The Stone of Predestination

by Ariana Vivoni

In a world very similar to our own, the Energy is the driving force of many big and small miracles, and the people who control it are revered, loved and hated by the ones born un-gifted.

Karil is an orphan and would give anything, even his own life, to become one of the masters of the Energy. At the day of the final exam, he is reviled the horrible truth – he does not have the gift.

But is that really so?

Karil plunges in a turbulent adventure trough woods, deserts, and sometimes even through his own mind, looking for the answer to the question who, or rather what he is. But nothing is what it seems – friends are enemies, enemies are friends, his parents are not exactly his parents, and the border between good and evil disappears. And over all this looms the shadow of The Stone of Predestination – the greatest weapon ever created.

There is no time to lose!

The Stone must not fall into the Master’s hands, or something really, really bad would happen. On Karil’s fragile shoulders now falls the burden to prevent the end of the world… or to fulfil the Oracle’s prophecy and destroy it with his own hands.

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Ariana Vivoni

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