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The world of Terra holds a very interesting and unique pastime, a game called Dungeon Wars. The game was developed after an accident created a form of Artificial intelligence that was able to create, and sustain it's own miniature habitat with an ecosystem based off of the creatures that began as it's 'start'

This in turn created a craze of a new, and somewhat fun method of research that grew and became a game. They sold these A.I units for a modest sum, along with starter races, and from there it took off to become something larger, and greater.

Welcome to the Dungeon Wars, a tournament based system where gamers can earn the points needed to increase their Dungeon pet A.I. quicker than natural means, and earn rare and prized races to add into their miniature ecosystem.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Birthday Present. ago
Chapter One: An Imps Daily Life ago
Chapter Two: Learning about Imps ago
Chapter Three: Demons - Introduction to the Inferno ago
Chapter Four: The First Hunt ago
Chapter Five: Tournament Viewing ago
Chapter Six: Working toward a Goal ago
Not a Chapter, an opportunity. ago
Chapter Seven: Finals! ago
Chapter Eight - Victory! ago
Chapter Nine: Saving the Puppy! ago
Chapter Ten: Leo in Overdrive ago
Chapter Eleven: Error! ago
Chapter Twelve: Quality time with Mommy ago
Chapter Thirteen: Advancement ago
Chapter Fourteen: Fluffy Blast! ago
Chapter Fifteen: Points Galor! They said bye bye! ago
Chapter Sixteen: Bad Kitties. ago
Chapter Seventeen: Husks on the March ago
Chapter Eighteen: Birthday Blues ago
Chapter Nineteen: Days of our Lifes ago
Chapter Twenty: Wolves Vs Ghouls! ago
Chapter Twenty One: Dark Wisps Hunger! ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: The disturbing oddity of Specter ago
Answering a few commonly seen questions ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Cuteness overload! ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: A Prelude to more ago
Q and A session ago
V2 Prologue: The first day begins! ago
V2 Chapter One: Give and Take. ago
V2 Chapter Two: First Battle! ago
V2 Chapter Three: Leo's Observations ago
V2 Chapter Four: The...Confession? ago
News ago
V2 Chapter Five: Behemoth's Fang ago
V2 Chapter 6: The Challenge. ago
V2 Chapter 7: Shark Naga?!?! ago
V2 Chapter 8: Leo is Disturbed! ago
Update ago
Book 2 - Chapter 9: Sidnie runs. ago
V2 Chapter 10: A Parents Fear ago
V2 Chapter 11: Mother's Return ago
V2 Chapter 12: Cerberus Rising ago
V2 Chapter 13: A hint of Change ago
Returning. ago
V2 Chapter 14: An awkward cuddle, and Daddy gets in trouble. ago
V2 Chapter 15: A day of Waiting. ago
Dropped/Super Hiatus ago
Information on the new Story I intend to share. ago

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A Splendid use of concept and innovative skills.

It's really wonderful. To come up with a novel concept for a story is pretty good in and in itself, yet to be able to develop a good story that hooks a reader on the first chapter is magnificent. I'm looking forward to more chapters.


I am glad i found this. Its well written not just the storyline but the editing as well.  The dungeon has a great chance to diversify and lead to oh so many different choices. I also love the writers choice to start it slow and build up. Not letting the mc rage around early.


A story that lacks nothing

A very fun and interesting story taking an incredibly interesting spin on the Dungeon sub genre, focusing more on World building rather than dungeoneering itself. 


The characters crafted by the author seem to be genuinely human, and are what I feel is the strongest aspect of a story that lacks nothing. The grammar is great, the story interesting, the pacing deliberate, and well done. 


This story likely isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself absorbed by it during the first 10 chapters I would urge you to keep reading, you’ll find an amazing story that oozes the love and passion the author has for it. 


The weakest aspect of the story is likely the underlying dungeon system, the idea of the Master race having the points doubled per purchase was quite a poor choice if I had to say, reminding me of an Indian fable of a Wiseman who asked his King for a reward ( )


This, and a few other factors lead to the underlying dungeon system being ignored to a great degree in the story. It is not a huge problem, since from the beginning the system itself was not the strength of the story, but it’s definitely a point that could use improvement. 


The two paragraphs above aren’t meant as discouragement to keep reading the story, rather they are meant to serve as friendly feedback for the author.


All in all, although this story isn’t for everyone,  I think to those that do find themselves enjoying the story it becomes disproportionately good.


Definitely give this one a try.


A very smart concept rega rding dungeons

I like it very much at the nine chapter mark. very well written with a good story and a good plot that can develop to something greater. Its also quite interesting as we see the mc being a 10 year old girl thats very sheltered, instead of the more common 15 year old "average guy who sleeps in class" type. Looking forward to how the astory develops.


This is a great story. Good concept. And on a topic I really like (dungeons are great).

The view point of a 10 year old is certainly interesting (and it is definitely believable that the person is 10 years old and not a 20 year old in a 10 year olds body).

I look forward to this story continuing. 



Really enjoying so far

I am really enjoying this one so far.  It is coming along really well with plenty of room for growth.  I am looking forward to seeing where this will go, and will update more when we have more chapters.


HEY loved the story thought that it was amazing read it like 3 times also ignore all those who disted this great story if they hate the way you made it so much they should just make thier own fan-fiction story based on other characters that you have not put in the story or from other countries.


Enjoying this take on Being a Dungeon very, very much. Def looking forward to moroarrrrrrrr.


From ear to ear. If you’ve been feeling down give it a read.


[Clever Review Title Here]

Finding a fiction that has both interesting content, and more than two chapters can be difficult. The longer a story goes on the more likely it is to cause disappointment. This story managed to capture my attention in the first few chapters and leave me annoyed that there isn't more.


For those unaware from the brief introduction above, this story is intended to be a 'dungeon creation' style fiction that reads more like a virtual reality game that comprises both 'adult' themes with Age of Empires player verses player. - where your own team may try to off itself.



To be clear, there's a lot of material that could be discussed in this story. The author gives a sense of depth to the 'video game world' that is lacking occasionally in other stories. The characters themselves are interesting, despite the main person being essentially oblivious to those around her. Be prepared for a girl who's personality doesn't change much during the stories course despite time skips being involved. The reasoning given is a lack of social development due to limited interaction - which is justified to an extent, but also comes off like a weird plot device.


Typos exist but are relatively minor. Those that are present don't really detract from the story for more than a hiccup. Most commonly there are comma issues tied to "So, like, whatever." She said.  When it should be "So, like, whatever," she said. English is stupid like that but whatever. At least the paragraphs are relatively easy to read and there's not an overwhelming sense lack of description.


Some of the interaction between the main character and her friends feels weird. Point of view changes are added in to flesh out other people's perspectives. There's outright adult moments both implied and written which are...attention getting compared to many other RRL stories that attempt such a feat. 


The story takes place in the future, but still feels mostly 'normal' with the exception of these video game AIs. At some point they cite the story as nearly one thousand years ahead (I believe) - but there's no mention of living on other planets, genetic modification, people with the ability to see ultraviolet, or any other insane science fiction nonsense. I mention this because it feels like a logic gap in the outter world / non game development.


Let over author notes exist on prior chapters for issues that were already resolved or taken care of in later ones. You sometimes end up reading material that doesn't matter as a result. There are also color changes in the fonts which are done to show different points of view. They can be hard to read for some, for example I detest orange on black as it makes my eyes bleed. Readers beware.


Regardless of the style issues and future science logic gaps I intend to check this story in a few months to see if anything new has been posted. It felt worth coming back to.