by Cinn

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When a threat to the galaxy is about to resurface - and with only tenuous proof that it's coming - Ali Turner must convince people to act. As a disgraced former captain, will it be enough? And even if it is, what lengths will she need to go to - or be willing to go to - to stop it?

Endeavour is a science fiction series with action & adventure elements and numerous classic sci-fi influences. Feedback is appreciated. Book 2 complete. Book 3 being written.

Gore rating is to be on the safe side where a particular scene strays a bit too close to the borderline.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Breaking Cover: Intro - What kind of problem? ago
1. Breaking Cover: 1 - We can't not be involved. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 2 - Shot across our bow. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 3 - This complicates matters. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 4 - I thought I was the unreliable source? ago
1. Breaking Cover: 5 - Need to know. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 6 - Scared of a little physics? ago
1. Breaking Cover: 7 - Big picture. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 8 - Any further details? ago
1. Breaking Cover: 9 - Skip the pleasantries? ago
1. Breaking Cover: 10 - Right out of her playbook. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 11 - Are we done? ago
1. Breaking Cover: 12 - Whatever it takes. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 13 - Pushing the boundaries. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 14 - Out of options. ago
1. Breaking Cover: 15 - Is that a risk you're willing to take? ago
1. Breaking Cover: 16 - Where does it stop? ago
1. Breaking Cover: Epilogue - You have been busy. ago
2. Losing Ground: Intro - Threat assessments. ago
2. Losing Ground: 1 - Anything catch your eye? ago
2. Losing Ground: 2 - Famous last words. ago
2. Losing Ground: 3 - What do you suggest? ago
2. Losing Ground: 4 - It's not technically a heist. ago
2. Losing Ground: 5 - I don't belong to that ishten! ago
2. Losing Ground: 6 - Just stay off the tables! ago
2. Losing Ground: 7 - Doesn't get more family than that. ago
2. Losing Ground: 8 - Go catch the bad guys. ago
2. Losing Ground: 9 - Remember to let us in. ago
2. Losing Ground: 10 - Where would you hide? ago
2. Losing Ground: 11 - What, exactly, are you suggesting? ago
2. Losing Ground: 12 - The man can hustle. ago
2. Losing Ground: 13 - What are you doing here? ago
2. Losing Ground: 14 - I can't believe he stabbed me. ago
2. Losing Ground: 15 - Banging our heads against the wall. ago
2. Losing Ground: 16 - How can we have nothing? ago
2. Losing Ground: 17 - Distress call. ago
2. Losing Ground: 18 - We did what we could. ago
2. Losing Ground: 19 - Come back alive. ago
2. Losing Ground: 20 - Left with one option. ago
2. Losing Ground: 21 - See you on the other side? ago
2. Losing Ground: 22 - We can still do this. ago
2. Losing Ground: 23 - Heavy handed. ago
2. Losing Ground: 24 - Was it worth it? ago
2. Losing Ground: Epilogue - Set course for Yerta. ago

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Cinn's Endeavor delivers an old-school space opera, with scenes that wouldn't be out of place on Star Trek and hefty doses of compelling human drama and emphatic characterization. 

It's not hard science-fiction, though. The narrative is character-driven and focused, which I enjoyed, but readers looking for super-detailed passages on hyper-drives or fictional quantum mechanics won't find such stuff here. Instead, expect a compelling cast of characters, tight and evocative prose, and an excellently paced plot. 

Currently, this draft of the story still sports a few grammatical oversights (tense inconsistencies and dialogue tag issues, for example), but none of those really detract from the reading experience. 

Endeavor is definitely worth a read, so check it out! 


Entertaining Story and Interesting Characters

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

Endeavor is an entertaining read that mixes space opera and character driven sci-fi. Although the story has a Star Trek feel, the author adds additional elements to craft a unique story and characters.

Style: The story is well written in an easy to read style. The text is descriptive, but not cloyingly so. Only issue I had is some instances of finding the wording a bit cumbersome.

Grammar: Overall, the grammar is quite good. Few minor issue here are there, certainly nothing that would interfere with enjoying the story.

Story: The plot is well developed with sufficient back story to explain what's at stake. The story moves along at a good pace without neglecting character development. Did notice a few minor inconsistencies in the plot, but these didn't adversely affect the overall storyline.

Character: This is where Endeavor shines. Although within the first two chapters we are introduced to multiple characters, each is provided enough background to keep them from becoming an after thought. Within the story there are sufficient events and conversations to learn the back stories of the main chracters allowing the reader to gain a better understanding of them

Overall: Although I dinged the story slightly on Style, Grammar, and Story, I'm still giving it an overall rating of 5 stars. The entertaining story and well developed characters far outweigh these minor issues.

Edge Valmond

Apologies for not giving this an advanced review, just not in the mood at the time. Though, what I can safely say is that there is quite a bit of world building. Some crude moments if I am interpreting this correctly, and likable characters. This is definitely a work I can see others getting into, which it looks to be a sci-fi. There are a few I tend to like, and this is one that does a bit. I suppose the only issue I find is perhaps a bit too much world building, but that is it. This is not a major problem, but it might turn off potential readers. A balance is needed in short, but overall? Well done.