It was only a superficial injury; hence, Yu Xiaogang got better after circulating his spirit power a few times. Afterward, he sat cross-legged and started analyzing his fight against Erlong, and after pondering for a short while, Yu Xiaogang concluded that he lacked fighting experience.


" Click! "

Yu Xiaogang, who was pondering on the ways to increase his combat experience, opened his eyes as he heard the sound of his door opening. He smiled after looking at the little figure entering the room.


" Did I interrupt you, father? " Yu Yan, who had just woken up and was still half asleep, entered the room and before waiting for him to reply, jumped onto the bed and hugged him.


Yu Xiaogang was not at all angry; instead, he had a doting smile on his face as she hugged him, and lovingly rubbed her little head. After a while, He finally spoke up, " Let's get you some breakfast. "


" Un! " Yu Yan nodded, yet she still stayed in her position, hugging him. Yu Xiaogang could only shake his head helplessly and pick her up and walk out of the room.


" Okay, Yan'er, now you come down and sit beside the table while I re-heat the food for you. " Yu Xiaogang said as he put his daughter back on the ground.




Two people wearing a black cloak with their faces covered stood in front of the academy's gate. Both of them stepped inside the entrance and saw a small office beside the gate.


" Hao, let's go there and ask about him. " One of the two said in a low but gentle voice, and from the voice itself, it was self-evident that the person wearing the cloak was a woman.


" Un! " The other person nodded and replied in a husky voice, and both of them walked towards the recruitment office. As it was early in the morning and it had not been long since the recruitment teacher had entered the office. He was surprised after hearing the sound of footsteps nearing the office.


His expressions quickly changed from being initially surprised to panicking after he saw two people, who had covered themselves fully by wearing a black cloak entering his office.


Wearing a black cloak was not uncommon in the city, and usually, it won't cause the other people to panic, but the recruitment teacher did dread both of them because he couldn't sense their strength, and it only meant that they were stronger than him.


Being a teacher in Blue Tyrant Academy already spoke of his strength, yet he could not sense the strength of the other people caused his heart to shake. Still, he politely asked, " Sir, what can I do for you? "


" Call Yu Xiaogang! " Said one of them in a husky voice, yet it sounded like thunder in the ears of the recruitment teacher. To show his dominance, he added spirit energy while speaking.


The recruitment teacher's forehead was already covered in sweat after hearing the other party's voice and estimated that the other party's strength was at least at the same level as the dean of the academy.


" Sir, there is no Yu Xiaogang in the academy. " He spoke in a trembling voice. The temperature in the room decreased a few degrees after he spoke, and the pressure on the teacher continued to increase.


" Hao, it is enough. " The other person finally spoke and berated his comrade, and he unwillingly retracted his spirit energy and imposing manner.


" I want to meet your dean. " The husky voice again sounded in the room.


The teacher hesitated for a moment before he asked, " How may I address your excellency? "


" Tang Hao. " This time, the husky voice sounded a bit impatient.


The teacher replied, " Please wait for some time as I convey it to my dean, " and before Tang Hao could reply, Ah Yin grabbed his hand and shook her head. After a few minutes, he returned with Liu Erlong to the recruitment office.


Liu Erlong entered the room and sat on the teacher's seat, and the recruitment teacher obediently stood behind her. She gazed at the two people sitting in the front for a moment before speaking, " What do you want? "


Tang Hao wrinkled his brows after hearing her questioning them. His mood was already terrible due to recent events, and now the dean of a little academy questioning him made him angry. He released all of his spirit energy, imposing manner, and directed towards Liu Erlong. Although Tang Hao's thinking was not wrong, he made one mistake by thinking that Liu Erlong was the same as other deans.


Liu Erlong was already feeling a little guilty about hurting Xiaogang today while sparring and wanted a place to vent it out; Tang Hao releasing his spirit energy became her primary target. An imposing manner comparable to that of Tang Hao burst out of Liu Erlong as she released all of her spirit energy.


Tang Hao and Ah Yin both were stunned, and neither of them had thought that the woman sitting in front of them would have such strength. Although Tang Hao was angry, he was not stupid enough to fight a meaningless battle against a person whom he was not sure enough to beat.


He retracted his spirit energy, and Liu Erlong did the same after seeing the latter's actions. She again asked, " What do you want? " Tang Hao could only restrain his anger and reply, " Call Yu Xiaogang! "


Liu Erlong snappily replied, " What do you want with my husband? " Everyone else in the room was stunned after hearing her.


Tang Hao and Ah Yin both reacted after a moment and thought about his daughter and felt it was reasonable that Yu Xiaogang was married. On the other side, the teacher standing behind Liu Erlong could not process the information. He had been working in the academy for a long time and did not hear even once about his dean's personal life; moreover, he did not have the courage to speak directly to her.


" That's great, big brother Xiaogang has such a beautiful wife. " Ah Yin broke the silence and spoke. Liu Erlong's expression softened after hearing her. She already knew that the other person was a woman even after her disguise.


" Who are you? " Liu Erlong looked towards her and asked. She was not jealous or feeling threatened by the other party because of her contact with Yu Xiaogang; instead, she was simply curious.


" She is my wife. " It was Tang Hao who replied to her question. Although curious, she did not ask anymore.


" Follow me. " She stood up and left the office after speaking. This time Tang Hao did not question her; instead, both he and Ah Yin stood up and followed behind her.


As they were walking in the academy, Liu Erlong stopped a teacher at random and told him, " Go to my dormitory and tell my husband, Tang Hao is here. Tell him to come to my cottage. " Unknowingly, Liu Erlong had changed the way she called him from Xiaogang to the husband. Although the instructor was surprised, he did not question her and walked away to execute her order.


The three of them continued to walk towards the narrow path beside the buildings and entered the forest, and after walking down the narrow path for a while, they reached their destination.


Liu Erlong walked inside the cottage while The two of them stood outside and admired the surroundings. She returned after a moment with two stools for them to sit on.




" Knock! Knock! " Yu Xiaogang, who was washing the dishes, heard someone knocking on the door. He knew if it were Erlong, she would have entered directly. With his curiosity aroused, Yu Xiaogang walked forward and opened the door.


He saw an academy teacher standing outside. Yu Xiaogang looked at the latter with a questioning gaze.


The instructor felt his gaze and hurriedly said, " Sir, the dean has asked you to go to her cottage and also told me to inform you that Tang Hao is here. "


" Okay. " Yu Xiaogang indifferently replied and closed the door immediately afterward. He didn't even notice the awkward expression on the instructor's face; Instead, he walked up to Little Yan's room after thinking for a moment.


" Yan'er, do you want to meet little sister Ah Yin? " Yu Xiaogang spoke from the outside of the room, and after a moment, he heard a noise coming from the room.


As Yu Xiaogang was going to enter the room to check if everything is alright, the door opened, and Yu Yan walked out with an eager look on her face. She immediately grabbed his hand and said, " Father, let's go. "


Yu Xiaogang shook his head and laughed as both of them stepped out of the room and left the building.


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