Young Master Has a Daughter

by Heplar

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Tremendous wealth? Check.

Formidable background? Check.

Exceptional talent? Check.

An arrogance that can anger both gods and devils alike? Check.

Daughter? Err, c-check.

This young master has it all!

Yun Ling is a supreme genius born in a powerful clan in a massive empire. It is said that a genius of his caliber is only born once every ten thousand years. Aside from his exceptional talent, his father is no other than the clan master and the general of the empire which is why very few dared to offend him or challenge him.

Everything had always been smooth sailing for Yun Ling however, never did he expect that upon his return to the empire from his journey would he discover that he apparently has a daughter waiting for him at home.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Young Master Yun Ling ago
Chapter 2 - Discussion ago
Chapter 3 - Angry Grandfather ago
Chapter 4 - First Encounter ago
Chapter 5 - Zi Xia ago
Chapter 6 - Yun Xia ago
Chapter 7 - Young Master and His Aide ago
Chapter 8 - The Gold Buried Under the Diamond ago
Chapter 9 - Time to Get Some Answer ago
Chapter 10 - Her Identity ago
Chapter 11 - Gathering of Geniuses ago
Chapter 12 - The Fourth Prince ago
Chapter 13 - Yun Clan ago
Chapter 14 - Yun Ling's Arrival ago
Chapter 15 - Mere Ant ago
Chapter 16 - The Three Supreme Geniuses ago
Chapter 17 - The Banquet ago
Chapter 18 - High Class ago
Chapter 19 - The Strongest Among Us ago
Chapter 20 - First Place's Reward ago
Chapter 21 - Special Treatment ago
Chapter 22 - Death ago
Chapter 23 - Their Tasks ago
Chapter 24 - Conclusion ago
Chapter 25 - Too Used to Scheming ago
Chapter 26 - Peaceful Night ago
Chapter 27 - Departure and Encounter ago
Chapter 28 - Longevity Fruit ago
Chapter 29 - Real Task ago
Chapter 30 - Yun Ling's Elder Brother ago
Chapter 31 - Wen Baishi ago
Chapter 32 - Young Master vs Sect Disciples ago
Chapter 33 - Yun Yi and Fourth Prince ago
Chapter 34 - Much Better Than Regular Trash ago
Chapter 35 - Young Master Is Done Playing Around ago
Chapter 36 - Inner Court Elder ago
Chapter 37 - Eeriness ago
Chapter 38 - Eeriness (2) ago
Chapter 39 - Meeting of Legends ago
Chapter 40 - The Man and the Wolf ago
Chapter 41 - Young Master Saves the Wolf's Son ago
Chapter 42 - Young Master and the Immortal ago
Chapter 43 - Insignificant ago
Chapter 44 - The Immortal Willow Tree ago
Chapter 45 - Brief Exchange ago
Chapter 46 - Immortal Willow Tree's Branch ago
Chapter 47 - Run! ago
Chapter 48 - Desperate Escape! ago
Chapter 49 - Not Serious ago
Chapter 50 - Yun Ling's Weakness ago
Chapter 51 - Snow Fang ago
Chapter 52 - Call Me Young Master ago
Chapter 53 - Hate ago
Chapter 54 - Young Master Reunites With Daughter ago
Chapter 55 - Finally Home ago
Chapter 56 - Just a Dream ago
Chapter 57 - Relaxation ago
Chapter 58 - Much Superior to Grandfather ago
Chapter 59 - The Gods in the World of Terra ago
Chapter 60 - The Best Aide ago
Chapter 61 - Guilt ago
Chapter 62 - Yun Ling's Dirty Past ago
Chapter 63 - Necklace ago
Chapter 64 - Rule of the World ago
Chapter 65 - Yun Xia Confronts Bullies ago
Chapter 66 - Bad People! ago
Chapter 67 - You're welcome! ago
Chapter 68 - Luo Yutong ago
Chapter 69 - Yun Ling's Old Friend ago
Chapter 70 - A Father's Present to His Daughter ago
Chapter 71 - The Experts of Yun Clan ago
Chapter 72 - Three Days Left ago
Chapter 73 - Yun Zhan Is Furious ago
Chapter 74 - The Day Before the Competition ago

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Nothing seems to be happening

Reviewed at: Chapter 22 - Death

The premesis of the story is quite interesting and the set-up so far has been good as well. Though this is good, the lack of events happening so far just ruins the reading experince. The only reason I even read on after the first few chapters is due to small stockpile of chapters, else I would've dropped it.

Story so far after 20+ chapter the story hasn't progressed much,

so far MC finds out he has a daughter, don't know who her mother is, and he's invited to a party which is held for the participants of a once-in-a decade tournament,

this makes me think that the author is probably lacking in direction of where to go next and is just streching it out until he hopefully gets new idea or ultimately drops the story, which would be shame.


A very fun read of a cultivation story with a twist of comedy. It is of great read when you want to relax and just forget about the mundain everyday tasks. I recommend that you give it a try. Unless you have skyhigh expectations, then you won't be dissapointed. 

Read it at your own discretion. Addiction rate is very high on this one. I also want to thank the author for giving us this fum story. Kepp it up and I hope we cam see more of you


Good plot and characters displayed so far but suffers from the author having a poor grasp of using the proper tenses as well as a few other issues with the grammar. Simply running the chapters by someone with a better grasp of the english language or even just something like grammarly/microsoft word would probably bump this story up to 4/5 stars

The dude who cook

Men is my honnor to be the first person to give this pearl a review if you like a cultivation story and not a generic one this is for you . Is well written and the world building is good to . Well the ch now is a Little small but i dont rly care . Plz give this story a chance to shine.


One more generic attempt at mimicking CN fantasy by a Western author whose only success is in mimicking the shitty, stilted language and thinking that the errors and awkward phrasing introduced by low-quality translation are intentional and worth copying.

The finishing touch is that it's just as ponderous and empty as most of the stories it wants to be like.