The Emperor's System

by Fatlazymonk

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A group of thugs ended Nick's first life.

Now, in a foreign world where Immortality and godhood were achievable, he shall strive to reach the Peak of Cultivation!

But wait, he also has the Emperor's System that gives him multiple missions with corresponding rewards. Some missions were difficult, some were easy, and some were...weird.

Ding! Sudden mission from the System's guide, poison the entire royal family with laxatives!

The System was determined to clog all the toilets in the royal palace!

The first few chapters will bore you a little, but I promise that it does get better afterward.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: My death ago
Chapter 2: Mistaken Identity ago
Chapter 3: Golden orb ago
Chapter 4: Training ago
Chapter 5: The Silly little reptile, and Mathew the prick. ago
Chapter 6: The System Awakening, Part 1 ago
Chapter 7: The System Awakening, Part 2 ago
Chapter 8: The System Awakening, Finally! ago
Chapter 9: Lily’s past ago
Chapter 10: The poor scorpions ago
Chapter 11: Planet Zora ago
Chapter 12: Not following the script ago
Chapter 13: The Profound realm ago
Chapter 14: Bloodline skill ago
Chapter 15: First domineering point, and the little thieves ago
Chapter 16: The Noble thief ago
Chapter 17: Blobfish ago
Chapter 18: First Mission! ago
Chapter 19: Wink ago
Chapter 20: Buying a house ago
Chapter 21: Cooking skill ago
Chapter 22: The pet soup ago
Chapter 23: A Ride ago
Chapter 24: Annoying Old geezer ago
Chapter 25: Friends ago
Chapter 26: Success ago
Chapter 27: Naughty dragon! ago
Chapter 28: New technique!  ago
Chapter 29: Back to the city ago
Chapter 30: Prank? ago
Chapter 31: Back home ago
Chapter 32: Unveiling, Part 1 ago
Chapter 33: Unveiling, Part 2 ago
Chapter 34: Departure, Part 1 ago
Chapter 35: Departure, Part 2 ago
Chapter 36: Departure final! ago
Chapter 36: The Shop ago
Chapter 38: The honest Curt ago
Chapter 39: Rain? ago
Chapter 40: Vengeance ago
Chapter 41: Poof! ago
Chapter 42: Grandpa, I almost forgot ago
Chapter 43: Gloves ago
Chapter 44: Back on track ago
Chapter 45: Another one ago
Chapter 46: Head umbrella? ago
Chapter 47: To kneel or not to kneel? ago
Chapter 48: First, passed! ago
Chapter 49: Spinning is an art? ago
Chapter 50: The Mighty Ruler ago
Chapter 51: Who is it?!! ago
Chapter 52: Waiting music ago
Chapter 53: I love you system! ago
Chapter 54: Unreasonable ago
Chapter 55: Justice hand! ago
Chapter 56: Shit! ago
Chapter 57: The Hidden Mission, Part 1 ago
Chapter 58: The Hidden Mission, Part 2 ago
Chapter 59: The Hidden Mission, End ago
Chapter 60: Loyalty! ago
Chapter 61: Be bold ago
Chapter 62: The Demoted General! ago
Chapter 63: Exposing the truth! ago
Chapter 64: Regeneration! ago
Chapter 65: The Royal banquet, Part 1 ago
Chapter 66: The Royal banquet, Part 2 ago
Chapter 67: Feed her! ago
Chapter 68: The Hug ago
Chapter 69: The Little Harem King! ago
Chapter 70: Judging a book by it's cover! ago
Chapter 71: Mr. Green ago
Chapter 72: Vivid description ago

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Badly executed wish fulfillment

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: My death

I myself think that this story is pure wish fulfillment. And that is sometimes ok, like with mr. Lucifer Morningstar, but this story is so very poorly executed, that I simply cannot read it. That is to say, it is the opposite of my cup of tea. BUT the story is great if you're into a read where the MC gets everything on a silver platter.


I get you were trying for humor but going to far means no one stays for the joke.

first chapter MC gets killed by people from a cartel with a dick logo and a "I love drugs" motto.

No. Just no.

there is even more Nope when the "thugs" have said logo tattooed on their faces.

There are cartel jokes, this ain't one. There are drug jokes, this ain't one. There are insignias and logo jokes, this ain't one of those either.

The author might be trying for humor but as is, I am not staying for the joke.


The MC is a shameless POS, just like everyone he meets in every world he visits.

It feels as if the MC is insane and all the characters are himself playing other roles. Different names, looks and history, but the exact same shitty personality.

I wanted to keep reading to find if things improve, because in some ways it's very well written, but I have better uses for my time.


I recommend it shameless mc

Reviewed at: Chapter 19: Wink

I am liking this it takes a different path and I am finding it funny and interesting I am looking forward to more and to see what nick will do 

and to be honest when will he prank the Royal family like mentioned in the summary 

and other pranks missions like that I will keep coming back to this when I get up to date and be following this till end 

Loving the shameless mc 

Hope this is 50 words 


Come for the humour, stay for the trolling

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: Cooking skill

Reviewed at chapter 21

Everytime you think you know what this story is going to do, it pulls something else out of it's seemingly infinite bag of tricks, leaving you chortiling and happy, but sad cause there isn't enough yet.

The main theme of this story is.....shamelessness. But not in a way I've ever seen before. This is a story about an MC who has to start over a few times, (at least as far as I've gotten) and seems to come back stronger every time he has to reinvent himself.

I enjoy the premise because the LITRPG elements are bludgeoning you in the face over and gorram over like in most, nor is there endless repeatitive scenes about training or skill grinding. 

I think alot of the other reviews about this work so far are overly harsh. Yeah the initial chapter setup is a little Juvenille, but hey it’s about par for the course with most of these Isekai stories. I really have yet to see a Isekai that wasn’t some form or another of the almighty truck-kun. I mean in this case it’s the dick brigade but it amounts to the same thing. MC is killed by his life’s circumstances and is reincarnetd in another world.  

At least this MC actually tosses out the irrelevant knowledge (ie the law stuff) from earth and utilises what makes lawyers such scum bags. Their silver tongues.

Gabriel minoru

If you have a 6th grade brain this is for you

Reviewed at: Chapter 62: The Demoted General!

This series ia the solidification of 6th grade humor it's shit but it's good shit you really should read recommend 

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