I am the Doomsday Weapon

by Luca De Rosa

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Artificial Intelligence Cyberpunk Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Progression Reincarnation Strategy Supernatural Villainous Lead

The hero woke up in his new body. He was no longer a human, a mage, a hero. He was a mass of nanites, the very same Doomsday weapon he should have destroyed.

An overpowered being made of nanites, forever hungry and starved for more, but with only the desire to return to his family.

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Luca De Rosa

Luca De Rosa

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So far... a detailed adventure.

Reviewed at: 07 – Caravan

i don't really have much experience reviewing things but here we go...

The story is told in a third-person view describing the thoughts and action of the main character, so far the history hasn't developed too much but it's interesting and well buit, it isn't your tipical reincarnation / come back from the dead as something op, at least so far and not right from the start, it follows the main character's experiences and growth along with his encounters.

i like it and that's what's inportant to me, give it a read and see if it is or isn't your cup of tea.

Proxy's saga

"I am the doomsday weapon" is a pretty solid story

Reviewed at: 09 – Questions

Lately, I have just caught up with this series and I have to say that it is a pretty good story so far.

I find the main premise to be similar to "That time was reincarnated into slime", but less oddly done where the main hero isn't just made into a slime by chance, but I'm not here to talk about that. I like the idea that the main hero experiments with his new-found form of Nanite mass. 

The world you're setting up seems to be a typical high fantasy world, but that's not to dismiss it to discredit it as bad. There's a lot of potential in the world Mateus inhabits, especially with the Nanites being something above the world's technological current advancements. So it has me thinking I would interact with the world in a capacity that is to its benefit or inconvenience. This is all just my own conjecture, I'm just sharing what I think might happen is all.  

I also like how short the chapter length is for each chapter. It's not too short to where not enough is done for the chapter nor is long and drags on. Well, I shouldn't talk since I can drag my chapters out sometimes to 4,000.

Overall: I like the story so far, it has a good pace and feels like a good read to pass time so far. I don't know if this was a good review of your work, but I hope it was, and I hope to see more from "I am the doomsday weapon" and I will be looking at your other works. So until the next review; see ya!


I was pleasantly surprised by the interruption, then by the pleasure I felt when I started this story.

I was afraid that this would be an X th story of reincarnation of the mc into an OP thing, what an irony seeing that the author trolls this type of story ^^

a lot of potential, very interesting, and I am happy to see the mc adapt to his situation and thus act smarter.