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i really wanna get part of this tutorial over with even though I know it's important to the story, I'm excited to show a huge when he finishes this challenge and does the next one. 

every time one of the hordes was blown up Arthur would check up on the lich, trying to find out if his plan was working.

The undead in the area all are created by this lich, he uses them for surveillance and simple cannon fodder. Even though they might seem useless to a human a lich always values their undead highly. Arthur was using this as its weakness since the lich would always revive their fallen undead to keep the army stable.

Arthur was destroying thousands of undead and it would take enormous amounts of mana to revive every single one. Of course, the lich wouldn't use up every single piece of their mana to revive the undead, if they did then Arthur's job would be a lot easier.

Arthur was simply giving himself an advantage. The lich would still have the barrier up no matter what but it could only take damage in proportion to the amount of mana one has. Arthur was lessening the lich's mana with his blowing up hordes tactic so that his final plan would be more effective.

After the 5th horde was blown up Arthur could tell that the lich only had around 20% of its original mana, well within his expectations.

He decided to intact his plan as soon as possible to not give the lich a chance at regaining mana.

the lich was station in a small abandoned castle, it was sitting on a stone throne. weirdly no other undead was stationed nearby. Arthur was currently hiding behind a pillar in the throne room.

"I know you are here"

Arthur's eyes flared open


Arthur still didn't relax, he was very confident in his stealth abilities. he knew the lich was powerful enough to see through his stealth, especially with his lowered mana.

also, Arthur knew the lich was bluffing of some sort, he hadn't failed the challenge yet which means he hasn't been discovered.

"if you can hear me I simply have one thing to say"

Arthur listened to the undead

"prepare yourself, steel your will"

Arthur sighed hearing him talk, what was the point of saying something so cryptic?

Arthur noticed that the undead had closed its eyes and laid back in its throne.

'is he giving up?'

the lich didn't have its mana barrier up, it wasn't trying to sense him either, he was just laying there as if no one was currently trying to kill him.

Arthur walked out from the pillar and started to quietly walk towards the lich, if the lich simply opened its eyes it would see Arthur and he would fail, but it didn't happen.

When Arthur was in front of the lich he grabbed another mana bomb from his pocket and activated and threw it on the liches lap and walked away.

"no problem"

level 5 has been completed

level 6 has now started

Kill their leader and don't get caught

Arthur was very confused with what just happened. why did the lich let him kill him? how did he know he was there yet he didn't fail the challenge? What was the message for?

He wouldn't find any answers just thinking about it so he decided to ignore it for now. He had to focus on beating level 6 for now.

Arthur was currently outside of the Ents forest preparing some of his ingredients for his plan. This time however it wasn't as complicated as the one in the previous level, it's probably the first idea anyone has for fighting a forest.

'burn it'

Ents, of course, have a natural weakness against fire, however, at the same time fires aren't the best weapon to use to fight against them. A fire mage couldn't create a forest fire with any low-level spells. Ents have their ways of dealing with fire which is why Arthur needed a special ingredient when enacting his plan.

Arthur was currently running along the perimeter of the forest, leaving a trail of some sort of liquid in a line. Arthur had around 5 jars of this liquid so he used them up very quickly. He then stepped back and launched a fireball at the liquid. A huge fire erupted from the liquid, igniting the forest around it.

Arthur could already see the Ents influence, some of the small bushes were angled in opposite directions which lessened the fire's ability to spread. However it was of very little use, Arthur chose the perimeter since the Ents couldn't do much here, and once the fire reached the core of the forest it would be too late. Arthur was occasionally using gust to flare up the fire but other than that he simply waited.

At this time Arthur abused his no time limit and simply relaxed for around a week, monitoring the fire and helping out when he could. by the 7th day, around 99% of the forest was burnt, however, Arthur's target wasn't dead yet. He started to run to the leader of the forest and the huge tree in the middle was very burnt, yet he could still see some hints of green hiding inside the burnt wood.

Arthur threw 3 fireballs at it which broke through the weak burnt wood like butter.

level 6 has been completed

level 7 has now started

Kill their leader and don't get caught

Arthur was transported to outside a part of the demon territory. He was currently thinking of his plan of action.

Sadly he couldn't think of any concrete plans, Demons are strong and don't have to my weaknesses. The only one being the light element and if Arthur had a light imbued weapon then he would be able to cut through them like butter, but nothing around him currently could substitute for that.

so far he had been using tricks to get an advantage or outright defeat his enemy but the demon territory wouldn't be the same. Demons in their own territory are like fish in the water.



Name Arthur Age 19 Classes [][][][]
Strength 9 Agility 11 intelligence 10
wisdom 9 endurance 9 vitality 8

SwordsmanShip Rank A
Zen state Rank A

Arthur was currently looking at what he would be best at.


his agility was his currently strongest stat, with the second being intelligence. This wouldn't help him too much since he couldn't do any one-on-one fights.

Arthur sat in the same spot for 4 hours thinking of plans to beat the demons, when suddenly he came to a conclusion.

'it's not possible'

Yes, that was the trick, so far the tutorial gave him the ability to bring things into farther levels because it wouldn't be possible to beat them otherwise, the undead area would be impossible to beat without those bombs, the ents would also be impossible if it weren't for the oil he used.

Every single time Arthur surpassed what someone as weak as him could beat by using his resources efficiently. However, why did that suddenly change? Arthur couldn't think of anything he could have missed to bring into this level to beat it, and if there was how would he have known about it and then find it? would he have to of gotten lucky to beat this level?


The tutorial tests your skills, and the first 6 obviously tested his skills in gathering and using your surroundings efficiently. It was impossible for an assassin to beat every single type of situation, that's why it was important to have a wide variety of items or ability at hand for unique situations. This was a rule for any sort of good assassin.

But Arthur knew the tutorial's goal had changed, it wasn't testing his item skills anymore, it was testing something different, but what?

Arthur had an idea so he started to walk away from the demon territory into a forest. Arthur wanted to explore the area outside the demon territory, there had to be a clue somewhere and he would find.

1 week later Arthur was standing outside a broken-down stone pillar

'found it'

Arthur had been wandering around for 1 week to find this, the clue.

Arthur started to walk in front of the tower, he could see some scribbles on it, but they were weirdly impossible to see as if his own vision censored them, then it started moving and became readable, this surprised Arthur

'heavenly script? how is this possible?'

The heavenly script was the text sent by godly races, such as angels or any sort of gods. They were very rare even in the infinite infinity. In his past life, Arthur had only known about 3 in total. Every single person to had discovered them gained immense benefits one couldn't imagine.

'why is one here?'

A heavenly script was the last thing Arthur expected to be in the tutorial, but now he had gotten over it. The benefits sadly would only be temporary since they would disappear when he finished the challenge. no need to waste more time on thinking about it.

'time to found it what it will give me'


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