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For those who find the story's pacing too slow or that the chapters are quite short, please keep in mind that each chapter is only 1000-1500 words from chapter 2 onwards. Usually, novels of this genre are actually at 2000 words or more.

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The crown prince stopped in his track when he heard the announcement. He looked towards where he came from and saw Yun Ling appear with his companions.

When everyone laid their eyes on Yun Ling, most people couldn’t help but sigh at his beauty. This person is undoubtedly a man yet he’s so beautiful he couldn’t help but make others speechless at his beauty. Some women who were quite proud of their beauty felt a little bit ashamed. If Yun Ling was a woman, they might be envious but they will still be able to accept it. Unfortunately for them, he’s a man.

“He’s one of the capital’s three supreme geniuses? He doesn’t look the part. If anything, he looks like a wimp.”

“Shh! Shut up! Do you wanna die?”

“Yu Shan, Crown Prince, and Yun Ling, all of the capital’s supreme geniuses are here. I can’t help but feel something is up.”

“It looks like this is no ordinary banquet. All three of them are here.”

“You don’t say. All the geniuses in the empire are invited yet you say it’s not ordinary?”

While some were amazed that all supreme geniuses are here, there are some that were still fascinated with Yun Ling’s appearance. A clueless young woman asked. “That’s Yun Ling? Are you guys sure he’s a m—”

“I know what you want to ask but I urge you to remain silent. This guy is bad news. The one thing he hates the most is for his gender to be questioned. A few weeks ago, someone called him a chick only to be humiliated in return. In fact, that person is here.” The person beside her said as he pointed at a certain someone in the distance.

That young woman followed the direction of his finger and saw someone gnashing his teeth while looking at Yun Ling hatefully. She felt that he seemed familiar but couldn’t exactly recall where she met him. She furrowed his brows and then remembered something. “Isn’t that Qing Chuan? He’s only twenty years old yet he’s already at the middle stage of Core Formation realm. You’re saying he got humiliated by Yun Ling?”

“Yeah, he wasn’t even able to fight back at all. In fact, it didn’t seem like Yun Ling was even trying but I suppose that’s to be expected. He’s one of the three supreme geniuses after all.” The young woman was amazed after hearing this, when she looked at Yun Ling again, her eyes have some sign of infatuation.

Yun Ling let out a faint smile when he felt everyone’s gaze on him. Some might have felt self-conscious if they were in his position but Yun Ling was different. He wasn’t bothered at all. He was long used to situations like this especially since he stands out too much no matter where he is due to his appearance, personality, or extraordinary talent.

Unlike Yun Ling, Yun Xia on the other hand was nervous. When she saw the people looking in their direction, she immediately hid behind her father, not daring to show her face.

Yun Ling smiled at her. Using his divine sense, he spoke to his daughter telepathically. “Xiaxia, are you scared?”

The little girl was surprised. She seemed to have heard her father’s voice but she didn’t see him speak. Moreover, the way she heard him was rather strange. It was as if she heard him speak through her mind and not her ears.

“I’m speaking through your mind. Other people can’t hear me. Only you.” Yun Ling explained.

A look of amazement appeared on Yun Xia’s face as she stared at her father.

“Are you scared?” Yun Ling asked once again to which the little girl nodded. “I want you to think about something you like.”

Yun Xia did what she was told. Closing her eyes, she thought of some of the cute lesser beasts she likes.

“What did you think of?” Yun Ling asked, curious.

“Solar Rabbit, Three-eyed Cat, Tigerling, Snow Ferret...” Yun Xia slowly said the names of some cute looking lesser beast species making Yun Ling speechless at her. He knew his daughter likes beasts but to think it was this much.

“Okay, now I want you to imagine these people as lesser beasts. Think of them as Solar Rabbits, Three-eyed Cats, and the likes.” Yun Ling instructed through her mind as he gently patted her head.

Yun Xia closed her eyes once again. When she opened it, she tried to imagine everyone around her as cute looking beasts. She actually calmed down a little bit after following her father’s instruction, she was no longer as nervous as before.

Seeing Yun Xia like this, Yun Ling also thought back to his own experiences when he was a kid. He was also in the same situation as Yun Xia, following his father in some event. He was too nervous back then as it was the first time he faced a lot of people. He tried to imagine everyone differently just like Yun Xia did. The difference was Yun Xia tried to imagine them as cute looking beasts whereas Yun Ling thought of them as mere ants he could casually step on.

Doing so didn’t really make his anxiety completely go away but it did help a little.

Having gathered some courage, Yun Xia finally stopped hiding behind Yun Ling. She went to his side and held his right hand.

Yun Ling turned towards his other companion, Yue Dongmei, and smiled. “Let’s go.”

Yue Dongmei furrowed her brows. She can’t help but think that Yun Ling was up to something involving her. It was just her gut feeling. She didn’t know what it is so there’s really nothing she can do about it.

Sighing, Yue Dongmei went towards Yun Xia’s side.

Unknown to her, Yun Ling was smiling slyly at her.

When the people saw Yun Ling, Yun Xia, and Yue Dongmei together, they couldn’t help but feel that these three seemed to resemble a cute family.

“Hey, who’s that?”

“The little girl is so cute.”

“Is that his wife and daughter? I didn’t know Yun Ling’s already married.”

Several rumors sprung up later on because of this display.

A note from Heplar

World of Terra's Cultivation Realms:

1. Foundation Establishment

2. Spirit Awakening

3. Core Formation

4. Four Transformation

5. Mortal Lord

6. Fate Dominion

7. Sacred King

I paid someone to make a chibi drawing of Yun Ling. I'll post it after I figure out how to attach a picture to a chapter.

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