moments so they couldn’t swarm me and it was working. As the fight continued, they bled more and more. I also made use of <Lightning Palm’s> chain reaction damage and <Lightning sweep> when they came too close to me. This kept going until one for one they dropped to the ground, dead.

The Shadow Imp assassinated them in quick succession once they were weak enough. I purposefully cut their muscles on the legs and arms to make them slower, and my Imp caught on.

Once all his minions were killed, the (General) rose to its feet. It stood 2.5 meters tall, its hulking body threatening to block out all light from the sky. It looked at me as two silver sabres appeared in its hands out of nowhere. Afterwards, it beat its chest like a gorilla, then ran towards me.

I replied in kind, reequipped my axes and ran towards it. Once we were close enough, we swung our weapons into each other as the sound of metal on metal resounded across the plain. In the grass were four deep sets of footprints as we tussled for superiority. My axes drew near to its heart, then I’d be pushed back and its sword would be inches away from my neck. The back and forth went on until I slipped out. If this continued, I would surely lose my head as I was a lot weaker in terms of raw strength.

However, I wondered where my Imp was. It squandered the perfect opportunity to deal a grave blow to the (General). I assumed it wanted me to fight the strongest one alone like a true Demon Lord, however, once I discovered the real reason I smiled then I clenched my axes tightly as vigour arose inside me, I didn’t want to lose in front of my minions.

I charged in again, but this time I didn’t attack, instead I nimbly danced around its attack. Once I was behind it, I swung my axes into its back and activated <Lightning Palm>. The axe served as a pathway for the current, so the lightning directly entered its body.

[Critical damage dealt!]

Once I saw this, I pulled out the axes as blood dripped down its burnt skin. The monkey dropped to one knee, coughed up blood, then with much effort it stood up again!



Somewhere in the forest of Pantelan, “Dimitri, are you seeing this, where are all these beasts going?” A red Oni said to a black one.


The black Oni laughed, “They probably heard our Lord command me to get stronger now they’re running away in fear for their lives.” The black Oni continued to laugh.


The red Oni looked at him with a deadpan expression, “Don’t be stupid. You are barely level 10 why would these creatures fear you. No, there must be something else, I mean look at them, they seem possessed as they run. Let’s go check it out, if it proves fruitful our Lord is sure to provide us with some willing woman.”


Drool rolled down the side of the black Oni’s mouth as he imagined the steamy adventures if they could relay important information. With that, he had made his mind and ran after the monsters, yet maintaining a safe distance. Since he was dark of complexion, the shadows provided by trees allowed him to sneak away easier.


The red Oni followed as well until they both stopped. Up ahead they could see two unidentified demons and an Imp, they were standing near a strange magic circle that glowed red.


The black Oni scratched its head, “Those three are as good as dead! Look at all these beasts, there is like a thousand here all surrounding them. Even if I had 100 lives, I wouldn’t survive.”


However, as time passed, the mouth of the Oni dropped further down, “Have you ever seen a formation as complex as this one!? What did I just see, swords, pitfalls and fire?”


The red Oni was just as perplexed as the other one but eventually snapped out of it, “Come let’s go, we need to report this. Someone who’s level is lower than our lord, yet can cast skills like this a threat!”


The words went in one ear, and out the other as the black Oni continued to watch.


The red Oni’s nostrils flared, “Did you hear me, we need to go!?”


“Yeah, yeah we can let’s just see how he handles the General.”


“Okay but after that we going, deal?”




The handsome devil continued to fight the (General) it was a stalemate until fatigue hit the monkey and as a result it go critically hit. From this point on, it was clear who was going to win. In battle, all it took was one blunder for the tides to switch.


Once the red Imp knew who was going to win, it climbed down from the tree it was hiding in, “Come now, lets go. There’s no point watching anymo-“


Suddenly from out the shadows an Imp ‘ Hit Dem Folks’. In the last part of the move, the Imp stabbed the Oni in the neck, causing it to fall to its knees as it drowned in its own blood. Once it was dead, the Shadow Imp kicked its torso causing its cadaver to fall face first to the wet soil.


“I’m coming down now. I can’t wait for tonight hopefully Sue is available, she’s the best.” The black Oni said as it climbed down the tree so excited about the future, it didn’t notice the present until it was staring at it, “Wait you that Imp. If you’re here then that means.” It looked on the ground and saw its partner’s body, then gulped as its heart tightened and eyes bulged.


The Shadow Imp revealed an evil grin. This was the outcome it desired, it could have killed the Oni in the tree and continued the streak, instead it had a little fun.


The Oni saw the grin and laughed in fear, then screamed as it ran its sword into the Shadow Imp’s heart. At least, that’s what it thought it did. Suddenly, the Shadow Imp burst into a cloud of darkness, then slowly faded away.


The Oni stopped breathing as it looked for the Shadow imp. It held its sword close to its body making sharp fearful turns, “Where are you?”


“I’m right behind you, I’ve always been,” the Imp said as it stabbed its dagger through the Oni’s heart. A few seconds later, the Oni fell dead to the ground.


The imp took a deep breath, “That settles those prying eyes.” It looked at Raishuan, “Looks like my Lord is wrapping things up over there. Then I’ll wrap things up here too.”


It dug a shallow hole and placed both of them inside it. The hole was perfect; it was the right size to assume the Onis were meant to stay hidden, but also the right size to be found eventually…




I continued to fight the monkey, but after it took critical damage, it became easier and easier. One deep cut turned to two, then three. Before I knew it, the beast didn’t have the strength to stand anymore. I knew at that moment; it was finally over so I activated <Lightning bolt>. Immediately a large bolt of lightning that cracked and boomed appeared in my hands. I increased the size of the lightning bolt, then morphed it into a long spear. In my hand, I was holding a spear made entirely of lightning. Gripping it, I prepared to throw the lightning spear at the dying (General) when black smoke appeared and from it an Imp.


Seeing this, I knew the Imp had returned to claim the kill as such I threw the spear elsewhere. Once it hit the ground it disintegrated leaving massive scorch marks all over.


[New skill created: <Lightning Spear>


Tier: 3


Description: The name is self explanatory. Deals 80% percent more damage than your base attack. Has a 20% chance to do critical damage and 15% chance to stun.




I brushed the notification away; it wasn’t news to me. Then I called out to the Ija who was waiting by himself in the distance. Once we were together, I handed them both a healing potion, then we began salvaging everything we could from the remains of the corps.


Once we had got what we needed, we threw their remains into the pit. Then I deactivated <Draw Agro> and <The pit of a thousand deaths>. Immediately, the metal sticking out of the ground returned and the split earth became whole again, burying all evidence deep down in the ground. I looked at the terrain and marvelled at the power of magic, then began walking back to base.


While walking, I turned to the Imp, “I take it you took care of our spectators?”


“Ah, my Lord knew… As expected of your excellence, nothing escapes your majestic eye.”


The Ija heard this and mumbled under its breath, “Kiss ass.” As its face turned sour.


It’s jealousy didn’t escape me so I looked at it, “You were magnificent today! You being able to handle so much on your own made my job so much easier.”


[Loyalty with Ija: Nameless has increased to 90. This minion will die for you if the need arises.]


Seeing the notification, I smiled all the way back to my domain.


[Do you want to enter your domain?]


[Yes/ No]


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