What Comes After

by KingEmpo

Fan Fiction ONGOING Contemporary Drama Sci-fi Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Slice of Life Strategy

Trapped between the stresses of high school life and his fear of upcoming college, Neal feels smothered by the overwhelming amount of change and responsibility he is going to face in the future. However, all of this changes when an asteroid crashes into the moon, pushing it much closer to Earth than anticipated, leading to catastrophic disaster to his large coastal town as the power shuts down and the tidal tsunamis ravage their coastline.

Inspired by "Life As We Knew It", the source series for this novel, it is written in a diary format, chronicling the fears and emotions of Neal as he and his family struggle to survive in this changed world. Each day is a struggle as the world falls further and further in decay as volcanic eruptions cloud the skies and the waves eat away at the land. No one thinks of the past anymore. The only thought on everyone's mind is about what comes after. 


No Knowledge of "Life As We Knew It" needed. All conflicts, settings, and characters are original.


If you're interested in:

- Asian American leads: ✔️
- LGBTQ+ Content: ✔️
- Realistic Apocalyptic Depiction: ✔️
- Character Oriented Story: ✔️
- Authentic Teen Fiction: ✔️

Then this is the story for you.


Featured Reviews:

"Real. This is real. When the world is faced with an apocalyptic future, there might be the occasional badass on a motorcycle with a club fighting zombies - but let's be fair, most of us are trying to be like Neal's family, regular people who are trying to survive. Written in diary entry format, KingEmpo embodies their own version of the The Life As We Knew It story, where the moon fills the sky and the tides threaten to ruin all normality. A compelling fanfiction and a thorough independent read on its own!" - Felicia, judge for the Summer Zodiac Awards

"What Comes After is one of those stories that might actually happen. Stepping into Neal's shoes as well as his high school worries, we get to see a new kind of apocalypse, where the moon is suddenly closer to the Earth. Very realistic - makes you wonder what you'd do in Neal's place" - Gear, judge for the Summer Zodiac Awards

"Well, if it isn't the end of an ongoing road. The story is depressing, but I appreciate it. I feel like I needed it. Not the dramatic depressing stuff that gets people with a bang, but the slow ebbing away of hope into not despair but this grey mush of existence. The consequences of being alive with all the primal worries. In life you say goodbye to people you love. They're not dead, but they're out of your reach. You want, wish, pray for a life you won't ever have.

Anyway, before I ramble on, thanks for the story. It's the embodiment of bittersweet, and I loved it. We might not be living in a world where the moon is ripping the earth apart, but we are and have been living in dark times. I hope you and your loved ones stay well and safe. Much love." - Kai Asper, Tapas Reader


2nd Place Winner in the Summer Zodiac Awards on Wattpad.
2nd Place Winner in the Summer Smoothie Awards on Wattpad.
3rd Place Winner in the Hidden Gems Awards on Wattpad.
3rd Place Winner in the Sunflower Awards on Wattpad.


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