Wren’s perspective


Wren could see many colours throughout the forest and trees, some belonging to exotic fruits, flowers or even some animals. They were deeper in the rainforest now than they had ever been before, simply because they had no need to come this deep, but they had heard of a rumor of a tribe called the “Rainwings” living here, and Wren thought maybe they could help them since from what else she had heard about them they were calm and friendly.


But I swear if I meet one more dragon as silly as sweetface I am going to lose it. That was really frustrating, to think I am a pet? Ha, never gonna happen.


She and Sky were flying slowly surveying the area for any signs of dragons, but, there was nothing. Not even a single scale. But for some reason she had a prickling feeling down her spine and the hair on the back of her head was standing up, it almost felt like something was watching her. Or..multiple somethings.


“Sky bring us down toward the others, let's check if they’ve seen anything”


Authors note:

I forgot to say, whenever Wren or Sky are speaking human it will be normal dialogue, but if they are speaking dragons I will put a “D” next to their dialogue.


As they landed they startled the others, who had been focusing so intently on the forest they hadn’t heard them coming.


“Have you guys seen anything yet” Wren asked them.

“No we haven't, these invisible dragons are so hard to see” Ivy responded.

“Too bad, hopefully...did you say INVISIBLE DRAGONS!” Wren roared.

“Well yeah, didn’t Ivy tell you that the forest ones turn invisible?” Grover said.

“I might have gotten distracted while looking for her,” Ivy meekly said.


“Um guys, does anyone else feel weird, like if someone was watching you but you don’t realize? Sky” asked them.


Suddenly something whizzed through the air toward Sky, just narrowly avoiding his chest. It looked like some dart with a strange liquid on it, maybe poison.


“Run” Wren roared at the others as she turned to face their attackers. Oh they were gonna be sorry but when she looked again she saw what looked like a floating bamboo stick. Then Sky grabbed her before she could steam toward it, and ignored her outraged cries. After a while they had gotten away, or so they thought.


As they were resting and had some water, Wren was still grumbling about not being able to give those weirdos a piece of their own medicine. Then suddenly dragons with all different and vibrant colours appeared around them, one of them with a flower crown.


“Crap” Wren said simply.


Flower Crown: “Who are you and why are you here with your pets?” she asked Sky”


This made Wren even more mad but she managed to keep her mouth shut.


“N-no reason, we’re just passing through, me and my pets,” Sky said nervously.


Flower Crown: Hmm well then you won’t mind coming with us then right.

Sky: S-sure.

Flower Crown: Ok then, guards escort this dragon and his pets to the temporary holding cell.

Guard 1: Umm it broke.

Flower Crown: …….

Guard 1: S-should we just take them back to the village.

Flower crown: Sure, she said sighing.


A cage was brought forward and Sky ushered the humans into it, even though Wren was yelling at all of them. Finally he got her in their and then two Rainwings came forward and grabbed the cage, and they started to head to the Rainwing village.


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