Yu Xiaogang's face sobered up as he felt a sense of threat from the huge flame dragon in front of him. Even though he did not have much fighting experience, Yu Xiaogang made up for it with his extraordinary mind and preception.


" Tyrant's body! Saint Body! "

The first black spirit ring beneath him started glowing, the illusionary scales covering his body shone radiantly, simultaneously Yu Xiaogang used the innate spirit ability of his spirit bones, and his whole body was covered in a glossy sheen.


This is Yu Xiaogang's strongest state unless he also uses the spear to increase his attacking methods. It was not that Yu Xiaogang wanted to show off his strength in front of her; instead, the current Liu Erlong's strength had already surpassed Tang Xiao's, and could even fight against Tang Hao.


" Roar! "

The huge scarlet dragon let out a loud roar and rushed forward and attacked with its left claw. Although Liu Erlong seemed provoked and used her martial spirit true avatar, yet she attacked with the sheer power brought to her by the true avatar instead of using the spirit abilities.


Liu Erlong only wanted to scare Yu Xiaogang and teach him a lesson, not hurt him.


" Black dragon's claw! "

Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath after watching her rushing towards him, and instead of avoiding, Yu Xiaogang used his second spirit ability and charged straight forward.


" Clang! "

Even though Yu Xiaogang's dragon claw was made of spirit energy, a sound of metal clashing was heard as the two claws collided. Yu Xiaogang took five steps back before stabilizing his position, and on the other hand, Liu Erlong was barely forced back by the clash.


As Yu Xiaogang had thought, Liu Erlong's current strength had already surpassed Tang Xiao, and only by the sheer force provided by the true avatar, she could repel him.


Although the current result was in his consideration, however, it was not she had in her mind. Liu Erlong had thought that after showing him the difference in their power, she would be able to persuade him not to be arrogant, just because he had eaten an immortal herb, and his martial spirit had evolved.


The reality hit her hard, and among all the outcomes, this was the one she had never expected. There was a complex look in her big dragon eyes as she looked at the figure standing in front of her.


Although Liu Erlong had not expected such an outcome, yet no one could see the happiness bubbling in her heart at this moment. She had sacrificed a lot for her love and had accepted Yu Xiaogang with all of his faults. She even laid down her pride as a spirit-master to be with him. Which woman doesn't want her man to be strong enough to hold up the heavens?


After the initial clash, Yu Xiaogang saw that Liu Erlong had not attacked again and stood frozen on her spot. He said, " Erlong, what happened? "


Liu Erlong snapped out of her thoughts, and her big dragon eyes regained their clarity. As the battle maniac, it was rare for her to be lost in her thoughts as she had just done.


Flame blazed in her eyes as her battle lust awakened, and Liu Erlong used her first spirit ability, " Flame Dragon Claw, " and her dragon claws were covered in scarlet flame.


Liu Erlong attacked with the blazing claw. Yu Xiaogang felt an immense threat from the incoming attack; instead of charging straight forward, Yu Xiaogang used his third spirit ability, " True Speed, " a pair of black dragon wings appeared on his back as he dodged her attack.


What Yu Xiaogang failed to notice was that a cunning light flashed in Liu Erlong's eyes as he dodged her initial attack. With her battle experience, Liu Erlong had already expected him to avoid her assault. Liu Erlong knew that in her martial spirit avatar, she could not match Xiaogang's speed.


Liu Erlong thrust her right claw on the empty area beside her with her maximum speed. Instead of trying to match his speed Liu Erlong predicted his location after evading her attack based on their surroundings.


As she had predicted, Yu Xiaogang had arrived at the location, and as soon as he appeared, he was attacked by her blazing claw.


After evading her previous attack, Yu Xiaogang approached her from the side for a counterattack; as soon as he arrived at the location, Yu Xiaogang was greeted by her dragon claw.


Yu Xiaogang did not even have the time to think how did she predict his location, and he hastily extended both of his hands and made a defensive pose to cover up his chest.


" Thud! "

Even with his currently buffed up defense, Yu Xiaogang fell back as the claw struck him.


A moment later, Yu Xiaogang stood up from the pit and couldn't help but marvel at Liu Erlong's power. His body was still trembling from the impact, and blood dripped from his mouth.


Yu Xiaogang stood frozen on the spot, and as he continued to struggle with the thought of whether to use his second martial spirit against her or not, he heard Liu Erlong's voice.


" Xiaogang, let's end it here. I already know your power. " Liu Erlong awakened her self from her battle lust after seeing the blood dripping from his mouth. She had never intended to hurt him. Liu Erlong had forgotten that he was only a spirit-ancestor and got stimulated after seeing his strength.


Before giving Yu Xiaogang a chance to reply, she reverted back to her regular self and rushed forward to help him.


Yu Xiaogang shook his head and nodded, " Okay. " He also took back his martial spirit and wiped off the blood on his face with his robe.


Even though Yu Xiaogang could walk by himself, Liu Erlong insisted on supporting him. After watching her teary eyes and the panicked look, he did not have the heart to reject her.


Liu Erlong wrapped her arm around him, and so did Yu Xiaogang as both of them started walking back to the dormitory. After entering the room, Yu Xiaogang sat on his bed and began to circulate his spirit energy to heal his wounds; on the other side, Liu Erlong stepped into the bathroom to get ready for the academy after he persuaded her.


The sun had already risen during their spar, and within the next few minutes, the academy will begin their new day, and even before starting, two black hooded visitors were standing outside the gate. Yu Xiaogang would have recognized them instantly because he was the one who had invited them.


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